Publicity Tip: Five Ways to Be Your Interviewer’s Best Friend

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Usually when I speak with Robert Thompson , I’m asking him for his leadership advice — after all, he does have over 30 years of experience in the trenches as a leader, and he’s also author of The Offsite and a former member of The Tom Peters Company. (He’s

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The Value of Politeness | Communication Steroids

Communication Steroids

A recent encounter with an unnamed executive producer with an online talk radio network comes to mind. So I wrote a short but polite note to the producer thanking her for her interest and for asking us to take a look at possibly getting involved with them. It leaves me with a lasting moderately negative impression of this woman and the online talk radio network she represents.

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Politicians and broadcasters in the UK: collaboration or capitulation?

Max Atkinson

If they prompt cheers and applause, scenes of audience enthusiasm and approval are transmitted to a wider audience via television and radio. They responded by producing one of their own that included a sequence from a speech from Margaret Thatcher which was almost a carbon copy, except that Brahms was replaced by patriotic music from Holst ( "I vow to thee my country." ), followed by similar panning shots of a standing ovation rounded off with the leader and her spouse.

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