What Japan Can Teach the World About Communication / ?????????????????????????

Matt Eventoff

“When one teaches, two learn.” – Robert A. Heinlein. I recently returned from conducting workshops throughout Japan on behalf of the State Department, U.S.

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Clearing up throat-clearing: Guest post by Joanna Cazden

Speak Schmeak

While I'm on vacation in Sonoma, stuffing myself with cheese and wine, I've got a couple of guest posts lined up for you! The last is from voice therapist and author Joanna Cazden , on how to avoid unnecessary throat-clearing. Enjoy! Don't clear your throat—it's bad for your voice."

2012 261

7 Tips to Ensure You’re Understood when Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Speaking about Presenting

This is a guest post by Leon Potgieter. Americans who travel abroad for the first time are often shocked to discover that, despite all the progress that has been made in the last 30 years, many foreign people still speak in foreign languages.” – Dave Barry.

2012 260

Announcing Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2012

PowerPoint Tips

I’m pleased to announce the 3rd annual Outstanding Presentations Worksho p! This year was have an almost-all-PowerPoint MVP* lineup, top experts who will give you the knowledge you need to transform your presentations.

2012 256

10 steps to creating a really strong story

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Guest post by Jim Harvey. It sounds like a presentation trainer’s cliche, but it’s not. In business presentations, the story is the thing. There’s a skill and a structure to creating interesting and compelling narratives.

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You people… Mrs Romney has a message

The Presenter's Blog

Ann Romney’s “you people” comments have today offered a privileged insight into the putative First Lady’s thoughts about the world beyond Planet Romney. Far more importantly however, they have given the rest of us (us people?)

2012 222

How to Write a Bestseller – 10 Lessons Learned from Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison

Succeed Speaking

It’s no secret that a good book can help you achieve greater success as a speaker. When you write a book, you’re automatically seen as an expert — especially when you’re being compared to “Speaker B” who doesn’t have a book on the topic.

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Where to find your voice in 2013

Kate's Voice

As humans, we are passionately driven to communicate. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. But to be heard above all the noise of our culture, you must have a voice that others will listen to. There has never been a better time to develop that voice. Resources for study and practice [.].

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12 Lessons from Pablo Picasso for Public Speakers

Manner of Speaking

Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. His paintings are among the most recognizable of any great artist that has lived. However, Picasso was not just known for his art; he was also know for his wit and pithy sayings.

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Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Your body language, nonverbal cues, tells a lot about how you perform at a job, career and on stage as a public speaker. Research suggests that nonverbal cues are more important than verbal ones.

Changing the World through Communication – Zimbabwe’s Nelson Chamisa

Matt Eventoff

*The second in a series on global communication in the 21st Century. Every person reading this has had a high stakes presentation or communication opportunity. There are few people for whom the stakes are higher when speaking then Minister Nelson Chamisa in Zimbabwe.

2012 218

3 Best Ways To Start Your Speech - Guest post by Jeremey Donovan

Speak Schmeak

While I'm off in New Hampshire, learning the secrets to a successful online business from Alicia Forest , I've brought in some guest bloggers for you this week. I'll be back at my desk on Monday. Have a great week!

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Find a Presentation Designer Here

Speaking about Presenting

Are you looking for a presentation designer? I’ve been asked so many times if I could recommend a presentation designer that I’ve decided to publish a list of PowerPoint and Keynote slide design companies and freelancers.

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8 steps to add branding to your presentations

PowerPoint Tips

When I do corporate training or public webinars, I usually ask attendees to submit a couple of slides. After covering basic principles of how to transform presentations (and the reasons behind those principles), I show makeovers of the submitted slides.

2012 243

McGovern's 1972 Acceptance Speech

Dahle Communication

If you have read my blog at all, you know that I am a big fan of John F. Kennedy 's speech writer Ted Sorensen. I always felt that his writing paired with Kennedy's speaking ability is the greatest we have seen.

2012 182

Stories and social media; At the roots of success

The Presenter's Blog

My shopping list did not include a cardboard carton full of recycled coffee grounds, that if spritzed with the little water-spritzing thingy (included), would yield fresh crops of oyster mushrooms within 9 – 10 days. Why did I just buy one? Because somebody told me a story.

Publicity Tip: Five Ways to Be Your Interviewer’s Best Friend

Succeed Speaking

Usually when I speak with Robert Thompson , I’m asking him for his leadership advice — after all, he does have over 30 years of experience in the trenches as a leader, and he’s also author of The Offsite and a former member of The Tom Peters Company. (He’s

2012 211

Relevant Resources: AV supplies for professional speakers

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I help edit SPEAKER Magazine for the National Speakers Association (NSA). Each month I curate the Relevant Resources column – a list of time-saving tools and technologies. The June 2012 edition listed AV supplies for professional speakers. Speakers for speakers, so to speak… Professional speakers have a multitude of AV needs in their home offices [.]. Business Communication Public Speaking Technology

How to Create a Sexy Voice

Kate's Voice

The other day, I was speaking with a woman who has chronic laryngitis. Her voice is very low and husky, and she gets lots of comments on “that sexy voice.” To me, it sounds tired and unhealthy, but I know people who want that sound because they DO think it’s sexy. So the questions I [.]. vocal image vocal power sexy voice Valentine's Day

2012 182

Lost in Translation – Ten Tips for Working with Interpreters

Manner of Speaking

Lost in Translation is a terrific film that received critical acclaim when it was released in 2003. Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson, it’s the story of an aging actor and a young college graduate who meet in Tokyo and develop a touching friendship.

2012 285

C-Level Presentation Tip #4: Beware of Too Much Detail

Professionally Speaking...

Executive level presentations can seem like swimming in shark-infested seas, even for the intrepid business presenter. The risk of drowning is high. This series of tips will help you make a few tweaks to your presentation practices so you can successfully navigate through any C-Suite waters.

2012 181

Queen Rania and Public Speaking – 7 Lessons

Matt Eventoff

Queen Rania and Public Speaking – 7 Lessons. Some examples of great orators and public speakers of the 20th Century: Sir Winston Churchill. President Kennedy. President Reagan. President Clinton. Dr. King. please link King to [link] Mahatma Ghandi. Mother Teresa.

Are you willing to have your beliefs challenged?

Speak Schmeak

This past weekend I attended the World Tea Expo to present a workshop on business networking. Also, to drink a ton of tea. This was my fifth or sixth time attending the conference and my second time speaking; what better way to combine two of my favorite things!

2012 235

6 Presentation Links Worth Clicking

Speaking about Presenting

When I was in the States last year, I met up with Nancy Duarte… and she interviewed me. She’s now written up the interview on her blog.

2012 233

Insert a live Excel spreadsheet onto a slide

PowerPoint Tips

You can insert a live Excel spreadsheet onto a slide so that you can use Excel while in Slide Show view. There are other ways to get Excel data onto a slide, so why would you want an active Excel spreadsheet?

2012 241

Review: Cloudberry online backups

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

I have far too many friends that just don’t create backups, and far too many that backup to an external drive that lives next to their computers, which while marginally better is still basically useless.

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Presenting with an iPad

The Presenter's Blog

You no longer take your laptop to a picnic if you want to play music; you take your MP3 player instead. The same thing is happening to how we deliver presentations, with tablets and even phones becoming potential delivery devices for mobile presenters. Light and easy for carrying around.

2012 196

3 Steps to Build a Six-Figure Speaking Business

Succeed Speaking

How do you build a six-figure speaking business? There are several ways to go about it, but I’ll give you my favorite one: Step One: Find someone who’s already done it. Step Two: Adapt and model your strategy based on what they’ve done. Step Three: Execute the strategy.

2012 189

Visionary Artist: Nam June Paik anticipated the internet

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

An astounding story on BBC America this evening about the Korean-born visual artist Nam June Paik, considered the father of video art, who coined the phrase “electronic superhighway” in 1974 while creating works that pushed the boundaries of television.

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If Mitt Romney’s Voice Were Music to My Ears: A Vocal Impact Analysis of the Candidates

Kate's Voice

What if you could step back from the rhetoric of the debates and hear the candidates differently? What if there were hints about who they are hiding in plain site? Well, there are. That’s not to say that I can tell you who is the best candidate, but I can tell you what their vocal [.]. communication Speaking vocal image analysis of presidential candidates Arizona debate delivery Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's voice Newt Gingrich Presidential debates Rick Santorum Ron Paul

Nuggets of Storytelling Wisdom

Manner of Speaking

In this post, I return to one of my favourite themes that run through this blog: the importance of storytelling. Past posts on the subject include this one and this one.

2012 283

Book Review: 5 Steps To Conquer 'Death by PowerPoint'

Professionally Speaking...

Anyone who reads this blog knows my viewpoint on PowerPoint in presentations: it's generally used as a crutch by most business presenters to make sure they remember what to say, rather than as a mechanism to add additional clarification and depth to the presentation content for the audience.

2012 177

The Fear of Public Speaking: 25 Tips to Calm Your Nerves

Matt Eventoff

Prepare: The more you prepare and the better handle you have on the material you are presenting, the better it will go. Practice: Once you have prepared, you MUST practice, early and often. Rumor has it that Churchill practiced for one hour per one minute of speech content he was delivering. 5 minute presentation = 5 hours practice. How long are you practicing ? Check out the Room: Familiarity breeds comfort. Surprises the day of a presentation are not fun and ratchet up anxiety tenfold.

2012 205

Death by infographic?

Speak Schmeak

There is no doubt that infographics are the hot new thing. Want to get your message across in a fun, snappy, visual way? Make it an infographic.

2012 232

The Secret to Being a Great Presenter: Continuous Learning

DeFinis Communications

Continuous learning is a key indicator of success. That’s because learning, at any stage of your career, means growth. New skills, new behaviors, and new knowledge translate into new opportunities. Achievement oriented people love and embrace this type of challenge.

2012 233

My sound won’t play! Embed narration or music so you can send the PowerPoint presentation to others

PowerPoint Tips

A reader wants to send a PPS (a PowerPoint Show) file containing music via email but when he sends it, the viewer doesn’t hear the music. Know the difference between linked and embedded sounds. The reason is usually because the sound was linked, not embedded.

2012 225

Five Tips to Deliver Exciting Speeches

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

I received this article in Patricia Fripp’s email newsletter, and I have reposted it with her permission. Five Tips to Deliver Exciting Speeches. Open Hot, Close Hotter. To grab audience attention and be remembered, start the presentation with a bang, not a limp “Thanks, it’s nice to be here.” ” The first (and last) 30 seconds have the most impact on the audience.

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