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Six Ways To Manage Audience Expectations

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As a speaker, you will always deal with audience expectations. Expectations typically are based either on past experiences."I've For example, the student who expects he will get an A on the final exam when he hasn't studied.

What does your audience really expect of you? Guest post by Barry Potyondi

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It is the most common sin among speechwriters, and almost all of us are guilty of committing it: in our zeal to sound authoritative, coherent and memorable, we forget that speeches begin and end with the listener, not us.

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Accept Applause but Don’t Expect It

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In this blog post from 25 April 2012 , Seth lays down a simple rule that every public speaker should take to heart: Don’t expect applause. But here’s the point: If you approach your speech or presentation expecting applause and focused on the rewards (applause, recognition, money, an invitation back, etc.) Don’t Expect Applause. But when you expect applause, when you do your work in order (and because of) applause, you have sold yourself short.


Speak Schmeak

Part of the problem people have with public speaking is their expectation. They expect that, once they start doing it, they will never be nervous again. Let go of the expectation that you need to be anxiety-free.

Present interactively: Your audience expects it!

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My training webinar, “ Present interactively—Your audience expects it!&# was well received and you can now purchase the recording. In fact, the Training Manager of a state teacher’s union hired me to give this webinar, slightly customized, for employees. That too was well received. Learn more about what I covered during the webinar and what participants said

What did you expect when you wrote your speech?

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What did you expect? . If it was not successful, if it did not get response, then possibly it did not meet your expectations. What were your expectations? Did you have expectations? . Expectations are vitally important in creating a presentation. You wrote your speech, prepared it, presented it. Was it successful? Did you get some response? . And they need to start before the speech, be a part of the planning stage, not just a part of the finale.

Retirement - Not What Most Expected (and that wasn't necessarily bad)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Also, Medicare supplements may cost more than they expected. Most of us, both still working and retired, have experienced aging as a transition. For some, it was unexpected. We didn't feel like we were aging. Yet, the world began treating us as "older."

Ed Balls surfs applause - but don't expect to see it on primetime TV news

Max Atkinson

But don't expect our broadcasters to let a wider audience see it on prime-news tonight. In his speech at the Labour Party conference earlier today, shadow chancellor Ed Balls had a go at 'surfing applause' (about 2.45 minutes into the above clip), a technique that's seldom mastered by anyone outside the top rank of political orators (for more on which, with examples from Tony Benn and presidents Obama and Sarkozy, see HERE ).

Facebook: Peril of high expectations

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Had the leadership at Facebook conducted itself with decorum and humility, investors might have had tempered expectations.  Facebook's sin, and it has been regarded as a mortal one, has been that it disappointed investors. 

The Speaking Pause Part I: Why We Won't Stop Talking!

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The pause is one of the few friends a speaker can actually take on stage with them, as they face the expectations of their audience. skip to main | skip to sidebar The Speaking Pause Part I: Why We Wont Stop Talking!

Lobbying: What Schumpeterians didn't expect

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The zen of professional life or the Schumpeterian approach is to anticipate that everything changes.    However, we in public affairs might have assumed that lobbying was a line of work where the players might shift but the industry would remain large and lucrative. We were wrong.

Full-Time MBA Programs - Expect Them To Be Rebranded

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Professional degree programs are in play. And the academic institutions which "sell" them will likely have to rebrand many of the programs. Not only is the value of law school being questioned. So is that of the full-time MBA program, both here in the U.S. and abroad. The current issue of The Economist focuses on why the full-time MBA degree has lost its pull power.

Streaming - Expected Now, Pretty Soon Standard In Online News

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Gawker's head Nick Denton recognizes that readers expect that. Today, many of the stories in influential Gawker are headlined with streaming video. Here is an example. That means that it won't be long before attaching video is standard.

C-Level Presentation Tip #3: Expect and Be Happy About Interruptions

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TIP #3: EXPECT AND BE HAPPY ABOUT INTERRUPTIONS. Question: What's the relationship between sky diving and making executive presentations?

Drudge Report Back to Scary Headlines - Iran Tells US to Expect "Strong Slap in the Face" If.

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The Drudge Report's signature way back when was its flashing blue light for breaking news. Over the years it has gotten more sophisticated but not by much. Today, Drudge is back to its digital tabloid roots.    This time it's a scary headline about Iran.

New York Post Endorses Donald Trump (expecting he'll pivot to more presidential)

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" It expects him to pivot to a more presidential style when he is officially nominated.  The influential New York Post has endorsed Donald Trump. Here is that editorial.

Paradise Lost - Gawker's Nick Denton Expected to File for Personal Bankruptcy

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It's come to this. High-flyer Gawker founder, Nick Denton, is reported to be filing in Manhattan federal court for personal bankruptcy. His "baby," Gawker will be auctioned off. Here are the details from the New York Post.

Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech - Presses all the right buttons, expect Scalia clone

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The independents and liberals Donald Trump hopes to attract were nodding their heads during his acceptance speech. I was witness to that as we took in the speech in our development's community room. Conventions are more fun to experience as a group.

Christiane Amanpour: Leaving "This Week," as expected

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Television is a niche medium.    The brand established by the personality is the brand that has to be maintained.    There's no parachuting into other roles. We saw that with Katie Couric and Jane Pauley.

Something Bigger Than Expected

The YouBlog

SETH GODIN HAS AN INTRIGUING NEW POST today, entitled " Thinking Bigger " He covers a lot of territory in a few words, but what I like about it for presenters is this: What are you doing to go beyond the expectations of your audience? Given that the vast majority of presentations are stale, boring, bullet-laden dirges, it doesn't take a lot. Even simplifying your visual presentation, as so well defined by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte, is a major leap forward for most.

Madonna's Meltdown in Australia - Expect Surge In Tickets, for a while

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Knowing Madonna's marketing savvy, it could just be that she staged her meltdown at a performance in Australia. She knows human nature. Especially its dark side. More people will buy tickets hoping to witness a catastrophe than they would for a class act.

How to Judge Audience’s Expectations | Public Speaking Training

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Abundance: Let Santa know you expect great things in 2013

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  That is, expect good people and good things to enter our lives and that will happen.  " "Mind Over Mind" presents an abundance of research about how smart educated human beings can be fooled into providing top performance through manipulation of their expectations.  

Friday Massacre Expected at NEWSWEEK

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Old-line NEWSWEEK had those well-paying jobs in media.    And that, just like at THE NEW YORK TIMES, is what did it in.    The latter will have a 3Q loss. High fixed costs are impossible to carry in the fast-moving digital age. Well, it's anticipated that 30 percent of those jobs will disappear this Friday.    That's when, THE NEW YORK POST reports , the publication will announce its cuts.    At least the first major round of them. 

Drudge Report, As Expected, Features Hillary Clinton's Big Day With The Press

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Just as expected, the conservative Drudge Report quickly aggregated and posted the negative headlines from coverage of Hillary Clinton's press conference on use of personal email when on government duty.

Q2 GDP Growth = 3.7% V. Expected 2.3%: America Is Great (will this derail Campaign Trump?)

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There it is: Q2 GDP growth at 3.7%, reports the Commerce Department. That's a smackdown on the estimated 2.3% growth. Here is the deconstruction in The Wall Street Journal. America is great. Obviously. We have lots to feel good about ourselves.

Slower Economy - 151,000 jobs below expectations, but my own economic indicator is how fast job searchers jump on help-wanted

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At 151,000, it was below expectations. The January jobs report was no surprise to those of us who are out there every day hustling for work. Yes, the economy has been slowing. I picked that up through my own economic indicator.

The Freelance Writing Life - Editors, Readers, Critics Expect You To Keep Up On Everything, Everyone

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

It's a seismic shift. In more staid times, freelance writers could develop a niche expertise and make a predictably good living. Now with so much volatility, both in subject matter and in the growth or collapse of organizations which purchase their services, it's a different game.

Toastmasters Announces Speakers for 2016 Convention in Washington, D.C.

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Attendance at this annual event is expected to exceed 2,200 members from around the world. “We’re Toastmasters announced an impressive lineup of speakers for its 2016 International Convention, to be held at the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C., 17-20.

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No-Good Drunks: So, why do we expect sweetness & light

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It's funny.    Members of 12-step programs are shocked - yes shocked - to discover that some of their fellow members are selfish and non-supportive. 

Librarians: Sure they were on the way out, but this is happening sooner than expected

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

But most of us didn't expect it anytime soon. Books.  Remember them?  And remember when pre-digital kids had to be instructed on where to find information?  We all knew librarians were another category of professional to be on the way out.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 219) – Tony Robbins

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“Give more to your audience than they have any right to expect.” — Tony Robbins Photo courtesy of Brian Solis / FlickrFiled under: Motivation, Quotes for Public Speakers. Motivation Quotes for Public Speakers Public Speaking Quotations quotes Tony Robbins

President Obama’s Jobs Speech. What To Expect Tonight.

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TJ Walker, Managing Editor of The Daily National, offers his preview of President Obama’s jobs speech. Is he doomed to fail before even delivering the speech? Analysis Video jobs Media Training obama TJ Walker

Heat Wave: Expect retail sales to be down

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The heat wave is on its way.    Last week we had just one 95-degree day and that was plenty to keep us doing nothin'    With a number of days like that this week, we can anticipate that sales will be off in retail.    To get there we not only have to use gasoline, which just went up again in price, but turn on the air-conditioner, which also consumes gasoline.    Forget the whole thing.    Current Affairs Personal Musings Selling

Opinion-editorials: When companies expect them to be platforms for telling their story

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Opinion-editorials (op-eds) are given space by prestigious media such as THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE NEW YORK TIMES in the public interest.    The authors of those op-eds better be relaying information, insight, or a point of view which serves readers.

How not to screw up an introduction like the ABC moderators at the Republican Presidential Debate

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I would have expected better. The Republican Presidential Debate on 6 February 2016 began in appalling fashion. And I am not talking about the candidates. Take a look. Seriously, it looked like amateur hour. Many people have been poking fun … Continue reading → Moderating Ben Carsons Donald Trump John Kasich Marco Rubio moderator public speaking Republican Presidential Debate

Just as we thought: High expectations, high suicide rate

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Semple confirms what we all thought: The higher the expectations, the higher the suicide rates.  This is one for the plot line of "The Good Wife."  "  Alicia defends a client who performed emotional mercy killings on Korean Americans who were unable to off themselves.    The client is also a Korean American and did the job for no payment.    It was, well, an act of honor. 

Kitty Kelley's Bio of Oprah - Nothing we didn't expect

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Kitty Kelley might be shocked to realize that what she's disclosing about Oprah doesn't shock us.    After all, we're Americans raised in capitalism and we had to assume Oprah got where she is by reading the world just right. One of those reads is that we love tales of extreme poverty which becomes extreme wealth.    So what if, as Kelley tells us, Oprah wasn't that poor growing up. 

Globe settles freelancers’ lawsuit; don’t expect dollars to flow

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

CTVglobemedia Inc., which owns the Globe and Mail (Canada's National Newspaper), Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd., and The Gale Group Inc. have agreed to pay $11-million to settle a class action lawsuit from freelance writers and other contributors who claimed they were not properly compensated for the electronic reproduction of their work.

What do Liberal Democrats expect from the 'return' of Dr Death (aka David Owen)?

Max Atkinson

Mark Pack has just revealed news of the surprising return of David Owen to top-level Liberal Democrat thinking ( HERE ). Surprising, yes, but I don't know if 'return' is the right word for someone who left the Labour Party to form a new one (the SDP) that would be ruled by one-member-one-vote, only to ignore his own party's majority vote to merge with the Liberals in 1988.