Polite Messages: An Exercise in Interpersonal Communication

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This exercise is designed to help explain the concept of politeness in terms of positive and negative face (Brown & Levinson, 1987; Cupach & Metts, 1994; Goffman, 1967; Goldsmith, 2007; Holmes 1995; Metts & Cupach, 2008). To Discuss After all have completed this exercise, discussion might center on such issues as these: 1.

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Confidence Building Exercises To Overcome A Fear of Public Speaking

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Instead, why not try these confidence building exercises and imagine yourself being at your very best. Confidence Building Exercises. Alternatively, do this confidence-building exercise with a partner. Try this confidence building exercise for yourself and please leave a reply.

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Communication is Easy and Difficult: An Exercise

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I'm developing this exercise for possible use in the new edition of Human Communication and I thought it might be of interest more generally for just about any course in speech communication or interpersonal communication. communication exercise difficult communication easy communication

Interviewing Exercise

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I thought this would make an interesting exercise in an interviewing class as students prepare their responses to potential employment interview questions. Interviewing class exercise employment interviewing questions When Jen Guzman—chief executive of Stella & Chewy’s pet food company—was asked ( NYTimes , April 28, 2013, BU 2) what three questions she would ask in interviewing someone for a job, she said: (1) “Why do you want this job?” (2)

Product Placement Exercise

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The following is a brief discussion of product placement and an exercise I developed for the artifactual communication chapter in my nonverbal communication book—still in manuscript. To sensitize you to the many ways in which advertisers try to influence you below the level of conscious awareness—and in effect counteract the influence of product placement—consider this exercise on product placement, another aspect of space decoration.

Exercises in Interpersonal Power 3 and 4

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Here are two additional exercises that may prove useful in the discussion of power and interpersonal communication. As I mentioned in the previous exercises in power post, these topics are covered in depth in Chapter 12 of The Interpersonal Communication Book, but are covered in different ways in other texts as well.

Public Speaking Exercises: Stage Movements

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This video teaches you how to make your stories come alive. link] Over 250 public and professional speaking videos

The Mental Side of Wealthy: 2 Exercises To Help Turn Your Goals Into Achievements

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The post The Mental Side of Wealthy: 2 Exercises To Help Turn Your Goals Into Achievements appeared first on Jane Atkinson. Although I am pragmatic most of the time, I love to delve into the Power of Attraction and the idea behind manifesting everything your heart desires.

If You Really Want To Engage Your Audience, Kill The Exercises!

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At one point or another, most of us have been involved in some sort of exercise during a presentation. But do they really work to keep the audience engaged, or are they just a distraction?

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Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise

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The post Being Present: A Two Minute Video Exercise appeared first on Jane Atkinson. My guess is that everyone reading this blog post right now owns a cell phone.

How to start an important conversation: An exercise in intention

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Sometimes, it can be confusing to discover how you really feel about a relationship, and, therefore, how to talk to that person. This applies to all relationships: lovers, co-workers, and clients. However, if you are willing to get honest with yourself, conversational intent can be very revealing. In his terrific book on co-operative communication, The [.]. communication intention postaweek2011

Do cookies make you want to sing? How to form a new habit

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Musings exercises practicing public speaking tipsWant to form a new habit? There’s good news out there. First a story: When I was a little girl learning to play the violin, my mom had me practice every day at the same time…right after my after-school snack.

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An interview with your voice

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Musings Vocal Health exercises perception personal brand vocal powerHow well do you know your voice? Seems like a funny question, right? Just today, I told someone what I do for a living and they said, “There’s nothing you can do about your voice. It is what it is.” And I responded, “Not true.

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The Aging Voice: Thicker middle, thinner voice

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Vocal Health aging voice ENT exercises otolaryngology Speech Language Pathologist tired voice vocal powerIf you are over 50, you may have noticed your voice growing weaker, or phlegmier, or sounding more tired than it used to.

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Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: What you have in common with Tina Fey

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Public Speaking exercises extemporaneous speaking practice practicing public speaking tips Tina Fey What is the secret to great extemporaneous speaking? People who are good at improvisational comedy have learned to adhere to 9 basic maxims. Three of these are: Say Yes Don’t prepare Just show up At first glance these titles may seem to reinforce that you don’t need to practice to be a good improviser, but, […].

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Creativity Exercise

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The definition of the word will help us focus as we exercise our joke writing skills. If you live in a boring town, doing a word exercise like this is. I exercise my mind just for the value of the process. Through exercise the brain gets stronger. A writing exercise develops the ability to make connections and see. For the sake of the exercise, I normally start out with building a. writing exercise.

Vocal power to project your pitch. YouTube site will show you how.

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Tips From The Top audience expertvillage oratory presentation skills presenting projecting public speaking vocal power vocal skills voice voice exercisesSaturday sunrise in our local farmer’s market. For vendors, successful selling is strongly dependent on vocal power.

The Two-Minute Speech: Distinguish Between

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Here is a brief public speaking exercise built around the theme of distinguishing two things. The main purpose of the exercise is to illustrate some principles of organization and can be used as a regular prepared/researched speech or as an impromptu speech. For this exercise, the speeches should be organized in either of these two ways. Public Speaking public speaking exercise speech exercise two-minute speech

Calming Stage Fright: Exercise helps Anxiety

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Years ago, in acting school, I learned to do a voice and body exercise warm-up before auditioning or performing. Performing arts training, of necessity, includes methods to develop relaxation, concentration and presence.

Self Confidence Building Exercise To Overcome A Fear of Public Speaking

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Instead, why not try these self-confidence building exercises and imagine yourself being at your very best. Self Confidence Building Exercise Imagine it is the morning of an important presentation and, during the night, when you were asleep, a miracle happened.

Humor Writing Exercise

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” So the most logical thing for me to do was to create my own humor writing exercise. Create your own exercises. Humor In Speaking creative writing humor exercise A couple of weeks ago I saw a gag on the internet: “ Oxygen and Potassium went on a date. It was OK.” I call it Elemental Relationships. The goal is to create new joke relationships using elements on the periodic table. Here are a few lines I came up with: Sulpher and Oxygen went on a second date.

Own your speech

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For one exercise, I asked them to give a short (5-minute) speech on something that they cared about. Recently, I was working with a group of people over a couple of days to help them improve their public speaking skills. The first … Continue reading → Motivation Presentation public speaking Speech

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Great Improv Exercise

Green Room Speakers

Here's a fun improv exercise that works on body language and can help you get out of your comfort zone when you deliver a presentation: From the Green Room: The same words can have entirely different meanings depending on how you say them.

4 Incredibly Simple Stage Presence Exercises

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I was curious to discover if they used any specific stage presence exercises to help them create this magnetic effect that instantly grabbed their audience’s attention. The second stage presence exercise they did was to relax. The final stage presence exercise involves connecting with your audience. Try these simple stage presence exercises and discover the difference for yourself. Presentation Skills stage presence stage presence exercises

Benefits of Studying Nonverbal Communication

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The exercise at the end should prove useful for stimulating class discussion. But, there are additional, more immediately pragmatic, specific benefits that you can gain as a result for reading the text and completing the exercises. nonverbal communication exercise benefits of studying nonverbal communication the nonverbal communication book Nonverbal Communication

The Communication Blog - Untitled Article

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Exercises in Power 1 and 2 Here are two exercises that may prove useful in discussing power and interpersonal communication. Types of Power This exercise is designed to clarify the types of power, as defined by French and Raven ( reference, legitimate, expert, information or persuasion reward, and coercive power) and to illustrate that in many—perhaps most—cases, the types of power are combined.

Communication and Ethics

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communication and ethics ethical exercise Ethics ethics and communication Here is an interesting case that would work well in any communication class dealing with ethics. In Sunday''s New York Times , Chuck Klosterman, the Ethicist, was asked if it was ethical for a beer company to bottle the exact same beer but package it in two different type bottles with different labels, one “regular” and one “premium.”

Characters in fiction: differentiation + character exercises

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Tags: creative writing creative writing exercise fiction writing fictional characters

Characters in fiction: differentiation + exercises

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So that your characters don’t all look alike, sound alike and act alike, characters should have distinct features. It is particularly important for you to know your main characters well—to have a solid sense of who they are. Yes, there can be similarities between two major characters, but differences are required.

5 finger exercise: How to avoid pointing

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I once attended a political forum that gave "pointed" a whole new meaning, when an audience member asked how much time the candidates would spend on their elected role. One candidate looked at the front row where the other candidate's family--including newborn twins--was seated.

Vocal Impact Tip: How to get over the sound of your voice

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Vocal Image #worldvoiceday2015 exercises listening recording upspeak Is that my voice? The best way to know what your voice sounds like to others is to record it and listen to it. Right? Wrong! In fact you will probably never hear your voice as others hear it.

Are you motivated or committed?

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Get outside and exercise? But motivation and rewards tend to go hand in hand, and oftentimes we're not motivated unless we see the reward at the end of the tunnel (and in the case of exercise, even the future rewards aren't enough to make us get out there and move our behinds!).

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(re)Discover the Joy of Creative Writing – trailer and writing exercises

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You can play it here; if you scroll down to the links below the book trailer, you can link to 9 creative writing exercises and excerpts from the book. Creative writing exercises and excerpts from (re)Discover the Joy of [.]. A new trailer for the book (re)Discover the Joy of Creative Writing has been posted on YouTube.

My favorite fixes for public speaking: Take care of the speaker's body

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They skip meals, don't hydrate, don't exercise or stretch, and fail to get a good night's sleep. Exercise also will keep you from over-preparing and getting too nervous.

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Verbal communication is the MOST important candidate skill

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One Communications teacher I spoke to actually had an exercise on persuasive presentations and told the students to be sure to cover the opposite point of view! I want to shout this from the rooftops!

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Demosthenes and Modern Oratory

Matt Eventoff

5) Exercise and Deliver – This is one that I have “borrowed” from Demosthenes. You do not have to run sprints – any exercise that gets your heart rate up and adrenaline pumping can subtly mimic what your body feels when beginning an address. Demosthenes is one of my favorite orators to study. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to ever see or hear him as he passed away in 322 BC.

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Grow your Voice to Speak with Confidence

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

The accompanying CD takes you through the physical and vocal exercise in the book. While the exercise are good for developing the core muscles (hence my Pilates comment), they are also good for general warm-up (thinking about it they remind me of choir warm-up exercises from high school).

Why most attempts at audience participation fail and what to do about it

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Ideally, you would plan for audience participation exercises to be roughly evenly spaced through the presentation. However, having genuine, as opposed to contrived, exercises is more important. Post-it exercise. What audience participation exercises have you used?

Public Speaking Experts – Demosthenes

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5) Exercise and Deliver – This is a Demosthenes method that still works to this day. You do not have to run sprints – any exercise that gets your heart rate up and adrenaline pumping can subtly mimic what your body feels when beginning an address. Public speaking expert is a title that carries tremendous weight. Demosthenes, public speaking expert of the 4 th century BC, is one of the legendary Greek orators.

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Citing a Blog Post

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Interviewing exercise. Interviewing exercise. Interviewing Exercise.” A number of people—most recently a student from Malaysia—have asked how to cite a blog post. Generally, I think this should do it: For APA style: Last name of author, first initial. Date of publication—year, month, day). Title of blog post. Web log post]. Retrieved from Blog URL. So, if you were citing a recent post from my own blog, it would look like this: DeVito, J. 2013 April 30). Web log post].