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What Planners Want from Speakers: Top 5 Requests

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When I surveyed meeting planners a while back, I asked what speakers could do to impress them the most. Event Preparation Presentation Skills“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” — Samuel Johnson Consider today’s message a reminder.

How to Start Speaking at Events |

If you’re interested in speaking at events, I have some ideas on how you might get that going. And now, I’m a decently paid speaker.

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5 things speakers should ask the meeting planner

The Eloquent Woman

A frequent speaker herself, she's organized every kind of event, from intimate to large-scale. region. And she delivered.) If chairs, what kind?

Five things speakers can learn from event planners

Speak Schmeak

I have two clients who are event planners. As speakers, there's a lot we can learn from event planners. Be flexible.

Five things speakers can learn from event planners

Speak Schmeak

I have two clients who are event planners. As speakers, there's a lot we can learn from event planners. Be flexible.

You Like Me? You Really Like Me?

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Usually they are designed to benefit the planner - should they bring you back? Do You Have Sally Fieldesque Esteem Issues? No, I did not.

Interview: Michelle Cullison – Event Sponsorship with Social Media

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Together with her colleagues Myra Corrello, PhD and Jennifer Ledet she presented at the 2010 National Speakers Association Convention on How Social Media Can Help You Successfully Co-Produce a Major Public Event. Michelle Cullison is a social media speaker and an expert in web technology. As she tells it, it all comes down to the numbers.

What Do Audiences Owe Presenters?

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  All too often, conference planners just fill in the time slots in the way they always have.  Event ManagementWe expect a lot of speakers and presenters.    We want them to be witty, wise, and gnomic.    We want them to give us insights we’ve never had before.    We expect a lot. 

Leave your audience wanting more, not less

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While scrolling through channels looking for movies to record one weekend, I found the following one-line movie descriptions: 1. Get to the point.

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Attending Special Events

If an event falls into the area that is part of your expertise, find a way to attend and learn from others. Bette Daoust, Ph.D. and more!

Speaking of Testimonials

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These are today's gold standard, especially if you are able to get them at the event itself. Testimonial Types: A. First Name Only. Even better.

Twitter Tips for Speakers: Before, During & After the Event

Make it easy for event and meeting planners to find you. Thank the event organizers on Twitter. The experts came out in droves.

How Paul Harvey Can Help You Find Your Speaking Niche

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As a meeting planner, understanding precisely what type of speaker you need will increase your chances of a successful event. A comedian?

Advice for speakers and presenters - 7 ways to turn a free gig into a financial windfall

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However, the event organizer or meeting planner tells you they can’t pay you. You’ve been asked to speak for an audience. Your heart sinks knowing that speaking for free will cost you in the long run. The only way you can make money if you’re speaking for free, is to sell something. You just have to.

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Speakers: It’s About Time (and How to Manage It)

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Better to rethink it before the day of the event rather than find yourself in a difficult situation on stage. Before starting, it is always a good idea (as well as polite) to reconfirm your speaking time with your host or the event planner. If you are one speaker among many at special event, you should not go over time.

What Questions Should You Ask to Prepare a Speech?

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What questions should you ask a host or meeting planner when you’re preparing a speech?  What is the event theme? What is the point of the event for the audience? Who and what determine the success or failure of this event? How does the idea of my speech work for your event?   A.  Where? Slogan?

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Six customer service tips for speakers

Speak Schmeak

Remember these tips when you're preparing to meet your customers -- your host, your organizer, your event planner, and your audience.

How to Speak & Offend: Part I

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In addition to types of clothes, watch the shoes you wear, the jewelry you choose, the makeup you wear, and any fragrance you may choose for an event.

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My effort to reform the panel discussion, starting with the moderator

The Eloquent Woman

What to do before the panel outlines a preparation process you will carry out with the speakers and the organizer in advance of the event.

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Speaker Launch Toward Success - A Case Study from Maureen Zappala

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I contacted local service organizations and Chambers of Commerce, because they are always looking for speakers for their events. I’m a speaker.”

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From the vault: Easy ways to avoid copyright problems with your slides & handouts

The Eloquent Woman

An event planner I know emailed me this week to ask about a speaker's upcoming event. (Editor's note: This 2010 post has been updated and is still essential today--a trainee just asked me a similar set of questions last week!) Especially if we're giving it out as handout material? License those one-of-a-kind options.

Public Speaking - Too Much To Drink

Great Public Speaking

An audience that has been at a cocktail event of one hour or longer usually means you will have some boisterous audience members to deal with.

What Questions Are you Answering?

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When we speak at an event, we are essentially doing what Brooklyn does - offering a piece of our work to someone hoping they like it, and can use it.

Twitter Hashtags and Meeting Presentations

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Twitter can reflect true value for any meeting, event, or education class as long as the meeting planner understands first what a hashtag represents, and second how [.]. Big shout-out to Doug for nailing the details on how to use Twitter and other social media before, during and after a speaker makes a presentation at a meeting.

Public Speaking Presentations - Alcohol

Great Public Speaking

An audience that has been at a cocktail event of one hour or longer usually means you will have some boisterous audience members to deal with. This gets the person out of the room where the meeting planner can try to calm them. The meeting planner forced her to go on. There's only one Mic. and I've got it. Patricia Fripp, C.P.A.E,

Charli Jane Speaker Services: 10 Tips to Help Position Yoursel

Develop an eye-catching media kit Planners get hundreds if not thousands of proposals and media kits every year. Be PERSISTENT! and more!

The Speakers Bureau Myth

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Even a referral reward may give them the extra incentive to get you your next event. Upcoming speakers like this myth. If only it were true.

A Speakers’ Bureau That Gets It When Many Don’t

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  Second, meeting planners got tough.   The conference business has bounced back – part of the way – but meeting planners have a new attitude toward fees as a result of tightened times and budgets.     And once the planners realize that speakers will bargain, they’ll expect to always be able to bargain. 

Speaking With Humor: Costuming

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Is your meeting planner OK with it? They say clothes make the man. The first thing to think about, in terms of any speech, is the audience.

Why spend hundreds of thousands on dollars …

Joan Detz Speaker Services

… on a conference or convention, without making sure you have great speeches for that event? It still stuns me that a corporation will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on an event and remain slipshod about content and the delivery of that content.)&#. Event planners, please take note

Why You Should Never, Ever Crowdsource Your Presentation Title

More than PowerPoint...

I've been enjoying frank conversations with event planners about the importance of the title of the talk. No kidding! Fancy that!

Audience Interaction is Easier Than You Think - Part III Q&A

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Your audience, and your meeting planner, will thank you. Ask the meeting planner what questions they would anticipate their audience might have.

How to develop a paid speaking career

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The people who hire professional speakers – meeting planners, speaker’s bureaus, and so on – are all about risk reduction. A speaker that says something offensive, or fails to show up, or delivers a lousy performance wreaks havoc on the conference that the planner has been working on for 6 months or a year.

If you're a professional speaker, who is your customer?

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  But over the long term, a professional speaker has to take care of at least one other 'audience' just as carefully:  the meeting planners that hire her.    Your customers are indeed the meeting planners, and you'd better treat them well.  Nancy Goodman Brinker (founder and CEO of Susan G.

The Future of Conferences, Part 4 – What Would the Ideal Conference Look Like?

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  Meeting Planners don’t have it easy.   What follows is my list of 5 ways to make an ideal conference – and by the way make the meeting planners’ job easier.   In a real sense, the participants own the event, though of course the RW folks remain very much in charge.   It’s a tough job.   1.

The Future of Conferences – Part Two: What are the current trends?

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  9/11 was a discrete event.   That seems to be the consensus in the conference world; from a low of 13% in June 2009, the number of meeting planners who think conditions ahead are favorable has only bounced back to 19% (in October, the latest figures available).   Different things.   Again, that’s a good thing.


How to Successfully Moderate a Conference Panel, A Comprehensive Guide " Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing

Presentations should only be used in these situations: They add value by visualizing a conceptual concept, you’ve some industry stats that preface the event, or there’s a funny video that gets the crowd warmed up. Something to consider for all event coordinators (and/or moderators) in the future! who is attending? As Web 2.0

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What’s a Speaker DVD and Why Do You Need One?

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  If you want to be a paid speaker and get hired by meeting planners and through speakers bureaus, you must have a speaker DVD.  Tags: Audience-Centered Speaking Authenticity Event Planning Non-verbal Communication Public Speaking Speech Writing   What does it look like?    Let’s say what it’s not first. 

How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

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  That kind of thing – brief clips of you in front of a variety of audiences, or on TV – is not much use to speakers’ bureaus and meeting planners, because they figure that everyone can be brilliant for 30 seconds at a time.    The next place a meeting planner goes after watching your DVD is to your website. 

How to develop a paid public speaking career – III: Where do you find gigs?

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  More and more speakers and meeting planners are doing ‘end runs’ around the speakers’ bureaus.    Some meeting planners will even ask bureaus for recommendations, and then go to the speakers’ web sites and book them directly.    And you want to make money.    So far, so good.