6 famous extemporaneous speeches by women from The Eloquent Woman Index

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Most people have at least a little case of the nerves when it comes to public speaking, so it can seem doubly impressive to watch a person speaking without notes , off-the-cuff, extemporaneously. Do these famous speeches inspire you to be a little more extemporaneous in your next talk?

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: What you have in common with Tina Fey

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What is the secret to great extemporaneous speaking? Public Speaking exercises extemporaneous speaking practice practicing public speaking tips Tina Fey People who are good at improvisational comedy have learned to adhere to 9 basic maxims. Three of these are: Say Yes Don’t prepare Just show up At first glance these titles may seem to reinforce that you don’t need to practice to be a good improviser, but, […].

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How to speak extemporaneously | Presentation Skills

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Extemporaneous speaking

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Extemporaneous speaking should be practised and cultivated. impromptu speaking quotations about public speaking extemporaneous speakingIt is the lawyer’s avenue to the public… Abraham Lincoln.

4 Methods to Deliver a Great Speech

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Extemporaneous. While many people think extemporaneous and impromptu are the same since they are both speeches that are not read or memorized, there is one key difference. The impromptu speech is completely off the cuff; the extemporaneous speech is thoughtfully prepared, planned and practiced. . When speaking extemporaneously, the speaker uses notes, an outline or a PowerPoint slide presentation to stay on track.

My favorite fixes for public speaking: Write and learn a script

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I can hear you saying now, "But I don't want to sound scripted," or, "I'm only at my best when I can speak extemporaneously." As a speaker coach, it's my job to keep a lot of tools in my toolbox to help my clients improve their public speaking.

9 ideas to mix up your speaking in 2018

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Be a guest on a podcast (great way to extemporaneous speaking!),

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The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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Then, after the third or fourth class, we were told to hand over our notes and to speak extemporaneously. Savvy speakers keep up with my wide-ranging reading list on women and public speaking by following The Eloquent Woman on Facebook , where these links and articles appear first.

10 lessons,10 years into blogging The Eloquent Woman

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From the start, I wanted to feature not just stentorian keynote speeches in the male speaking style, but all sorts of public speech by women: testimony, PowerPoint presentations, interviews, short remarks, extemporaneous wonders, and more.

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7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

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Whether you do it solo or with a team, practice will help you: Look like you didn't need practice: Call it the Great Irony of Public Speaking: The speaker who practices winds up looking relaxed, unruffled, at ease and extemporaneous.

No excuse for boring an audience: Advice on giving technical presentations

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Better to lower the level of verbal excellence and raise the level of extemporaneous energy.". Long before "death-by-powerpoint" or vertigo-by-prezi , there were bad presentations. Really bad presentations. So don''t blame the software.

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Famous Speech Friday: Minn. Rep. Hortman calls out white male colleagues

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If you see something, say something: Using even a short speech to describe what you see around you can be both simple and powerful, as speaking tactics go (and it's well suited to the fishbowl of a legislature and to extemporaneous remarks). She wasn't speaking. Another woman legislator, Rep.

How to speak when you’re put on the spot

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We’ve discussed the necessity to practice to be a better communicator, but many of you have told me that you love speaking extemporaneously; to your mind that means you would be better off not practicing. Practicing may take the joy out of something that you really like to do, to shape ideas as they come […]. Content Delivery Public Speaking acting technique improv practicing

Another tip for reading from a script

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Then they proceed to rehearse and memorize until those lines sound extemporaneous and unscripted. My "Our Town" script from 8th grade I wrote last year that speaking from a script doesn't have to sound scripted , and I gave some tips on how to sound more natural.

The speech question: Use notes--or not?

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Every speaker has a choice when it comes to her words, and I've been wondering about whether speakers prefer speech texts, extemporaneous speaking or something in between. Here's what you said: Angelina Seraphina Belmonte said her preference is to "Speak extemporaneously."

Famous Speech Friday: Actress Viola Davis: "What keeps me in the business is hope"

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A little while later, when she rose to accept her award, Davis delivered an extemporaneous speech of more than 10 minutes that brought the house to its feet--and continued to mince no words.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

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About the quote: Oh, that Margaret Edson, having some fun in a stunning extemporaneously delivered commencement address. Fans of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook see links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog.

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More ways to use The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Women's Speeches

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With more than 100 speeches and counting, The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Women''s Speeches is a powerhouse resource if you''re looking for quotes, speech examples or inspiration and training help from women speakers. This year, we''re slicing the Index to make it more useful.

Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis: "Everything should be spoken"

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So you''ll hear ums and pauses aplenty, and yet she''s among the most eloquent extemporaneous speakers I''ve heard. Viola Davis is among my favorite speakers here at The Eloquent Woman and she''s in the very small club of women with three speeches in our Index of famous speeches by women.

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Can you speak on the "Battledecks?"

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Famous Speech Friday: Marilyn Mosby on Freddie Gray homicide

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This last section let us see her speak extemporaneously as well. At 35, she's the youngest chief prosecutor in a major American city, and just four months into her elected post.

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King, Hamer, Ginsburg, Obama: Speech collections & a memoir

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Houck, is the first collection of speeches by the noted civil rights activist, including transcriptions of her extemporaneous remarks. Women speakers often are left out of collections of "major speeches."

The Eloquent Woman Index hits 200 famous speeches by women!

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It took four years, a lot of video-watching, and devoted searching for transcripts and texts, but I can now report that The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women includes 200 speeches.

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11 famous speeches by women about work from The Eloquent Woman Index

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This talk is extemporaneous, a real tour de force. Women''s work is never done, they say--making it a natural topic when women give speeches. I''ve chosen 11 famous speeches by women about labor and work in advance of Labor Day, all from The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women.

Speech triage — 5 questions to ask yourself to prepare a presentation quickly

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Ask yourself the following 5 questions: >>> Tags: public speaking speech writing extemporaneous speaking impromptu speaking Here’s a quick and effective method for preparing a presentation when you’re under the gun and can’t spend a lot of time brainstorming.

From the vault: 7 secret advantages of the speaker who practices

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Whether you do it solo or with a team, practice will help you: Look like you didn''t need practice: Call it the Great Irony of Public Speaking: The speaker who practices winds up looking relaxed, unruffled, at ease and extemporaneous.

7 secret advantages of the story-telling speaker

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If you're a speaker who works from a text, but would like to look more extemporaneous, work in a story or two that you can tell without reading. You've heard it's good to tell stories, and storytelling's a sought-after skill among those seeking public speaking training--but why?

19 famous humorous speeches by women

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Margaret Edson's 2008 Smith College commencement speech is not only remarkable because it's extemporaneous, but because of her sly humor. They say women can't be funny, and like so many other myths, that one is designed to keep women silent and separate them from this wonderful speaking gift.

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"Thank the Academy" analyzes Oscar speeches & gender issues in interactive site

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Acceptance speeches with notes are longer --just over two minutes--than the extemporaneous ones, which average about one minute, 23 seconds.

What not to mention: Why airing the speaker's laundry doesn't help

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inspiration for women speakers accidents and mishaps extemporaneous speakingHere's one of my pet peeves, speaking as an audience member: Speakers who tell me too much information about their disappointments in the event or their preparation for today's talk.

What to do when your speech follows a tragedy

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The tragedy prompts a speech you wouldn't normally give: Madonna made an extemporaneous speech before her performance in Stockholm after the Paris attacks. "I On Saturday, I had two coaching clients heading to the stage.

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For #BlackHistoryMonth, 38 famous speeches by black women

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An eloquent extemporaneous speech. Black women speakers from all over the world are often featured in The Eloquent Woman Index of famous speeches by women.

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Get 'Good On Your Feet' as a speaker in our March 2-3 workshop

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workshops extemporaneous speakingWhether you're making a focused business presentation or an inspiring speech, you want to do more than read your text or your slides. How will you remember what you want to say, without looking at notes? What if you get a question out of left field--and freeze?

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The Eloquent Woman Index reaches 150 famous speeches by women

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Here''s a milestone of which I''m proud: We''ve now published 150 famous speeches by women in our Famous Speech Friday series, all of which make up The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women.

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Tipsters: Can you contribute to Famous Speech Friday? Here's how

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That it's a speech: Whether the remarks are extemporaneous or planned, we want speeches for this series, rather than interviews, presentations or soliloquies. If you like our Famous Speech Friday series and want to see more of it, I welcome your suggestions and contributions.

Vital Speeches weighs in: "notes or not?"

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I've asked some speechwriters I admire to share their perspective on whether speakers should choose a written speech, notes or extemporaneous speaking , a discussion we started on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook. Tags: speechwriter secrets speaker preparation extemporaneous speaking

Are you hiding behind your written remarks? Stand and deliver

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Rather than have to memorize a written story or read the entire script, ease into some extemporaneous moments by practicing a personal story you know well. speechwriting notes scripts extemporaneous speaking

Share your accidents (& saves) on the podium

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Tags: accidents and mishaps extemporaneous speaking

"How can I take my presentation style to the next level?"

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workshops extemporaneous speaking handling questions gesturesGood public speaking and presenting skills don't come naturally. They take practice--something lots of managers avoid or can't seem to set aside time to do.

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Famous Speech Friday: Viola Davis at the 2015 Emmy Awards

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So this short powerhouse of a speech will also be getting on my list of famous extemporaneous speeches by women soon. It's official: Actor Viola Davis has taken the honor of being the woman speaker with the most Famous Speech Friday entries.

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