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Master the Camera to Expand Your Exposure

Pivotal Public Speaking

Video media exposure can expand your visibility exponentially to potential customers and powerfully cement your credibility — when you use it well! Tags: public speaking and business public speaking business media exposure on-camera presence publicity with Shawne Duperon. If not, it can actually hurt your brand.

Debate Preparation – Seven Rules for Success

Matt Eventoff

Debates are a very rare opportunity for candidates to get over an hour of free – FREE – exposure before the electorate. These opportunities can make an underfunded candidate, as an all-star performance usually leads to multiple days, or even weeks, of positive “earned&# media exposure to follow. Too long is wrong. .

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Do you have an “exposure magnet” mindset?

Succeed Speaking

So how do you get more exposure? Business Strategy Marketing How to Get More ExposureIs it just a matter of getting lucky? And much more!

Payment vs. exposure

Speak Schmeak

One thing that we all face as paid speakers is the issue of payment vs. exposure. who graduates from the program. That sounds reasonable to me.

Payment vs. exposure, part 2

Speak Schmeak

And don't forget, from my other post, that there are many options for creative compensation and other sources of income and exposure.

Old-fashioned over-exposure in digital age

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Brands can be hurt by over-exposure as much as by a traditional scandal.    And in this digital age, over-exposure comes easily.    There can be too many email alerts, as with eHarmony which makes the brand appear that it might have lost its soul. 

Pippa Middleton: Two Billion Viewers, Now That's Exposure

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Now they might realize how far-fetched their hope has been.   That's not a great payoff for working for free.

Is Miley Cyrus Guilty of Media Overexposure? | Media Training

TJ Walker Interactive

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Increasing the impact of our presentations through planned re-exposure

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

I’d like to expand on this topic by giving examples of how you can use this idea of planned re-exposure in different business settings. Even though you may not consider networking as a formal presentation, how you present what you do is also enhanced by planned re-exposure.


Increase Book Exposure Through Author Speaking Engagements

Whether the book sales total three or three hundred, remember that each speaking engagement is exposure. ► How to increase your exposure.

Are you on stage for you or for them?

Speak Schmeak

Sure, I get that she wants exposure, and that to be on a show like this one can give her that. I cringed. My first thought, " Wrong answer.

Fire & Photography | A Duarte Field Trip

Duarte Blog

We waited out the sun, expecting to capture a few looong exposure shots of the nearby CalTrain, and maybe try a little light writing.

Public Relations Pros - Clients Still Want To Be Featured In Top Establishment Media

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The score is 75% to 25% in favor of traditional exposure versus a big play in social media such as on YouTube.

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

The Eloquent Woman

Fans of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook see links to good reads, resources and ideas from other sources there, in addition to posts from the blog.

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How to Memorize a Talk

Kate's Voice

I know this happens after repeated exposure to a written document. When I memorize a piece of music or a talk, it doesn’t take long before I see the pages in my head. I flip through them mentally as I go along. In fact, I seem to remember all of my notes and scribbling, too. [.].

How Gretchen Rubin Uses Social Media to Lead The Happiness Project Movement

Succeed Speaking

When speakers ask me how to get more exposure for their speaking business, I often advise that they think of themselves as the leader of a movement.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Content Marketing for 2012

Content Marketing Today

Via – Content Marketing Now Marketing through online storytelling and advice will only grow in importance to businesses.

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Free photo-editing tools

PowerPoint Tips

You upload a photo, use the tools (Crop, Rotate, Exposure, Colors, Sharpen, Resize), then save the photo to your computer. Recolor it. Color.

2015's top 5 Famous Speech Friday collections

The Eloquent Woman

We just don't see enough exposure for these speeches. It's a great short history in its own right. I can't wait to share your favorites.

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Presentation lessons from Steve Pinker's advice on writing

Presentation Zen

Here Pinker offers an example from a warning label: "Mild Exposure to CO can result in accumulated damage over time. Emphasis mine.).

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Query letter: how to sell your article ideas to editors

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Dr. Jaime Breilh of the CSCH says they first thought poisoning through acute pesticide exposure was making cut-flower workers ill. As they studied the issue, however, they learned low-dose chronic exposure to pesticides caused the problems… Of course the query goes on from there, as you will see from other examples in the book.

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Guest post: The Woman Speaker Slot

The Eloquent Woman

It is frankly amazing how many organisers think I will be willing to come and be a token women at their event for the sake of “exposure”.

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Presentation Zen

The footage has no special effects — the poor lighting, poor camera work, over exposure, etc. Happy holidays, everyone. Merry Christmas!

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Why you need to get your presentations on the Internet–and how

PowerPoint Tips

YouTube is the #2 search engine and will give you the greatest exposure. Get your presentation on the Web? Why and how?

Why your query letter should be ‘pitch-er’ perfect

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Dr. Jaime Breilh of the CSCH says they first thought poisoning through acute pesticide exposure was making cut-flower workers ill. As they studied the issue, however, they learned low-dose chronic exposure to pesticides caused the problems. The query letter pitch and the follow-up are your sales and marketing tools.

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Coping with Presentation Anxiety & "Stage Fright"

Presentation Zen

Chunking and exposure. This incident was a hot topic on social media last week and many people were quite unkind to Bay. Let me out of here!

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Does Thinking About Speaking Count?

Speak and Deliver

Spend too much time in your own mind, and the words may never come out, never be given the exposure they need to improve over time. No. -

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Blogs - Old-Line But Effective Business Development Tool

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

After all, we can get extensive exposure on LinkedIn Updates, Twitter and Facebooks ads and Live. Blogs have been around a long time.

The Secret to Skyrocketing Sales by Turning Content into An Asset

Content Marketing Today

Book Review--Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships. These tangible benefits accrue to every member of the brandscaping partnership.

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How Even Your Small Company Can Newsjack the Olympics

Content Marketing Today

The New York Sports Club got a good 5 minutes of fun exposure that buried dozens of their Big Apple competitors. Not so!

How Even Your Small Company Can Newsjack the Olympics

Content Marketing Today

The New York Sports Club got a good 5 minutes of fun exposure that buried dozens of their Big Apple competitors. Not so!

Interview with Olivia Mitchell

Duarte Blog

Although, now I would say I learned how to build my confidence by repeated exposure—just speaking, and speaking, and speaking. Forget about it.

Dealing with public speaking nerves

Presentation Zen

Chunking and exposure. But if you are still quite nervous about the idea of presenting in front of others, don't worry, this is natural.

Ichi ju san sai: A lesson in less-is-more

Presentation Zen

We need security and reassurance and we get that through routine and exposure to the known and the expected, but we also crave variety.

Are You an Author? How to Survive the Book Business Today

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Authors who want that kind of exposure have to buy it from specialist PR firms or do it themselves. So what’s going on? What have you learned?

Romney tax trap: The power and the pitfalls of tropes

The Presenter's Blog

Tropes are powerful magic. Think of them as cultural storylines with entire value sets and back-stories ready made for easy access. tax records….

Guest Blog: Lessons from Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City – How to Build Income

DeFinis Communications

But she had an idea—a low-calorie margarita—and she used the exposure she received from the show to cultivate her influence and create a strong brand.


Speak Schmeak

"The expectations and media exposure bring us unbearable pressure. It's a good thing.

Speak & Deliver - James T. Kirk Style

Speak and Deliver

My exposure to inspirational speaking, however, came in front of a much smaller screen. A 13 inch, B&W TV, in fact, in the early '70's.

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Toastmasters Friday: Why Contests are the Best and Worst Events in Your Speaking Career

Speak and Deliver

Exposure - With new audiences come new relationships, and new opportunities. It can lead you to new heights of confidence and ability.

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