Your Email Campaign Didn't Work - What To Do Until You Fix It

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That's the common reaction of businesspeople who discover that their email campaign didn't work. What to do while the email part is being fixed? No, you will never again "bet the ranch" in a marketing campaign. Shock. There were few click-opens. No responses to the Calls To Action (CTA). So, what to do next? First take an inventory of all the variables which could have collectively set you up for failure. I present the common ones in this article.

Email Blasts - Be Topical to Boost Open/Conversion Rate

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Yet, they simply don't consider the engagement power of the topical in email blasts.   In coaching clients I motivate them to at least experiment with the topical strategy for their next email campaign.  Here is an email which piggybacked on this, boosting the open rate 17% and the conversion rate 9% Download TopicalHeaderforEmailOutreachTimingIsEverything.

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Email Marketing - 8 Common Mistakes

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Email marketing is low in cost. The reality, though, is that many email campaigns fail. I know that because more of my marketing communications business is coming from those totally frustrated because their email had no reach. However, in his state are heavily regulated industries which probably would at least click open the email blast. " The email blast is never about the company pitching. Most businesses need more than just email.

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Launching a New Presentation? It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

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Nothing works better than a great email campaign anchored by some high-content videos (three of them, as a matter of fact). Wondering how to introduce your new presentation to prospective clients? Or wondering how to launch your brand new speaking business? Watch the video above and you’ll get a glimpse of how Brian Tracy. Business Strategy Marketing Website Strategy Marketing for Speakers

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An Executive’s Guide to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) Framework


Launch an Instagram marketing campaign. Launch 5 test email sequences, explaining tools usage to 5 customer segments. For instance, if you have managed to ‘send 3 email campaigns instead of 6’, your OKR rating will be 0.5. Setting ambitious goals is easy.

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The Executive?s Guide to Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is an umbrella term for technology that’s used for managing marketing processes and campaigns across a multitude of online (and sometimes offline) channels automatically. With marketing automation software companies can devise more comprehensive campaigns, featuring personalized workflows for different buyer personas. So that your team does not have to do that manually or rely on “gut feeling” alone when plotting digital marketing campaigns.

How to follow up your meeting, conference, or event

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Top 5 Sessions at ABC Conference”) through newsletters and email campaigns to let people know what they missed. Hold a countdown campaign to your event by sharing content from the previous year.    Linking screen grabs of the videos in blog posts, newsletters and email campaigns is a good way to visually generate interest when you’re talking about the event.

LinkedIn ProFinder - Sure, Go for Free 30-Day Trial

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In our email as well as on our LinkedIn homepage, there will appear the requests for proposals.   Overall, my best-paying assignments have come from my creating a marketing list and a pitch letter and doing cold emailing.   After the Easter holiday, I am launching a fresh email campaign targeted at a market segment I hadn't developed as yet. LinkedIn dominates job search.

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Marketing - When What Used to Work Doesn't, Not Any More

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The email campaign has a zero response rate. The moment of truth in marketing comes in hard cold numbers. That $75 ticket to the conference for networking didn't, you realize a few months later, produce any leads. That website you invested a bundle in isn't getting you beyond the eighth place on Google. (As As we know now, websites are less important. Google has become our new homepage. Read all about that here.).

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Eight Steps to Getting Speaking Engagements : MarketingProfs Articles

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