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Content Marketing Books to Help Sell the C-Level

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eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sell. Written by Joe Pulizzi. Get Content Get Customers. Content Rules. Chapman. Via

Why the Massive Move to Mobile Computing Changes Content Marketing Rules

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In research released April 13, 2012, eMarketer predicted a massive shift to mobile devices: … by 2014, 33.3% Smartphones Soar. of the U.S.

Google Goes Mobile-Friendly Today - Must-Knows

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billion around the world with smartphones, documents eMarketer.  Today it happened. Google changed its search algorithms to penalize websites which aren't configured to be mobile-friendly. After  After all, there are about 1.9   Here , Sarah Perez provides all the details in TechCrunch.

Display Advertising: Dog fight on digital by digitals

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  According to eMarketer, Facebook likely will beat Yahoo in 2011, getting up to 16.3% share.    AOL is expected to drop to 4.2%

4 Common Sense Social Media Tips for PR and Marketing Pros

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Research by eMarketer shows that there is a HUGE audience watching online video. Myers Fl area. By Kathleen Taylor, APR. "The Have a plan.

Not doing social media? Paul Gillin thinks you fear negativity

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According to eMarketer, more than 75% of U.S. adults is now online.    But most of them are lurkers, that is observing, not participating.    That's like being at a bar and not drinking.    Lucking usually stems from fear.    But not fear of what you might be thinking, such as technology.

Had Your Assumptions Challenged Lately?

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by Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon on May 19, 2010 I came across a newsletter this morning that made me stop and question my assumptions. Again. Array

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