Max Atkinson

The recent revelations about MPs' expenses have got me wondering whether I include enough of my outgoings when invoicing clients, as well as whether I should be setting more of my expenses against tax. And, having just bought a new case that's big enough to take all my equipment, shirts, etc, but small enough to count as hand baggage and save me time waiting at luggage carousels, does this count as a 'business expense' that can be legitimately set against tax?

Starbucks W/O WiFi = Expensive Coffee, Target as Superhero

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Suppose I had ordered one of the expensive coffees,  then found out I wouldn't be having access to WiFi? Horrors. There was an outage one morning on Buckeye Broadband High-Speed Internet Service in West Toledo, Ohio. Of course, since I operate two telecommuting enterprises I headed out to Starbucks for an internet connection. After all, with small businesses and gig economy workers Starbuck's branding was about free access to WiFi. Sit there plugged in as long as needed. 


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House of Lords expenses

Max Atkinson

As it hasn’t done so, maybe the furore about parliamentary ‘expenses’ will redirect attention along the corridor to the House of Cronies again, as the way ‘expenses’ are dished out there seems to be no less virtuous than it is in the House of Commons The only plus side of the apparently lenient six-month suspension just handed out to Lords Truscott and Taylor is that it will at least save the taxpayer about £50,000 (as their combined allowances claim for last year came to over £100,000).

Time for Retired/Semi-Retired to Stop Cowering about "Large Unexpected Expenses"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Various constituencies have made it their mission or sport to scare the jesus out of retirees/the semi-retired about "large unexpected expenses." However, those unplanned expenses can be planned for and/or absorbed through continuing to work.   Let's look at some of the so-called unplanned expenses MarketWatch presents. The Medicare Supplement could limit out of pocket expenses to about $6,000. They are bound to be less expensive than in the U.S. 

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NBC: Andy Lack Could Be Scapegoated for Megyn Kelly Expensive Train Wreck

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The negotiation part of Megyn Kelly's exit from NBC ended last Friday. The former Fox political commentator got her full $69 million, despite an early departure from her contract.    But the negative consequences of its ill-fated hire will play out for probably much longer than the television network could have anticipated. At the top of the list of the fall-out could be the influence, power, and very career of network head Andy Lack.

2019 43

B2B: Are Big Expensive Brands Too 20th-Century?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In the business-to-business marketplace, those big expensive brands might seem much too 20th-century to purchasers.      Yeah, and hold the fancy metro address and wood-paneled offices and conference room. One of those major purchasers Sherwin-Williams has come out, on the record, to indicate that it what it wants from the legal vendor it assigns business to. 

House of Lords expenses: Lord Rees-Mogg on gravy trains

Max Atkinson

Tags: rees-mogg MP expenses house of lords

BA/BS Class of 2018 - One Rite of Passage Got Less Expensive

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The traditional rite of passage for college graduates landing jobs in Manhattan has been finding an apartment that doesn't eat up too much of their first-year compensation. Well, if Q4 2017 trends continue, that won't be their number-one challenge in adjusting to  post-college life in New York City. Here are the details from Bloomberg. According to StreetEasy, Manhattan rents plunged in Q4.

2018 40

Journalism - Expensive, Few Care, And Don't Tell Us How To See Reality

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Traditional journalism, with its layers of management, is expensive. "Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism will reduce its class size and cut about six positions from its staff [not faculty] as the news industry retrenches." " - Ad Age, March 11, 2015. Here is the article. Also, fewer in our society care enough to pay for that process. And, the reality is, who cares that much any more about the "importance of good journalism?"

2015 50

Shareholder Class Action Lawsuits Surging in Number, Value - For Corporations, Those Are Expensive, Can Generate Lousy PR

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Defending this litigation is expensive. Shareholders are taking collective legal action to push back against corporations in a growing number of lawsuits and the potential value of those complaints is also growing larger. The major reasons include a drop in stock price or a Merger & Acquisition. Three plaintiff law firms active in this category of litigation are: The Rosen Law Firm, Pomerantz, and Glancy Prongay & Murray. 

2018 40

Is the MPs' expenses scandal a hidden legacy of Thatcherism?

Max Atkinson

In last Thursday's Question Tim e on BBC1, Margaret Beckett claimed that the existing system of parliamentary expenses was brought in under the Thatcher government in 1983, after a recommendations on a salary increase for MPs by an independent body had been deferred and staggered for 8 years – at which point the additional allowances were brought in ‘in stead of the pay increase’ (see below). Tags: question time MP expenses Thatcherism Margaret Beckett

Monty Python's take on the expenses scandal

Max Atkinson

As MPs return to Westminster today to face the music on their expenses, here's some light relief on the subject from Monty Python

Will The Times be investigating Lord Rees-Mogg’s House of Lords expenses?

Max Atkinson

Today’s Times on Line has a story about Lord Bhatia’s House of Lords expenses claims. This raises the interesting question of whether they are going to be as thorough in their investigations as the Telegraph was with it’s stories about MP’s expenses. Tags: expenses rees-mogg house of lords If so, they might like to start with one of their own columnists, William Rees-Mogg.

Ana Marie Cox stiffed for $1000+ expense-acct

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Now, we find out that she didn't turn in her expense account in time to be reimbursed for $1000+.  Ana Marie Cox's is having a run of bad luck.    Her husband had lost his job at CQ during a layoff.    She lost her own job at Air America when the liberal medium went bankrupt.    Right now in the Cox household that might represent a significant sum.

Drudge Report - Illegal Immigration Remains (Expensive) Mess

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The Drudge Report takes this last day of 2016 to hammer the growing mess of illegal immigration. Recently the number of illegals crossing the southwestern border of the U.S. has surged 15%. As for the raw numbers here they are from Homeland Security for the past 12 months, ending in September: 530,350 illegals arrived, with many from Central America. 450,954 sent back. Since more are arriving from Central America, not Mexico, the cost of re-directing them home is higher.

MPs expenses claims merely reflect British attitudes towards home ownership

Max Atkinson

Much of the past week’s shock-horror-hullabaloo revelations about MPs' expenses has had to do with claims for mortgage interest payments, stamp duty, capital gains tax and other costs associated with owning houses, none of which would have arisen had these MPs chosen to rent, rather than buy, flats and houses in London and/or their constituencies. But why is this interpreted by MPs and the civil servants who administer the expenses as meaning the purchase of second homes?

Hoax! Balloon owner should pay search expenses for "attractive nuisance" in backyard

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The government entities involved in the search for the boy who didn't take that joy ride in a balloon may have legal grounds to bill back those expenses to the father.    By tethering a helium air balloon in the background, wasn't the father creating what is classified in law as an "attractive nuisance."  "  Any child, ranging from his own to those in the neighborhood, could have been attracted to boarding the contraption.  

How UKIP's dodgy dealings helped to defeat horse manure expenses MP

Max Atkinson

for horse manure) following the expenses scandal. His report featured interviews with four of the Wells candidates, including the Conservative who has taken considerable flak over his expenses and was delighted by Lord Pearson's support. The Wells Journal , like most local newspapers, tends not to get involved in political controversy.

Pious and expensive twaddle from strong man Straw

Max Atkinson

The following stirring story has just appeared in a headline slot on the B BC website : The Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs has been refused parole by Justice Secretary Jack Straw. Mr Straw rejected a recommendation by the Parole Board which backed the release of Biggs, 79. Mr Straw said Biggs was "wholly unrepentant" about his actions and had "outrageously courted the media".

Tiger Woods is Right

Matt Eventoff

Tags: Uncategorized Accenture must be wondering if their Tiger Woods advertisements are turning into a very expensive joke Chevron World Challenge Elin Nordegren media strategy jaimee grubbs Mark Steinberg Rachel Uchitel tiger woods img tiger woods media strategy tiger woods media training tiger woods presentation skills tiger woods public speaking Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress Woods' agent

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Body Language: What Can You Learn at the Expense of Politicians.

The Shy Speaker's Guide to Succes on Stage

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Gordon Brown is finding the Jacqui Smith expenses story more ‘delicate’ than he says

Max Atkinson

I was therefore fascinated to notice that there were at least ten ‘pre-delicate hitches’ in the first four sentences of Gordon Brown’s comments about the scandal of the Home Secretary’s expenses claim for a blue movie watched by her husband – which you can check out by following the transcript below (hitches in bold) while watching the video HERE.

Did the MP's manure come by appointment?

Max Atkinson

Our local MP, David Heathcote-Amory, recently achieved public notoriety for his parliamentary expenses claim for £380 worth of horse manure – on which an interesting new angle may be about to emerge. If true, this raises the interesting questions of whether one of Prince Charles’s businesses has been a beneficiary of an MP’s expenses claim, whether he know about it and, if so, whether it will have any constitutional implications? Tags: MP expenses

2009 46

Bishops' attendance rates and allowances in the House of Lords

Max Atkinson

Top of the claims for daily expenses was the Bishop of Truro, with £1,124 for each of his five days in the Lords, while joint equal lowest spenders were the Arch-bishops of Canterbury (£0) and York (£0). Tags: expenses attendance house of lords Bishops

House 40

Applause for Dimbleby's questions on BBC Question Time

Max Atkinson

Tags: applause question time Dimbleby MP expenses

2009 40

Rhetoric wins applause for questioners on BBC Question Time

Max Atkinson

Tags: rhetoric applause question time MP expenses

Big-Picture Thinking for Speakers: Don’t Get Lost in the Weeds

Presentation Guru

The less-experienced speaker tends to focus on minute details at the expense of the big picture, while experienced speakers work backward from the big picture into the details.… There’s a significant difference between how less-experienced and more-experienced speakers approach a presentation. … Performance Experience featured preparation

2018 56

The 2012 Presidential Election: Transmedia Storytelling in action

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Today’s US Election can be seen as the culmination of the most expensive transmedia storytelling campaign in history. Unlike the year-long Why So Serious? campaign that Warner Bros. funded to promote the Dark Knight Batman movie, and was reported to involve 10 million players, the United States Democratic and Republican Political Parties funded a multi-year [.]. Culture Shock! Marketing 2012 Presidential Election Politics

2012 140

A recipe for an efficient corporate PowerPoint template

Presentation Guru

There are always situations where a bespoke PowerPoint design is the only acceptable solution, however for many organisations, the presentations that make up the bulk of the day-to-day operations are likely to be subject to various time or financial constraints, and indeed may well not warrant such expense.…

2017 47

Public speaking: Working with a professional speaker

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Many organizations go to a great deal of work/expense to hire a professional speaker for their conference – but then let the ball drop by overlooking the final travel logistics. You want your speaker to arrive fresh/rested at the podium. Leave nothing to chance. Start by booking convenient lodging – preferably onsite. If no onsite […]. International speakers Professional organizations

The Best Presentation Apps for iPhone and iPad

Presentation Guru

In the wake of the demise of Symbian phones, the near death of BlackBerry and the expensive failure called Windows Phone, there are two obvious mobile OS competitors still standing; Android and iOS. As smartphones, tablets and phablets invade the mobile market, it is only a matter of time before desktop operating systems face the prospect of extinction, unless they somehow evolve. … Mobile & Tablet Technology Apps & Add-Ins Mobile and Tablet presentation technology Software

2016 55

Improve your skills at a Presentation Un-Conference on June 20 in LA

Beyond Bullet Points

People with a wide range of skills are coming from as close as the Hollywood Hills to as far away as New Zealand to collaborate, teach and learn from one another, at the unbelievably low registration fee of only $10 that goes toward facility expenses. If you’d like to improve your presentation skills or grow your speaking-related business, join us in Los Angeles from 10 am- 6 pm Pacific on Saturday, June 20 at PresentationCampLA!

Choosing a platform for your online course

PowerPoint Tips

Disadvantages: They are usually much more expensive than platforms designed with the entrepreneur in mind. When you’re ready to get your knowledge out to the world with an online course, you have many decisions to make! An important one is which platform you’ll use.

It's Not What You Say

Professionally Speaking...

most of us tend to focus on the content -- the what we say -- at the expense of the delivery -- the way we say it.". There would be people who'd disagree with the premise of Michael Parker's new book, It's Not What You Say. I would not be one of them.

2016 122

Are you a teacher?

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

We need to learn at the expense of teaching – Peter Block. Are you teaching your clients, or are you helping them to learn? Of course you can replace the word “client&# with employee, children, students, partners, friends…. Related posts: Two Peter Block workshops you should attend Flawless Consulting workshop with Peter Block and Symphonia Leadership Development. Are you an expert communicator? I have always believed that to get ahead in life, A lesson from the marketing dept.

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Housing, Food, Medical Care for Harvey Weinstein - NY State Will Be Ponying Up More Than $69K Every Year

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

That means a hefty expense burden for his upkeep in prison for NY taxpayers.   Given this expense, one wonders if justice has been done in terms of taxpayers.

2020 52

Maria Miller and the jewel of Epanodos

The Presenter's Blog

It’s for when you want to say something to the effect of; “Proposition A, does not come at the expense of proposition B. Here are two very simple examples: “Quality does not need to come at the expense of productivity, nor productivity at the expense of quality. Maria Miller, the UK Minister for Culture , used a figure of speech so rare and beautifully powerful that it is seldom encountered outside the Old Testament.

2013 169

Communication Visuals

The Communication Blog

Photos and cartoons are very expensive; consequently, these are usually limited in most textbooks. I started a few Pinterest boards largely to augment the text discussions in communication books—my own or others. So, I thought Pinterest would be a great medium to disseminate visuals that may prove useful in teaching communication. The boards you may find interesting in preparing slide presentations are those on illusions , communication , and choices.

Visual 100

We're Not Getting Any Younger, Climate Change Is Getting Worse - Dashed Dreams about The Forever Next

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

There is a high quality of life with fixed expenses such as homeownership and rent lower than where we might be now bunking. The Chicago Metro area is expensive. COVID-19 will be over.

2020 52

The Only Thing I Know

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

The hours spent each night is just not a commitment I’m prepared to make at the expense of real life. via youtube.com. The last few years, I’ve made an effort to manage my allocation of time better as it comes to games. I used to be a core member of a serious World of Warcraft guild. This guy makes some good points but the real kicker is near the end. I’m much happier playing one level of Little Big Planet with my wife than I can be in the hours needed for a WoW raid.

2010 100

It's Come to This: McClatchy Files for Bankruptcy

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  To become profitable and, hopefully, scale the private company will have to reduce expenses. In the distressed newspaper industry, change usually is not good news for employees. McClatchy, which owns nearly 30 newspapers in 14 states, has filed for bankruptcy.

2020 56

Rescinded Job Offers - Even Google Singing Decline in Advertising Blues

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But right now it is reviewing that expense. Media companies such as Vice attack Google for allegedly unfairly scooping up the lion's share of advertising revenue. They blame that for having to lay off their staff.

2020 52

Personal SWOT Analysis: Quick Guide (with Examples)


” Budget Don’t keep track of income and expenses well Follow-through Better at brainstorming than execution Expression Sometimes I don’t say what I want to Technical skills Have more artistic skills than technical. Job interviewers want to know what your weaknesses are.