Will Your Q&A Session Make or Break Your Next Presentation?

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Make eye contact when you are listening to the questioner, but during your answer, distribute your eye contact throughout the audience. Presentation Skills Public Speaking Tips Presentation Delivery Eye Contact Body Language Posture Gesture Movement Vocal Skills Verbal Skills Audience Analysis Moderate a Panel Message Structure Content Development PowerPoint Tips Audience Engagement Presentation Skills Tips Great Speakers

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Q&A Tips for Speakers – How to Turn Terror into Triumph

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When you do answer, make sure that your reply takes in the group, but make deliberate eye contact with the questioner, and check back with them at the end. I have noticed that many speakers dread the traditional Presentation Question Time slot at the end of their presentation. When I ask them why this is, the most common reasons given are: Fear of losing control. Fear of being asked difficult questions. Fear of not knowing the right answers. Fear of making a fool of themselves.

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The passionate scientist: Doing Q&A like Neil deGrasse Tyson

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One of the keys to a natural, conversational approach includes removing all barriers to natural communication with the audience, barriers such as reading off notes, standing behind a lectern, using jargon, failing to make good eye contact, and speaking too softly or in a language that is formal, stiff, or fails to appeal to the audience's emotion and natural curiosity. Notice how he uses his body, and voice, and eye contact, etc.

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How to stop a boorish Q&A Hog in 3 easy steps

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The moderator looked wild-eyed around the room, vainly searching for armed gunmen with tranquilizers to shoot the beast down. During your scan, you will make eye contact with someone who is eager to shut down the hog, too. I recently attended a terrific, high-powered panel presentation that unfortunately became hijacked by what I’ll call “a Q&A hog.” You’ve probably witnessed a Q&A hog in action at a conference or presentation.

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Speaking off the cuff

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Make eye contact with your colleagues. Don't fear the Q&A Many people fear being asked questions they can't answer, but we're all human and our brains are not Google. A Speak Schmeak reader sent me a question about speaking off the cuff that I'm going to address today, expanding on a post from February. Her concern was about speaking effectively in an informal group discussion setting or classroom, rather than giving a presentation where there is time to prepare.

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If you dont make eye contact with your audience, you make it that much harder for the to connect to your message. If you pick a few people in various places of the audience and lock eye contact with them, everyone else around them will feel that. If it helps, you can lock eyes with friendly people that you know in the audience. Then, when you make eye contact with them, you are making eye contact with the audience and connecting with them.

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Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson


Photos ( Zenfolio | Flickr ) Archives About Contact Dear Speakers By James Duncan Davidson on March 8, 2009 12:22 AM | 71 Comments Tagged: advice, speaking Last week, while shooting eComm 2009 in Burlingame, I started posting a set of thoughts on Twitter, all starting out Dear Speaker. If you dont make eye contact with your audience, you make it that much harder for them to connect to your message. 1: Q&A.

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