"Mad Men" Era Ending - Don Draper Would Need Tons of Followers on Instagram, YouTube

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Not because some emarketing firm promotes it on its website (in exchange for providing all my data). The stock price of WPP , which is part of BigAdvertising, declined about 12%. That happened when its head Martin Sorrell announced a bigger than expected decline in revenue.

Facebook's Teen Problem - The Brand, Not the Revenue, Is Affected

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  According to a new study by eMarketer, reports Recode , their use of Facebook will likely decline by 3.4% Those in the 12-to-17-year-old demographic probably don't want to encounter photos of grandchildren on Facebook. 

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Google Goes Mobile-Friendly Today - Must-Knows

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billion around the world with smartphones, documents eMarketer.  Today it happened. Google changed its search algorithms to penalize websites which aren't configured to be mobile-friendly. After  After all, there are about 1.9   Here , Sarah Perez provides all the details in TechCrunch. Essentially, "mobile-friendly" means: Text must be readable without zooming or any taps. Appropriate spacing of tap targets.

Display Advertising: Dog fight on digital by digitals

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  According to eMarketer, Facebook likely will beat Yahoo in 2011, getting up to 16.3% AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook are all going after those display ads which are large, attention-getting, and dominate web pages. 

Google Can Acquire AdMeld, Rules Justice Department

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last year, according to eMarketer.  Ajv123ajv - Dreamstime.com. Online display advertising is the fastest growing segment on the Internet.    And Google just got the okay from the U.S. Justice Department to acquire AdMeld for $400 million.    That's because web publishers tend to use a number of different platforms, a practice called "multihoming."  "  Therefore, competition won't be constrained, reports BLOOMBERG LAW.

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Here’s what I read in the newsletter from Rob Stokes @ Quirk : “I’ve just come back from Bucharest where I spent a week with the Quirk UK Team training one of our clients on eMarketing and in particular Social Media and Web Analytics.