Being There, Before You’re There

Manner of Speaking

Recently, João posted photos of the speaking venue at the upcoming conference on the District 59 Spring Conference Facebook Page. Seasoned public speakers understand the importance of being familiar with the speaking venue prior to the actual event. But in today’s world of long-distance travel, we often do not get to visit the venue until the day (or even a few hours) before. So what insights can speakers glean from these photographs?

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Dear Speakers - James Duncan Davidson - James Duncan Davidson

Photos ( Zenfolio | Flickr ) Archives About Contact Dear Speakers By James Duncan Davidson on March 8, 2009 12:22 AM | 71 Comments Tagged: advice, speaking Last week, while shooting eComm 2009 in Burlingame, I started posting a set of thoughts on Twitter, all starting out Dear Speaker. If you dont make eye contact with your audience, you make it that much harder for them to connect to your message. At some point, I ran out of thoughts and just went back to making photographs.

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