Is your audience suffering an engagement drought?

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For speakers, there are also many, many ways to achieve your goal of engaging an audience. There is always a way to engage your audience that will fit with your style and your personality. And yes, you can combine audience engagement techniques - in fact, it''s better if you do. Doing "nothing" to engage your audience will lead you to a drought of attention, interest and connection! Authenticity Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies

Public Speaking Techniques - How to Close a Speech

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Even the most serious public speaking subjects can benefit from humor, but the humor should be sprinkled throughout the body of the presentation. This same technique can be very effective in ending a mostly humorous speaking engagement. Don't be afraid to use humor when you speak in public. Public speaking has never been easier than this One of the worst mistakes you can make as a public speaker is talking too long.

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5 ways to improve your micro-presentations

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One of my clients told me about speaking at an event where there were ten speakers in a hour. If you're going to use a poll, breakout rooms, a handout, a game or another kind of engagement activity, time it. Have you noticed presentations getting shorter? I have!

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Better Public Speaking Techniques - Presenting Like a Pro

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[link] If you want to get paid for your public speaking engagements then you need to know what professional speakers know. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos

"Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success" starts October 4

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Yes, you can give engaging presentations -- presentations that compel your audiences to take action, presentations that persuade your audiences to buy, presentations that take your audiences from apathetic to motivated -- and you can do it with ease and with confidence! Join me for my new online program " Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success ," starting October 4.

Making science engaging

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If only every science presentation could be so engaging! Tags: Speakers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Fun Stuff Here is a video that I enjoyed -- yes, for the fascinating behind-the-scenes explanation of a space toilet, but also for the speaker's excellent delivery. The speaker is Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield. He's talking to an audience at the Ontario Science Center about how human waste is handled in space. His style is easygoing and relaxed.

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Four reasons to stop using PowerPoint

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They say slides are boring, prevent engagement, and distract the audience away from the speaker's message. Slides can be part of an engaging, fun and creative presentation. Engaging the Audience PowerPoint Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies TechnologyMany of my speaker colleagues reject the use of slides. And yep, they do.

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Curling with kisses: How a teacher engages the audience

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She named the lesson 'Curling With Kisses.'" ~ Daily Sound Remember your junior high school science teacher, toiling away to come up with activities and experiments every day to make science fun and engaging? Couturier) who, when our class was scheduled before lunchtime, would go with us to the dining hall and have us all sit together speaking Spanish for the duration of the period. Was it a powerful and engaging activity?

So you love public speaking.Now what?

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Love public speaking? Quick Fixes Engaging the Audience Video Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies General Comments This one''s for you!

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Adjust your expectations of virtual presenting

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Sometimes they begin speaking without unmuting themselves, and you have to wait for them to figure it out. Engaging the Audience Humor Mindset Public Speaking Anxiety Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick Fixes TechnologyOne of the things that presenters love so much about being in front of a live audience is the instant gratification of your audience's responses. We're in direct contact with the emotional impact of our words and delivery.

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I dare you to be expressive

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My client is passionate about her cause, and when she speaks about it, her passion comes out. When I hear her speak, I get excited too! And also, as a speaker, you must engage your audience emotionally in order to be persuasive. Authenticity Confidence Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Taking Risks

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Storytelling in 30 seconds - can you do it?

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Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Stories TV inspiredIt's been a while since I posted about a TV commercial (ah, the beauty of the DVR), but here's one I came across recently that perfectly demonstrates the concepts of concise, compelling and clear storytelling. The message is delivered in 30 seconds, through visuals, music and exactly two spoken sentences. Can you be this concise, compelling and clear in your messaging?

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Getting and keeping the audience's attention - interview

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Engaging the Audience Pet Peeves Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Interviews Mehrabian Speaking EngagementsIf you missed my interview by Sharyn Abbott on August 31, you can listen here. We talked about how to get and keep the audience's attention. among other things. It's about an hour long. Listen to internet radio with VoARadio on Blog Talk Radio.

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10 reasons to join the Presenting for Humans Success Circle

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Making connections with your fellow program members: A shared love of reading is already a great connection point among you, but your shared interest in speaking adds another level of depth to your connections. Want to make a pic collage or Pinterest board with public speaking memes? We will be 100% laser-focused on speaking. Your questions about speaking will be answered, your knowledge will grow, your opportunities to improve will expand.

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How many goofs are in your presentation?

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I met with a client recently who will be speaking at a prestigious conference in his industry. When we started working together, I discovered that we have a similar approach to audience engagement. At the expense of audience engagement, I might add. Engaging the Audience Fun Stuff Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers

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Stop playing it safe and start owning the stage!

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Just a quick message to tell you about my upcoming teleseminar series "Speak to Engage: 7-Step Shortcut to Public Speaking Success." Engaging the Audience Specials and Sales Programs Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies I''m offering an early bird special of $100 off for the first 7 people who register by Friday, April 12. Check it out!

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Let go instead of holding on (to your content)

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"Perfection is finally attained, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, aircraft designer and author of The Little Prince I'm fortunate that, in most of my speaking, I'm not required to be particularly concise. My speaking engagements are mostly trainings that range from three hours to three days, and there's a lot of room for spontaneous stories and discussion built into my workshops.

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Information doesn't excite your audience

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And he recognizes that this is a problem when he speaks. What excites people is your own emotional engagement with the topic. If you do your job, and the audience is engaged, intrigued and inspired, they will seek you out for more. Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Research Photo Credit: Dan Harrelson via Compfight cc A client told me the other day that his wife says he never knows when to shut up.

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Visuals are the emotional heart of your story

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Engaging the Audience PowerPoint Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies TV inspired Even though television is a visual medium, I don''t find most commercials as visually compelling as they could be. There''s also very little originality in how most advertisers are telling and selling their stories. This one caught my eye, however, and I bet you can guess why.

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What does your audience really expect of you? Guest post by Barry Potyondi

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Regardless of the speaking opportunity, every audience wants the same three things from a speaker: Clarity How many times have you listened to a speech and come away thinking, “What on earth was he trying to say?” Engagement A speaker’s third and greatest responsibility is to engage listeners. SPEAK EASY: A Short Guide to a Great Speech , his sixth non-fiction book, is available at

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Your presentation needs osteoclasts

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They put too many bullets on slides, they leave out interaction and engagement activities, they talk too fast, and they run over time. Analogies Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesNerd alert! ?? I have become obsessed with the process of bone healing!

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Video: Get the response you want from your audience

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Engaging the Audience Video Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesRemember this blog post about asking questions in a way that you get the response you want from the audience? Well, now it's a video! And updated , to boot. Check it out.

What speakers can learn from comedians about language and rhythm

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Comedians Engaging the Audience Entertainers Humor Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesComedians are some of the best teachers of language and rhythm. I've written more than 20 posts about comedians and what speakers can learn from them, and I'm constantly inspired by how creative they are with their words and delivery.

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Drowning your audience? Try these 3 livesavers.

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We speak over our audiences'' heads, we give far too much detail, and we pack our presentations so full of information that our audiences leave numb and slack-jawed from the mental barrage. Because some of us are so convinced that we need to use every minute to speak that we forget about interaction and engagement. Even if you''ve given the same presentation a hundred times, next time you prepare for an engagement, ask yourself the following questions: 1.

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Create a safe space for group interaction

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Afterward, she discovered that quite a few people in the room had wanted to speak up, but were not comfortable doing so. But for those of you who are caught off guard by a difficult audience, or have a sneaking suspicion that you might encounter some resistance from your audience, there are a few things you can do to increase the group's receptivity to your ideas and increase the group's willingness to engage with you and with each other.

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Stay weird.

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The best speeches are those the move the audience in some way, that speak to our humanity and our deepest needs and desires. Or you can be the one who speaks up and stands out! Awards shows Engaging the Audience Entertainers Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Speakers Our favorite, and most effective, awards show speeches tend to go one of two directions: Humor or passion.

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Bring LOVE into your presentation

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Engaging the Audience Fun Stuff Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Image by Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee/ This Valentine''s Day, I want to bring back a couple of previous posts with the theme of love -- loving your audience as well as yourself. Take some time to read about how bringing love and gratitude to your audience creates a deeper and more meaningful connection with them and increases your "know, like and trust" factor.

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How to be taken seriously. and more!

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Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies InterviewsCheck out my interview on the Gatekeepers Post , a site for authors, editors, publishers and others in the publishing business. I share tips on how to grab the audience's attention and how to be taken seriously as a speaker, among other things!

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Excuse #923: "I'm not a presenter."

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Preparation Engaging the Audience TV inspired Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies The Business of Speaking Okay, I haven''t actually numbered the excuses people give for bad presentations, but maybe I should start. Watching a recent episode of " Shark Tank ," I thought the entrepreneurs'' presentation was terrible.

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5 public speaking lessons from a college president

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Making friends with the audience and building a connection before you speak is such a simple tool for reducing speaking anxiety and getting comfortable with the room, but few speakers (besides politicians) think to do this. This is one of my all-time favorite activities, and again, I rarely see speakers engaging the audience at this level. Speakers Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Authenticity

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You can't bore me into buying your stuff

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founder Chris Haddad, he gets right to the point of engaging your audience: "You can''t bore me into buying your stuff. Watch below to hear about what he calls "Punched in the Gut Storytelling," a technique he recommends for copywriting, and I recommend for public speaking! Speakers Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies In this video by Moneyfingers, Inc.

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Are you a flabby speaker?

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It''s the same way with speaking. You''re not starting from scratch, learning the basics of engaging the audience, moving your body effectively, making eye contact, telling stories, and all those things that are complicated and scary for beginners. Analogies Athletes Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Quick Fixes Taking Risks The Business of Speaking

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9 ways to use props for maximum impact in your presentations

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Engaging the Audience Humor Preparation Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Science and Scientists I discovered this fun challenge posted by Téa Silvestre Godfrey on Facebook, to use one of these 50 bizarre stock photos to inspire a blog post title. I couldn''t resist. And then I decided to go a step further and actually write the blog post inspired by the image! Thank you, woman with watermelon and gun! Props can add humor to a presentation.

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Stop trying to be a hero

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Photo Credit: JD Hancock via Compfight cc Yesterday I was working with a client who will be speaking at a memorial service for his recently-deceased father. If the audience is engaged with you, intrigued by your message and taken out of their own world for a few minutes, does it really matter if you're using notes? Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Notes Taking Risks

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Does your audience have a reason to listen for another minute?

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Engaging the audience is an ongoing prospect. People's minds drift, they get distracted, they become engaged in their own thoughts. Here are a bunch more posts about engaging the audience. But every minute of your presentation is an opportunity to keep the audience engaged for the next minute and the next and the next, until you've succeeded in creating a complete experience. Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Openings and Closings

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Friday Fun: Comedians

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They are masters of surprise, timing, storytelling, audience engagement, discipline, preparation, handling pressure, handling failure, taking risks, and many other techniques that speakers need to understand. Preparation Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Comedians Taking Risks ResourcesI am constantly fascinated by how much speakers can learn from comedians.

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I can't believe I've never taught this.

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I just realized something yesterday when going through the surveys I've sent to my peeps about what kind of help they need with their public speaking. What do you think shows up higher on the list than building confidence, reducing anxiety and engaging the audience? A lot of entrepreneurs, business professionals and nonprofit leaders WANT to be out there speaking, but they just don't know WHAT to say or HOW to say it. ??????So How to make it ENGAGING 5. this is weird.

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Six bowling balls

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He's a sweet and engaging man, but what really demonstrates his ongoing success is when he lines up six bowling balls and tells the audience that's how much weight he's lost so far. Stories Speakers Engaging the Audience Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Made to StickIn the documentary, " Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead ," Joe Cross is on a mission. He's on a mission to lose weight, regain his health, and build a community of healthy-eating partners across the U.S.

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If it matters to you, it can matter to your audience

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A client recently told me that part of her problem around creating an engaging presentation about the work she does is that "It's just a job." She will be introducing her company as a sponsor at an industry networking event soon, and she has no real motivation to speak. We talk a lot in the public speaking world about "What's in it for the audience," but in this case, I think it's critical that my client ask, "What's in it for me?"

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Lessons from a drag queen

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Our very own diva, Cassidy Live performers know that the best way to get the audience's engagement is to include them in the show, whether it's making them feel like a rock star when they sing along, asking them questions that they can answer with a cheer, or bringing them onstage to participate. The emcee of the evening, Tootie, pulled out all the audience engagement tools, most notably humor (after all, it was a drag show).

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Want to build confidence muscles? Listen to my interview!

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Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Public Speaking Anxiety Resources Speaking EngagementsDon't miss my interview on Thursday with Debbi Dickinson of The Professional Woman's Virtual Summit. This summit is featuring sixteen fabulous women, with a wide ranges of messages about balancing work, love and play in your life! If you.

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Video: Get the response you want from your audience

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Engaging the Audience Video Public Speaking Techniques and StrategiesRemember this blog post about asking questions in a way that you get the response you want from the audience? Well, now it's a video! And updated , to boot. Check it out.

How food tastes in space

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Also see Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson's engaging way of talking astrophysics.) Which interview would you rather watch: A boring, dry, pompous scientist who can't connect with the audience and spews nothing but statistics and data, or an engaging, approachable, unpretentious scientist who's passionate about her topic and wants everyone else to feel the same way? Speakers Engaging the Audience Science and Scientists Public Speaking Techniques and Strategies Fun Stuff

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