Four reasons to stop using PowerPoint

Speak Schmeak

Many of my speaker colleagues reject the use of slides. They say slides are boring, prevent engagement, and distract the audience away from the speaker's message. And yep, they do.

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4 layouts that always look good-video training

PowerPoint Tips

In my bestselling e-book, Slide Design for Non-Designers, I cover 4 layouts that always look good. These are for slides that have a title and an image. The layouts make it easy to quickly create a professional-looking slide.

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Creative Video for Communicators

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This Saturday I attended the annual Presidents Day meeting of the National Speakers Association Northern California Chapter.

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Stop Waiting till you Feel more Confident

Speaking about Presenting

Many times, back when I was working in the corporate world, I would sit in a meeting listening to a discussion knowing that I had a valuable perspective to offer. But as I thought about offering my opinion I would start to feel my heart beating hard inside my chest and feel myself growing hot.

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Analysis of a speech by Oprah Winfrey

Manner of Speaking

The 2018 Golden Globe Awards were handed out last night (7 January 2018). There were several highlights and many winners, but the overwhelming consensus is that Oprah Winfrey stole the show. Winfrey, a talk show host, actress and philanthropist was … Continue reading → Analysis of a Speech Anaphora Epizeuxis Golden Globes Oprah Winfrey Polysyndeton public speaking Recy Taylor Rosa Parks speech analysis tricolon

Re-branding: Down the rabbit hole and a new era for this blog

Kate's Voice

For the past 10 years, I have been writing Kate’s Voice and been honored with a growing, loyal following and recognition by groups such as Global Gurus, as well as many individuals who I respect and admire. I’ve enjoyed the ride.

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Inside Higher Ed: Connecting With Your Class

Matt Eventoff

For many thousands of students, the new semester, and academic year, is about to begin. Many professors will be speaking to a rapt classroom with eager students who are consumed with their subject matter.

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Five Resolutions to Make You a Better Speaker in 2019

Presentation Guru

As 2018 draws to a close, many people turn their minds to the year to come and what they hope to achieve. And with those thoughts come resolutions.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership Messages and Meetings

Speaking Freely

Story Telling is a powerful way to open up presentations, leadership messages and meetings of all kinds. Telling the right story produces astonishing results for you as a speaker and leader. If you’re not sure what a story is, it’s just what happened. That means it involves human beings doing or experiencing something. In case you don’t […].

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How to Move Your Presentation Audience With This Powerful Story Technique

Duarte Blog

You can probably recall the last story you heard, but you likely don’t remember the last presentation you sat through.

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10 reasons to join the Presenting for Humans Success Circle

Speak Schmeak

Are you thinking about joining the Presenting for Humans Success Circle , but not sure if it's right for you? Perhaps I can help you decide with these points about the benefits of the program to you!

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Create beautiful numbered lists in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

SmartArt and the new Designer feature in Office 365 are great for simple lists, but numbered lists are another story. Designer has a few options, but you can easily create a couple of templates for beautiful numbered lists and use them over and over.

A Conversation with Jeff Davenport on Speechwriting, Screenwriting and Delivery Coaching

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

On Thursday, August 30th the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable hosted Jeff Davenport in a free conference call.

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The Introvert’s Ultimate Guide to Speaking Up in Meetings

Speaking about Presenting

Speaking up in meetings is a useful thing to do both for your career and for your personal growth.

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A fashion tip for women speakers

Manner of Speaking

When it comes to giving fashion advice, I am on thin ice. When it comes to giving fashion advice to women, I have fallen through the ice and am flailing about waiting to be rescued. But on one point, I … Continue reading → Logistics Christine Bleakley Christine Lagarde lavalier lectern Marissa Mayer Microphone presentations public speaking Sheryl Sandberg

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Vocal space: Can I please hear you “Wow” me?

Kate's Voice

One of the most common vocal habits that we hear in business presentations is people dropping the volume of their last words to an almost inaudible level. I am quite sure the habit is a result of people being hunched over their computers all day, speaking into headsets rather than across a room. Headset mics […]. Vocal Image exercises perception vocal power

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Demosthenes and Public Speaking, Part 2

Matt Eventoff

What lengths would you go to in order to become a master orator, or to take your public speaking to the next level? Stand barefoot on blacktop while reciting your speech to test your patience and create proper cadence? Practice on a tightrope to master balance and control over motion?

2018 130

Biases in Making Choices

The Communication Blog

This is a word copy of an article that was published in Etc: A Review of General Semantics 73, October 2018, pp. 314-320. T he purpose of the article was not to propose new theories but just to put some of these cognitive biases together and apply them to choice-making. And, as usual, the insights of General Semantics make a lot of confusing things a lot clearer. Making choices is not an easy task. It regularly creates stress and regret.

2018 109

The Secret to Perfecting Your Style and Delivery as a Speaker

Presentation Guru

What a seasoned public speaker brings to the stage is a collection of presentation skills. It is these skills that help the speaker connect with the audience, communicate a clear message, and make that message memorable.

2018 110

Tip for Finding Stories to Make Talks and Presentations Engaging and Compelling

Speaking Freely

Here’s a valuable tip for finding stories from your life that you can use to make talks and presentations more engaging and compelling. Both professional and personal stories can be used to illustrate ideas, make points and sell your services. If you read my last post on 6 Reasons to Tell Stories in Presentations, Leadership […].

2018 130

How to Really Craft Audience-Centric Presentations

Duarte Blog

There’s a saying, “people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.”. That’s excellent life-advice, and it can also help you when you’re trying to write an audience-centric presentation. If you put the effort into considering your audience (a.k.a.

2018 98

I can do anything better than I can

Speak Schmeak

Maybe you've heard the song "Anything You Can Do" from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun." It's a classic duet with the characters Annie Oakley and Frank Butler attempting to prove their ability to outdo each other in a variety of tasks.

2018 173

How to animate 3D objects in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

If you have Office 365 (the subscription version) and the Creative edition of Windows 10, you can insert 3D objects into PowerPoint. I explained this feature in an earlier blog post, “ How to Insert 3D in PowerPoint.”

2018 179

Announcing: A conversation with Felicity Barber on Women Speaking

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I first met Felicity in 2014 shortly after she moved from England to San Francisco. She’s a speechwriter who has worked in both the UK and USA and has expertise in B2B, finance, insurance and technology.

2018 163

Why striving to be authentic can be a trap

Speaking about Presenting

I suggested to Michaela that when she was delivering the most important parts of her presentation, she stand square to the audience. She pushed back on my suggestion, claiming that it wouldn’t be authentic. What she really meant is that it didn’t feel natural to her because she had never done it before. I agree with the concept of being authentic when you’re public speaking. The trap is that “authenticity” is often used as an excuse for staying in your Comfort Zone.

2018 131

Something Just Like This

Manner of Speaking

I recently had the privilege of moderating the 9th WAVE (Women’s Added Value in the Economy) Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s an annual event organized and run by the dynamic women of the Career Women’s Forum.

2018 200

How to Use an Empathy Map to Understand Your Audience


As a presenter, one can tend to focus too much on the final presentation, missing one essential ingredient in the mix, empathy!

2018 88

Wall Street Journal/MarketWatch: Bernanke’s $250,000 Fee

Matt Eventoff

By Greg Robb. "Matt "Matt Eventoff, owner of Princeton Public Speaking, a firm that trains executives to give speak in public, said Bernanke will be highly desirable as a speaker for at least the next two years.

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The Communication Blog - Untitled Article

The Communication Blog

Here is a little article on political correctness that is sure to spark some lively conversation in interpersonal and intercultural communication classes. link] [link]. political correctness political incorrectness

2018 100

Improvise to Improve Your People Skills

Presentation Guru

Most people don’t spend their lives giving presentations. Many people spend NONE of their lives giving presentations. Lots of leaders I’ve met would rather not have to give any.

2018 107

Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Photo Credit Mike Reddy/Rusty Elliott/SYLV1ROB1/Adobe Stock. The media firestorm over sexual harassment officially became something like an eternal flame last month when Time magazine published its “Person of the Year” issue.

2018 91

To Become A Powerful Public Speaker Master These Qualities

Duarte Blog

Once you have a compelling story and breathtaking visual design, presentation preparation eventually comes down to one final thing: you. You stepping up, taking the stage, and communicating with your audience.

2018 94

Is your life a constant audition?

Speak Schmeak

“I was so happy with how Freaks and Geeks came out, that in my head I thought 'my career is basically over.' I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, and everything else is gravy. And so nothing else matters. I can experiment. I can do anything.

2018 167

4 ways to change a picture in PowerPoint without losing formatting

PowerPoint Tips

The Change Picture feature in PowerPoint is very powerful because it lets you substitute another picture but keep the most of formatting. You might want to change the picture because: You made a mistake and inserted the wrong picture.

2018 162

Books Reviewed: How to Stop Time, by Matt Haig and Forever, by Pete Hamill

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

(Full disclosure: Matt is the nephew of my good friend James Haig. I heard Matt speak at a recent Marin County bookstore where I purchased his book. I’ve not read any of his other writing, but see from Twitter that he has a large and loyal fan base. It was Matt who told me that […].

2018 158

How to handle feedback that makes you go “Ouch!”

Speaking about Presenting

I’ve done it, and if you’ve ever got a stack of feedback forms after a presentation, you’ve probably done it. You go through all the feedback forms ignoring the “Great job” “Learnt a lot” comments and go straight for the form that declares: “That was a load of mumbo jumbo” And then you flagellate yourself. You obsess over it. You can not let go of it. It’s the human brain at work.

2018 133

Five Public Speaking Resolutions for 2019

Manner of Speaking

I am one of the co-founders of Presentation Guru, a digital magazine for public speaking professionals. This post is part of a series designed to share the great content on Presentation Guru with the Manner of Speaking community. ——— As 2018 draws to a close, many … Continue reading → Motivation Presentation Guru TED Presentation public speaking Resolutions storytelling

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