What can Business Presenters Learn from the Best Street Entertainers in the World?

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… Performance Understand your Audience Audience Connection featured inspiration Interaction Making it Memorable Practice Role Models street entertainersThere’s a 36 year old guy, married with a mortgage and 3 kids. He stands on a cobbled street in London, asking tourists for money.

Binge Watching - Unique Entertainment, Stress-Reduction (bye-bye movie theatres)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Binge watching whatever is becoming a preferred way to be entertained. Reduce stress. And hang out with bros and sistas. On the influential "Gillmor Gang," the panel predicts that phenomenon is helping keep television, in all its forms, very much alive.


Tell your boring message in an entertaining way

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You can tell a boring message in a creative and exciting way.

Two-time Academy Award winner needs an acting coach?

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Entertainers Programs The Business of Speaking TV inspiredBillboard Daily Blog Are you a fan of "Grace and Frankie," the hot Netflix series starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?

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You have a platform, but are you making it count?

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Whenever a celebrity—whether actor, singer, athlete or other entertainer—takes the opportunity at an awards ceremony or other public event to speak out about a political issue, certain segments of the public immediately begin scolding and lashing out. We pay you to act and entertain us!"

Friday Fun: Graham Norton red chair survivor!

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Comedians Entertainers Fun Stuff Humor Stories TV inspired Wanna know if your story is any good? Sit down in Graham Norton''s red chair, and if you walk away without being tossed out on your head, you''ve told a good story!

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This is how the pros do it: Kelly Clarkson

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American Idol Entertainers PreparationBy now you've seen last week's performance by Kelly Clarkson on American Idol. It was an extremely moving performance, as we would all agree. What I want to talk about today, however, is her professionalism.

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Entertainment Celebrities - Megawattage Darkened in Trumpville

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The president-elect had a successful career as an entertainment celebrity. The question, of course, is: Will Trump's war on entertainment celebrities be successful? Meanwhile, we have to recall that 20th century kinds of censorship of entertainment celebrities did kill careers.

Lessons from the Olympics: Turning a mistake into a win

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But for our audiences who are, demonstrating grace and resilience under pressure, a sense of humor, and the understanding that we''re all human will go far to entertain and connect with the audience -- and perhaps give our presentation that extra luster that people will remember long after it''s over. Athletes Entertainers Humor Olympics Openings and Closings Quick Fixes

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How gracefully do you recover from a mishap?

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Here's my story: TV inspired Public Speaking Anxiety The Business of Speaking Awards shows EntertainersThere are a lot of things inexperienced speakers dwell on before a presentation, most of them negative: What if I lose my place? What if I forget what I was going to say?

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It's not how many words you use - it's how you use them

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Speakers Engaging the Audience TV inspired Awards shows Authenticity Entertainers Here''s an inspiring message for a Friday morning. Four things stood out to me as I watched Ashton Kutcher''s speech from the Teen Choice Awards (video''s at the bottom of the post): 1) It''s short but sweet.

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One special moment

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For Ricky Gervais, it's not enough to entertain the audience, a point he brings up several times during the conversation. Preparation TV inspired Taking Risks Ricky Gervais Entertainers

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Maintaining composure as your top falls off.

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TV inspired Public Speaking Anxiety The Business of Speaking Entertainers Most speakers, no matter how experienced, still have the tiny thought in the back of their head: "What if something goes wrong?"

Why isn't Question Time as entertaining as it used to be & what should be done about it

Max Atkinson

I've nothing against Sissons or Dimbleby, other than that they are too straight and predictable to make the programme anything like as entertaining as it was when Day was in charge. Different from Day, yes, but both with a degree of eccentricity and unpredictability of the kind that used to make Question Time so very entertaining.

Drudge Report - Will Trumpism Reduce Hollywoord to Mere Entertainment?

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The issue is: Will Trumpism reduce Hollywood to mere entertainment.   In essence it depends on how much the world needs the kind of entertainment Hollywood conjures up. The conservative Drudge Report might be considered the text version of Fox News.

Ricky Harris, Dead at 54 - Entertainment Business Hard on Heart

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The entertainment business is obviously hard on the heart. Ricky Harris follows George Michael in death. Both apparently died of a heart attack. Both were in their 50s. Like Michael, Harris was a giant in his niches. Those were acting and stand-up comedy.

Have you ever been outrageous?

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TV inspired Taking Risks Ellen Degeneres EntertainersOne of my favorite guests on Ellen is beauty expert Kym Douglas. She's an attractive woman, always well-dressed, well-coiffed and well-prepared, and her demonstrations are completely nutty.

How to tell a story in 90 seconds

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Engaging the Audience TV inspired Entertainers Academy Awards Golden GlobesI finally got around to watching Inglourious Basterds over the weekend. My husband had already watched it, and fast-forwarded through the disturbing and gory parts. What a guy.

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Murder - Always Entertainment, Platform for Half-Baked Theories

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As Kate Summerscale tells that true story in the 2016 book "The Wicked Boy," what screams out is this: It's nothing new that murder is a source of great entertainment as well as a platform for half-baked theories. In 1895, a 13-year-old boy in England, Robert Coombes. murdered

TED Talks, #illustraTED

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Diary Event News Video Design duarte Entertainment graphic recording illustraTED limerick sketch notes Technology TED TED2012 Tedin10 TEDku visualIt’s no secret that Duarte has a big crush on TED. As presentation people, and lovers of all things story, TED is the man of our dreams.

Would people tell you if you sucked?

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Quick Fixes American Idol TV inspired Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies EntertainersIn honor of the new season of American Idol, I bring you the first quote of season 10! I've been singing for years. I think people would tell me if I sucked. " (By the way, he sucked.)

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Winner of Animation for Entertainment contest

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Congratulations to Barry Whetstine for his winning submission for the Animation for Entertainment contest. He says, "I teach a workshop that provides tools for people seeking career direction. They may have been laid off, under-employed or looking for a career change but have no idea how to determine what they want to become, thus the slide attached. As you will see the slide utilizes animation, music, Shapes, and Power Clip Art from Animation Factory.I

Intention vs. perception: Christina Aguilera and "oversouling"

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Preparation TV inspired Taking Risks EntertainersI enjoyed this article about "oversouling" on Huffington Post, referring to the vocal style demonstrated by Christina Aguilera during her performance of the national anthem, that is currently popular among many singers.

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The mistake that everyone notices.

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Public Speaking Anxiety Ellen Degeneres EntertainersInterviewing Jeff Bridges on her show the other day, Ellen Degeneres asked if he felt a lot of pressure as the movie awards season heats up, with the expectation he'll receive several nominations for his role in True Grit.

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"Soulless perfection" is the wrong goal

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American Idol Authenticity Engaging the Audience Entertainers Taking RisksAnyone who watched the final season of Americal Idol will recall Dalton Rapattoni , the blue-eyed, blond-haired, baby-faced, guy-liner-wearing rocker who took third place in the show's final competition.

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How Paul Harvey Can Help You Find Your Speaking Niche

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But he was less a professional speaker than an entertainer, a newscaster, and, ultimately, a straight up raconteur. Do you want an entertainer? Invocator Comedian Actor Speaker Paul Harvey Storyteller Broadcaster Inspiration EntertainerGuess who's cool again?

Make your audience feel like rock stars

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Engaging the Audience TV inspired EntertainersHave you ever gone to a concert or watched one on TV? Specifically a rock or other popular music concert?

During the Break - WGN news anchors entertain

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I've taken a long break from posting - 11 months. But, to quote Hillary Clinton in Iowa, "Im Baa-aack!" So, before I get to insights from my hiatus, here is a chance to see two WGN anchors during their two. Television Hillary Clinton Lou Hampton Speak to Lead tv anchors WGN

During the Break - WGN news anchors entertain

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I''ve taken a long break from posting - 11 months. But, to quote Hillary Clinton in Iowa, "Im Baa-aack!" So, before I get to insights from my hiatus, here is a chance to see two WGN anchors during their two. Television Hillary Clinton Lou Hampton Speak to Lead tv anchors WGN

Is your preparation ritual more trouble than it's worth?

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Preparation Rituals TV inspired EntertainersOn an episode of the Graham Norton Show, Graham asked his guests about preparation rituals. Here's Josh Groban's response: "I used to have some crazy pre-performance quirks.

Acceptance speeches improved by strong openings

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I’ve been nominated 20 times and this is the 2nd time I've won." ~ Randy Newman, Best Original Song: Toy Story 3 (He goes on to explain, in his entertaining speech, how nominees were instructed not to take out a list of names to read, because it doesn't make good TV. "I

Handling the pressure onstage

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Entertainment Weekly had this to say about the exchange: "The host's composure and instantly supportive words in the face of what seemed like an inevitable on-stage meltdown from Charlie Askew will go down in the books.

Jean-Ralphio: Speech Expert

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TV inspired Fun Stuff EntertainersFrom last night's episode of Parks and Recreation: Tom Haverford, hoping to give the best man speech at his friend Andy's wedding, consults Jean-Ralphio for advice. Jean-Ralphio: Can I throw something on you, see if it feels good? Okay, this is what I would do. I would start with a joke. Vince Vaughn quote. Obviously. Tom: Swingers or Crashers? Jean-Ralphio: Fred Claus. Talk about Andy's ex-girlfriends. Quote from "Love, Actually." Hold back your tears.

A cheerful tune about conquering stage fright

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Entertainers Fun Stuff Humor Public Speaking Anxiety Speakers If you haven''t seen this yet, take a few minutes and watch how singer-songwriter-graphic designer Joe Kowan learned to manage his stage fright. I hope this inspires you to do that thing you''ve been dreading: getting on stage! Joe did it and so can you! If you can''t see the video here, view it on TED.com.

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Inspired to speak: The King's Speech

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Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Public Speaking Anxiety Taking Risks EntertainersWhen's the last time you watched a suspense movie about a speech therapist who saves the day? The suspense is not "Will he stop the villains from dropping the bomb and decimating New York City?!"

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It's okay to have fun!

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Engaging the Audience American Idol TV inspired Public Speaking Anxiety Taking Risks Authenticity EntertainersHow many of you are having a good time when you're presenting? Are you distracted by fears, by insecurity, by how you're coming across or by how many ums you're saying? "Am Am I doing the right gestures?" "Am Am I funny enough?"

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Fearless: Neil Patrick Harris' live Tonys rap

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TV inspired Tony Awards Fun Stuff Taking Risks EntertainersIf you didn't watch the Tony Awards (or if you did but missed the ending), I have posted below host Neil Patrick Harris' closing rap.

Lessons from a drag queen

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Everyone could have sat in their seats the whole evening, passively watching the entertainment. Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Entertainers Humor

The Academy Awards and the Art of Public Speaking

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David Frum: Republicans Have Been Lied To And Exploited By A Conservative Entertainment Complex

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