Executive Summary: A Guide to Writing and Presentation


Executive summaries precede nearly every type of business document. Yet, many writers choose to treat an executive summary as an afterthought. Because writing an executive summary is a seemingly hard task. What is an Executive Summary? Executive Summary Examples.

Executive Presence Demonstrated

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Executive presence is at play when a person walks into a board room, a staff meeting, or a negotiations session and the room goes quiet. Executive presence earns […]. The post Executive Presence Demonstrated appeared first on Speaking Freely. Communication Confidence executive presence Leadership Presence Leadership presence


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A Complete Guide for Preparing Outstanding Executive-Level Presentations


Likewise, presenting to C-level executives is not less than a nightmare for many employees, but at the same time, it is the golden opportunity to make a significant difference in your career. Every challenge comes with an opportunity.

Your (Executive) Presence is Required

Kate's Voice

How to demonstrate Executive Presence through your voice In 2012, the Center for Talent Innovation published a now-famous study about executive presence. The study, based on interviews with thousands of people, concludes that executive presence depends on getting three things right: appearance, communication, and gravitas (itself a set of behaviors). Executive Presence Presence mask resonance perception public speaking tips vocal power

Guest Posting: Speaking Up – Surviving Executive Presentations, by Rick Gilbert

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

and the primary developer of PowerSpeaking (the workshop), HighTechSpeaking, and Speaking Up: Presenting to Executives. He is the author of Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations and has authored articles in over 100 national publications on communication. Business Communication c-Suite executive presentations rick gilbert Rick Gilbert is the founder of PowerSpeaking, Inc.

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Qualities and Characteristics of Executive Presence

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Developing executive presence is much like being an actor working to develop a character. You must step into the skin of a leader and embody the physical, mental and emotional characteristics so that you behave as an executive. The post Qualities and Characteristics of Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely. Communication executive presence Leadership Leadership Presence Uncategorized Leadership presence

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8 Sure-fire Ways to Write a Compelling Executive Summary


These statistics are relevant to the biz world where the people at the management levels, C-level executives, lenders, and investors don’t have much time to read the lengthy documents thoroughly. According to a report, 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds actively reading the content.

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How to convince executives that presenters need presentation skills training

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But executives at their organization are comfortable with the old way of using the slide as a teleprompter, even though the audience hates it! How do you convince executives that they are hurting themselves when they present? When executives see what’s possible, they may like it! TED talks , recordings from industry conferences, and so on are all ways to show executives what others (and maybe their competitors) are doing. I hear it all the time.

Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions

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Use This Job Interview Strategy to Win Managerial and Executive Positions Massive numbers of layoffs during the COVID19 pandemic mean having a job interview strategy to win managerial and executive positions a wise skill to polish.

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Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence

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By Self-Expression Center Staff A commonly held misconception about executive presence is that it is all about dressing for the part. The post Vocal, Visual, and Verbal Skills for Executive Presence appeared first on Speaking Freely. Communication executive presence Uncategorized While appearances are important, your presence is more comprehensive than merely the clothes that you wear.

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Learn to “Present” to “Pay the Rent”- Executive Presentation Skills

Matt Eventoff

Effective presentation skills are crucial for all executives. I regularly meet brilliant, capable leaders ever who literally spend ten times longer preparing a presentation than practicing it; Executive teams that spend hundreds of hours preparing earning reports, and less than one hour preparing for the call to report them; Corporate team leaders with a vision for the organization, but lacking the ability to communicate that vision.

Presentation Skills for Executives

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While it's certainly true that there are many foundational best practices for effective presentations that are applicable for everyone, once you reach an executive level in your organization, there are a few necessary tweaks to adopt. EXECUTIVE TWEAKS. As an executive, you need to be even more aware of how you come across and how people perceive you because you have more visibility and power both within and outside your organization.

How to Communicate with Executives

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If you are in a position to communicate with executives, it is important to learn the rules for delivering information to a top-level leader. First, understand what an executive is, as it will help you understand how to communicate information to him or her. An executive is a decision-making top-level leader. As such, the executive decides […]. The post How to Communicate with Executives appeared first on Speaking Freely

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IT Executives – You Are At Risk!

Matt Eventoff

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How to Effectively Present to Senior Executives

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Senior executives are one of the toughest crowds you’ll face as a presenter. The post How to Effectively Present to Senior Executives appeared first on Duarte. Audience Business Presentations executives HBR LEADERS leadership Nancy Duarte presentationsThey’re incredibly impatient because their schedules are jam-packed—and they have to make lots of high-stakes decisions, often with little time to weigh options.

Executive Communications is such a drag!

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Breaking the mold of uptight, upright executive presentations, here’s a peek at former Dutch finance minister and chairman of ABN Amro, Gerrit Zalm, delivering a stunning impersonation of his alter-ego, brothel owner Priscilla. The presentation was designed to motivate the Dutch bank’s 23,000 employees with a risque monolog that would not make it past first [.]. Business Communication Culture Shock! drag artist

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Executive Communication Skills: Tech Habits

Matt Eventoff

Technology has changed how we work and often where we work, as we are now all mobile, and always on. Smartphones, net books and tablets have enabled our ability to work faster, cheaper, more efficiently and often more productively. Through social media we are able to meet people we might never have met and develop working relationships we would have been unable to develop years ago.

The Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation


The post The Executive’s Guide to Digital Transformation appeared first on SlideModel. Digital transformation is a popular industry buzzword, but a difficult concept to master as it covers so much ground. As a leader, it is your responsibility to understand exactly how emerging technologies are changing the standard business processes, modern workplace and managerial best practices.

An Executive’s Guide to Pricing Strategy Models


The post An Executive’s Guide to Pricing Strategy Models appeared first on SlideModel. Ever wondered why the two seemingly same products come with a rather different price tag? Well, that’s the pricing strategy in action — something every business works hard to get right.

The Executive?s Guide to Marketing Automation


The post The Executive’s Guide to Marketing Automation appeared first on SlideModel. Automation, analytics and big data are among the top of mind concerns for marketers these days.

Marketing Plan Development: The Start to Finish Guide For Executives


The post Marketing Plan Development: The Start to Finish Guide For Executives appeared first on SlideModel. When should you start thinking about your next marketing plan? Some see this as a year-end task.

IT Executives – You Are At Risk!

Matt Eventoff

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Executive Presence is Not About You


When we facilitate our Vocal Impact workshop on Executive Presence, we begin with a discussion of the characteristics of EP. The post Executive Presence is Not About You appeared first on Vocal Impact, Inc. What is it? Often, participants describe it as “charisma,” or that indescribable “certain something” that some people have because “they were just born that way.” However, The Center for Talent Innovation, a research group in […].

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How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas

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Executive Presence is hard to describe but easy to recognize in a room of people. The post How to Develop Executive Presence and Gravitas appeared first on Speaking Freely In a group meeting, one person will stand out as a leader because that person exhibits a quality of gravitas. That person may or may not be the stated leader. You’ll find an article at my website called “How to Develop […].

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7 Executive Communications Lessons for World-Class Speechwriters

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Seven years ago this month, I added this Professionally Speaking blog to my Executive Communications website. Now, on New Year’s Day 2013, which happens to be my father’s 92nd Birthday — Happy Birthday Dad! — I’ve reached the milestone of 700 blog postings. This seems like a suitable moment to reflect some of the key [.]. Business Communication Public Speaking Speechwriting Blog Anniversary

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Workable idea + bad execution = puppymonkeybaby

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I do believe that this commercial is an example of an idea that COULD HAVE worked, but the execution is where it went wrong. I'm going to share an example of a re-do, where the idea and execution are better aligned, and I would love to have you share an example if you can come up with one. Okay, I'm not a director, so don't be too hard on me. :-) This is how I envision the same basic idea being executed TOTALLY differently, but perhaps in a way that might be more effective.

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Speech Coaching to Simplify Your Job & Electrify Your Executives with Patricia Fripp

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted Patricia Fripp for a webinar on ‘Speech Coaching to Simplify Your Job & Electrify Your Executives’ A full video recording of the event is available. Please ignore the terrible delay on my video which makes it seem as if I’m heavily medicated – there is no delay on Ms. […]. Public Speaking Speechwriting FrippVT Patricia Fripp

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Executive Presentation Skills: Motivate Your Team

Matt Eventoff

. “How can I motivate my team when I speak?” ” “How can you motivate your team more effectively?” ” “How can I be more inspirational when I present?” ” I am asked some semblance of these questions on a regular basis. I see hundreds of motivational speeches every year. Very few warrant a second look, even fewer a third. I have watched this speech over thirty times in the past week.

An Executive’s Guide to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) Framework


OKR, short for objectives and key results, is a lean business goal setting technique, aimed at steering alignment, engagement, and targeted execution around measurable goals. The post An Executive’s Guide to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) Framework appeared first on SlideModel.

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Executive Speech Coach Insights on Presentation Coaching

Executive Speech Coach

Presentation Tips on Twitter Presentation Skills Club on Facebook Executive Speech Coach , Business presentation tips from George Torok , the Speech Coach for Executives Executive Speech Coach & Business Presentation Skills Expert George Torok www.SpeechCoachforExecutives.com. executive speech coach interview videoYour speech coach wants to understand your audience and your intended message. Imagine the results when you deliver a Superior Presentation.

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Technology As Executive Coach

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Because they do, we need fewer $150 sessions with our executive or even our life coach.  The must tech tools for most professionals are gmail and iPhone. The essential social network is LinkedIn. The personal one is Facebook. All have blocking/delete features.   Before technology facilitated establishing boundaries, I might have felt compelled to analyze with a coach what seemed to be a red flag in a business relationship and we assess options for how to manage it.

"My Executive Coach Said."

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The phrase that stops pests, makes bad bosses/clients behave and opens doors to fresh opportunity is: "My Executive Coach Said." In this era of disruption, who doesn't need an executive coach to help steer toward wealth and away from egotistical meltdowns. " In terms of power, it's right up there with the phrase pre-feminism: "My Husband Said." " The source of this force field includes: People in the know know we are in the know.

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Executive communicaton skills land top UK job

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

A report in today’s Financial Times notes that the newly appointed governor of the Bank of England, Canadian Mark Carney, was chosen for his communication skills: As Jennifer Jeffs, president of the Canadian International Council, a think-tank, puts it: “He doesn’t speak like an economist; he speaks like a human being.” Evan Solomon, the Canadian [.]. Business Communication Cultural Differences Bank of England Canadians

Crisis Communications Training for Oil and Gas Executives

TJ Walker Interactive

Crisis Communications Training for Oil and Gas Executives. This course is for oil and gas executives who may have to face the media during a crisis. The BP Gulf disaster cost that company tens of billions of dollars in market cap, in part, because of how poorly their executives handled the media during this crisis. TJ Walker has conducted media training and crisis communications training workshops for oil and gas executives from the Middle East to Texas to around the world.

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Executive Communication Skills: 25 Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Matt Eventoff

Prepare: The more you prepare and the better handle you have on the material you are presenting, the better it will go. Practice: Once you have prepared, you MUST practice, early and often. Rumor has it that Churchill practiced for one hour per one minute of speech content he was delivering. 5 minute presentation = 5 hours practice. How long are you practicing ? Check out the Room: Familiarity breeds comfort. Surprise s the day of a presentation are not fun and ratchet up anxiety tenfold.

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Court of Public Opinion - Did It "Execute" Fotis Dulos?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

One is to position that suicide as an "execution." Yesterday, Fotis Dulos died two days after a suicide attempt. In response, his celebrity lawyer Norm Pattis is taking two unusual steps, reports the Daily Mail.

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Speaking of Telling Stories in the Executive Suite

DeFinis Communications

I have been working with a client in our Executive Immersion program and am once again reminded of the critical role that stories play in executive effectiveness. This balance seems especially important when an executive is communicating a new, expanded or revised vision to a less than eager workforce. . The business of the executive suite is to develop, articulate and marshal resources toward a goal and strategy—i.e. So how can the executive bridge this gap? .

Ex Machina

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Robin Wigglesworth highlights the effect of Artificial Intelligence on executive communications in an article in the Weekend FT (subscription required). A new form of “robo-surveillance” by trading algorithms is spurring executives to place a deeper focus on the spoken word.

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How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

In two weeks time I’ll be hosting an free webinar on How Executives Can Keep Their Organization Informed via an Online Platform on the INXPO Social Business TV network. I’ll be sharing tips on how executives can effectively inform and engage with their extended teams. Based on my experience with Silicon Valley technology companies, I’ll [.]. Business Communication Social Media Technology INXPO Webinar

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Hey Mr Executive Speaker – Why should anyone listen to you?

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

It’s a fact that many executive speakers rely on their status or job title to hold their audience. Think of yourself as a facilitator, not an executive speaker. I have heard way too many executive speakers ignore the fact that their staff are frustrated, or scared or just downright sceptical. The way you present is almost certainly a reflection of all the other executive speakers you have listened to on your journey up the management ladder.

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Communication skills for online success

PowerPoint Tips

Some call it executive presence or charisma. In the best scenario, your executive presence immediately resonates with the audience, and they lean in and want more from you. Communication skills, along with presentation skills and executive presence, make all the difference.

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Freelance Executive Resume Writer - REMOTE (help-wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

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Executive Content Writer, Bellevue, WA (help wanted)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

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