The 76 Rules of engagement for the TV debates: and a competition to keep you awake

Max Atkinson

Having just discovered (see P.S. to the previous post) that media reportage of one of the rules of engagement for the televised TV debates that interests me most was less than accurate, I thought it would be useful to check them out and make them available for readers to inspect before the fun begins.

Panel 59

Famous Speech Friday: Carol Burnett's live audience Q&A

The Eloquent Woman

Fortunately for the audience in the theater and watching on TV, anything did happen--and Burnett was a master at handling the unexpected.

Q&A 94

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The Value of Politeness | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

A recent encounter with an unnamed executive producer with an online talk radio network comes to mind. So I wrote a short but polite note to the producer thanking her for her interest and for asking us to take a look at possibly getting involved with them. Categories Book Review Change Communication Skills Communication Steroids TV Creativity E-mail communications Guest Post Interview Language Learning Making Public Speaking FUN!

2010 47

Politicians and broadcasters in the UK: collaboration or capitulation?

Max Atkinson

General elections – as seen on TV – came across as lively contests between politicians who doing their best to persuade us with passion and conviction. They responded by producing one of their own that included a sequence from a speech from Margaret Thatcher which was almost a carbon copy, except that Brahms was replaced by patriotic music from Holst ( "I vow to thee my country." ), followed by similar panning shots of a standing ovation rounded off with the leader and her spouse.

2011 67