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New Logo for Manner of Speaking

Manner of Speaking

Manner of Speaking has a new logo. For a website devoted to public speaking and presentation skills, there were many designs I could have chosen. A microphone or lectern or speech bubble were some of the obvious ones.

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Creating an Idea Worth Sharing with Tamsen Webster

Speaker Launcher

Tune in to hear Tamsen Webster share her Red Thread Method and learn how to create an idea worth sharing to make your speech unforgettable! The post Creating an Idea Worth Sharing with Tamsen Webster appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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QR Codes in Times of COVID


QR codes have been around even before major internet platforms were even born. Before Google Search, Facebook or responsive UI designs taking the Internet by storm, the QR code was being used for high-speed component scanning during vehicle manufacturing.

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This one small change gets BIG results

SpeakerSue Says...

Have you noticed all the ocean analogies lately? Maybe it’s because I’m in St. Lucia this week but … Change today, the podcaster said, is like a drop of blue dye in the ocean. Not even noticeable. And, like the ocean, we are not separated droplets… More, from Seth Godin’s blog today: the ocean is made of drops, too many to count. But it all starts with a drop. Which got me thinking about how one tiny drop of a change can yield BIG results.

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The Anatomy of a Skilled Speaker [Infographic]

Duarte Blog

After 8 months of remote work, most of us have accepted virtual communication as our new reality. We’ve become more tolerant of distracting backgrounds, noisy environments, and awkward camera angles. We’ve trudged through company-wide meetings, marketing presentations, and digital events.

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Delivering an EPIC Keynote: 4 Resources to Help You Become an Epic Public Speaker

Speaker Launcher

Let’s imagine Covid is in our rearview mirror and you are standing in front of your ideal audience – a live audience (yahoo!). You have them at “hello” and you rock your talk all the way through to closing. Your stories are eloquent and your style conversational.

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