Publicity Tip: Five Ways to Be Your Interviewer’s Best Friend

Succeed Speaking

Usually when I speak with Robert Thompson , I’m asking him for his leadership advice — after all, he does have over 30 years of experience in the trenches as a leader, and he’s also author of The Offsite and a former member of The Tom Peters Company. (He’s

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Ghostwriters: WORTH Magazine endorses us

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Leverging common business sense the piece says that putting together a book, even if it a business one, is a lot different than the kinds of reports executives produce for board meetings and white papers.  The money in ghostwriting is, no surprise, at the high end.  

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Famous Speech Friday: Carol Burnett's live audience Q&A

The Eloquent Woman

Go out and be yourself: Burnett''s producer had the right idea in asking her to "be yourself" with the audience before she began pretending to be someone else in the acting portions of the show.

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Andrew Neil plays snakes & ladders with Ed Balls before picking up a scalpel

Max Atkinson

That is something we cannot do with the executives, producers, editors and journalists who control and determine what we're allowed to see of political debate. Last night, after watching The Daily Politics show on BBC2, I posted a couple of tweets on Twitter that would hardly have come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog: "Just watched @afneil 'review' of #Lab11 - i.e. pitifully short extracts from speeches + long/boring interviews." "If

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The 76 Rules of engagement for the TV debates: and a competition to keep you awake

Max Atkinson

Having just discovered (see P.S. to the previous post) that media reportage of one of the rules of engagement for the televised TV debates that interests me most was less than accurate, I thought it would be useful to check them out and make them available for readers to inspect before the fun begins. To help hold your attention while watching the debates, I'm also announcing a competition. The challenge is to spot the following: How many of the rules get broken during each debate?

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