CEO of American Apparel Sued for Using Teen Employee as Sex Slave.

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did you even practice this before putting it on the internet? News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 121)

Manner of Speaking

The goal isn’t even to give a short, accurate, Wikipedia-standard description of you or your project. “No, the purpose of an elevator pitch is to describe a situation or solution so compelling that the person you’re with wants to hear more even after the elevator ride is over.” Photo courtesy of Joi Ito ( Joi / Flickr ). Seth Godin - American Entrepreneur, Author and Public Speaker. “The purpose of an elevator pitch isn’t to close the sale.

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Reflections on Lance Armstrong’s Confession

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He has also received considerable criticism for choosing to confess on Oprah instead of before, say, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or even a panel of haredened sports journalists who have been following the story for years. (I

Quickly create a grid of tiled images

PowerPoint Tips

Few people use or even know about the SmartArt picture layouts. They even crop the images for you! Mine are in Flickr which is connected to PowerPoint, so that’s where I went. Can you imagine creating this slide in under 5 minutes? Well, you can.

On sharing your own personal story to make a difference

Presentation Zen

Even when you are sharing aspects of your own life, it''s in the spirit of contribution. TEDxKyoto on Flickr. Here are two wonderful examples of telling your own personal story on stage. These two examples below are from the recent TEDxKyoto 2013 event which I attended.

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Presentation Myths

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So many businesspeople who are tasked with making presentations, even at senior levels, have never had any formal training in how to engage an audience, manage anxiety and get a message across effectively. Photo Credit: flickr/The Unicorn C.C.

C-Level Presentation Tip #4: Beware of Too Much Detail

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Executive level presentations can seem like swimming in shark-infested seas, even for the intrepid business presenter. Photo Credit: flickr/sponng C.C. The risk of drowning is high.

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The Secret Sauce of Successful Commencement Speakers

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Even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, made fun of himself in his address at Howard University , saying, “I used to joke about being old. I didn’t even know I liked spoken-word poetry. Photo credit: Flickr Shilad Sen. It’s that season again.

Review of PowerPoint 2013–the beta of the next version of PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

Insert pictures from the web: Choose Insert> Online Pictures to choose from’s Clip Art gallery, a Bing image search, Flickr (if you have an account) and your SkyDrive files.

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You Have a Great Voice, Now What?

Manner of Speaking

With the right voice, you could be a voice actor and even make a living at it. It’s possible you don’t even know exactly what a voice actor does. Online networking levels the playing field for those new to the industry in ways that would have been unimaginable even five years ago.

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How to Introduce a Speaker

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The normal routine is for the introducer to read fact after boring fact from a speaker's bio, with little eye contact or inflection, perhaps even stumble over the speaker's name, and then withdraw with relief. Photo Credit: flickr/EIFF's photostream C.C.

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Famous Speech Friday: Jane Goodall's "What Separates Us From the Apes"

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Most people find it difficult to name a living scientist , and even tougher to name a woman scientist, dead or alive. But even more memorable are her dynamic "sound" props. Photo from NickStep's photostream on Flickr.)

2012 22

Famous Speech Friday: Lady Gaga's speech at Rome Europride

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Plenty: Do what's least expected of you for impact: Without giving up one jot of her originality, Gaga delivered an old-school speech, in terms of its cadence, rhetorical devices and even her more-subdued-than-usual outfit.

2011 23

Thankful for you, readers.

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It is no surprise to me that the most-read posts on this blog come right from readers' questions--and readers send them everywhere, on email and Twitter, in person, on Facebook, even handwritten notes. Photo from Litandmore's Flickr stream

7 little-known facts about the teleprompter

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If this hadn't happened, famed producer Don Hewitt, at the time producing the CBS Evening News, was considering having his anchor learn Braille so he could avoid looking down. In the New York Times obituary for teleprompter inventor Hubert J. Schlafly, Jr.,

2011 15

Presentation Nerves and Our Lizard Brain

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In fact, they can be distracting and even debilitating. Photo Credit: Flickr/Puna the Tiger by MacJewell. . . . .

2012 28

Famous Speech Friday: Diana Nyad on dreams, determination and defeat

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Training is critical: This is a story that took place over many months; even the swim in it took days. Photo from KlickPharma's photostream on Flickr) Looking for famous speeches by women?

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Six Ways To Manage Audience Expectations

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And more times than you'd think, speakers don't even know what the audience's expectations are. Photo Credit: Flickr/"Penny Waits" C.C. As a speaker, you will always deal with audience expectations.

How to give a great ignite talk

Speaker Confessions

There’s this popular format for public speaking called Ignite - It’s an evening of short talks with some special rules. Search flickr using the advanced options to show you creative commons images.

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Before you recycle that presentation: 5 questions

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If you've lost count of the number of times you've given a talk--even a well-received one--I can match that. Photo from AGeekMom 's photostream on Flickr) Use the Evernote clip button, above, to save this post in an Evernote notebook.

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Once Upon A Data Point: Using Stories To Make Your Facts More Memorable

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So when your audience sits through yet another PowerPoint presentation with yet more slides filled with bullet points, even if the information is new, the experience is predictable and routine. Image Credit: flickr/Sherlock Holmes C.C.

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Famous Speech Friday: Anne Summers on Julia Gillard's misogyny factor

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From subtle gendered attacks such as never referring to her by her title or even her name, to more clearly biased attacks like calling her a "lying b h" or a "c**t," Summers walks us through this walk of shame and shines a light on the practice in society and in the Parliament.

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Emotion in Presentations

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even though you might not remember what you said]. Photo Credit: Flickr/Nino llorando C.C. Just before the holidays, a dear friend and colleague of mine emailed me to get some advice on how to maintain emotional control during a presentation.

2011 28

Introductory Meeting with an Investor. What do you say? « TJWALKER.

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When you meet with an investor for the first time, even before a pitch, make sure you look confident and capable so that he or she will want to come to that pitch meeting. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Do I Take Questions During my Investor Pitch? « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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If an investor interrupts duing an investor pitch, it is ok to take the question, even if you are still in the middle of delivering your presentation. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Famous Speech Friday: Ai-jen Poo at the United States Social Forum

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She starts with the hopelessness of the worker, then turns the hopelessness of the cause on its head: "Even though it's often said that it's impossible to organize domestic workers, we're doing it." Photo from the Institute for Policy Studies photostream on Flickr.

2012 13

Presentation Tip: Carve Every Word

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And then we don''t even think about it. Photo Credit: flickr/Initials Carved Into a Tree C.C.2.0. Speak clearly if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall. Oliver Wendell Holmes.

2013 11

New Tools for Your Presentation Toolbox

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Or for even greater audience involvement, you could create the poll during your presentation with the audience suggesting the questions. Photo Credit: flickr/ChewyHooey.

2012 11

Book journal: Handbagging and women public speakers

The Eloquent Woman

The BBC notes that Thatcher''s handbag''s " fame even reached the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, which defines the verb ''to handbag'' as: (of a woman politician), treat (a person, idea etc) ruthlessly or insensitively."

2014 17

How Rush Limbaugh is helping me celebrate Women's History Month

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You might be put in the stocks, dunked in the lake, or even hung or burned at the stake. But whether they're merely accused of being whores or more proof is demanded, the message to women is clear: You can be eloquent but not fertile, or a public speaker but not a lady, a mother or even a "real" woman. Even if you go on speaking, you've wasted time wondering about this out-of-left-field attack. Photo from Gage Skidmore's photostream on Flickr.)

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What to leave out: Speaker lessons from the Gettysburg Address

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t makes no mention of slavery or secession or the Constitution, paints no picture of the great battle, and even fails to acknowledge the civilian politicians — David Wills of Gettysburg, Andrew G.

Lady Gaga Ends Deal with Target Over LGBT Issues « TJWALKER.

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News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Famous Speech Friday: British Olympic cyclist Nicole Cook's retirement speech

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Her London press conference to make the announcement didn''t even yield video of her speaking, but the speech was powerful enough to be reprinted in full in The Guardian and in Cycling News.

2013 13

Diamonds (Emails, Facebook and MySpace) Are Forever

Matt Eventoff

Today it is emails, Facebook pages, MySpace pages, Flickr pages, and the list goes on and on. Cassie has sent a message, without even trying, that she is a leader. In 1971 Shirley Bassey told the James Bond fans and the world that “Diamonds are Forever.&#. Nearly 40 years later, this track was re-mixed by Kanye West and introduced a whole new generation to this famous Welsh singer.

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The Rule of Three — Media Training Advice « TJWALKER INTERACTIVE

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But I am certain of this, if you try to communicate more than three ideas in an interview or even in a series of interviews, you will end up confusing audiences, readers and reporters. News analyzed from a communication perspective.

Famous Speech Friday: Tanni Grey-Thompson's "shout a bit louder" on disability

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But Lord Jack Ashley went on to learn lip-reading, kept his seat and campaigned for people with disabilities, even inspiring the development of live-captioned television.

Famous Speech Friday: Mary Robinson's inaugural speech as Ireland's president

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Photo from the Acumen Fund photostream on Flickr) If you found this post useful, please subscribe or make a one-time donation to help support the thousands of hours that go into researching and curating this content for you.

The speech I wish she'd given: The messy side of women's issues

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Perhaps that's even more true when it involves pulling back the curtain on that double-shift you've been working as a woman in a male-dominated field. If you've spent enough time in your profession, you've been on one of those panels about "where are the women?"

2011 17

Famous Speech Fridays: Coretta Scott King's "10 Commandments on Vietnam"

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She spoke to inspire women: Mrs. King devoted the latter part of the speech to speak directly to women, and it's important to note that, in 1968, women--and even women in the civil rights movement--were decidedly second-class citizens in most settings.

2011 16

Review: Viewfinder

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

To get those visuals, you can use your own photographs for the ultimate in originality, stock photography for professional, yet expensive and unoriginal images (if you use the popular ones, that is), or go to flickr for an image with a Creative Commons license you can live with.