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Want your data to go viral? Make it visual.

Duarte Blog

How do you turn an academic report into a viral video? Following the event they published the video online. The more clicks, the better.

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What's the relationship between confidence and nervousness?

Speak Schmeak

Last week, I gave a 10-minute presentation based on some of the challenges in my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program. What do you think I said?

How to Create a Sexy Voice

Kate's Voice

The other day, I was speaking with a woman who has chronic laryngitis. Her voice is very low and husky, and she gets lots of comments on “that sexy voice.” To me, it sounds tired and unhealthy, but I know people who want that sound because they DO think it’s sexy. So the questions I [.]. vocal image vocal power sexy voice Valentine's Day

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How to resize and crop pictures in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

These are basic and important skills and you’ll use them even in other programs, because they are universal. How to resize an image. Guess what?

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5 Stupid Speaker Tricks

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Speakers do stupid things, like any other group of people.    The problem is that they subject whole audiences to boredom and, yes, pain as a result.    So it’s not only the speakers themselves who suffer.    In an effort to mitigate the suffering, here are 5 of the most egregious stupid speaker moves. 

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The Body Language of Love

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

There are many ways to say the words “I love you,” but the way that counts is said without words.    Once two people are acknowledged lovers, something quite wonderful happens.    To experience that kind of harmony with another human being is the cure for loneliness, the antidote for despair, and the hope of the planet. 

Famous Speech Friday: Rep. Maureen Walsh's speech on gay marriage

The Eloquent Woman

This was a speech full of contrasts and surprises. She's a heterosexual, supporting the rights of homosexuals. don't miss the sex," to some laughter.

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Stillness: A Speaker's Place of Power

Speak and Deliver

Who's Your Favorite Karate Kid? Last week I watched an excellent speech on the benefits of Karate. During the presentation, he gave a few demonstrations of martial arts movements, which added a wonderful physical element to the mostly historical and philosophical content of his speech. First, it keeps us on guard. Anchoring characters. Stillness.

Reading a Speech

Manner of Speaking

Seth Godin is the author of several books about “marketing, the spread of ideas and managing both customers and employees with respect” They are bestsellers. His blog is one of my favourites and I highly recommend it. His Squidoo Lens is also worth a look. I agree. You will be able to move about freely and engage the audience more.

Six Words to Summarize Your Presentation

Executive Speech Coach

Can you summarize your presentation in six words? If you know your message, you can state it in a few words. If you need 30 minutes to explain it, then you really don’t know it. What would you do if the decision maker said, “You have six words – go.” Call us Don’t drink and drive. Arrive alive Find the right mate for you You can fight cancer. Relax.

5 ways speakers can steer clear of overstatements

The Eloquent Woman

Are all your programs major? All your research extensive? All your senior officials probing and sought-after? Does "everyone know" about your issue? Those are overstatements. Now, get over it--by making sure you edit overstatements out of your speech or presentation, or stop yourself mid-delivery, if need be. Says who? A neutral source?

Great Presentations with Mitch Joel

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

For my blog today, I'm pointing to a podcast I did with digital marketing guru Mitch Joel.    He's always interesting to talk to -- you can check out the results here.    Enjoy! Speech Writing 04. Audience Interaction 05. Rehearsal and Preparation

Sometimes Persuasion Takes Awhile

Speak and Deliver

Happy Valentine's Day, folks. Today, I share a couple of clips from Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Power Presentations Tip 55: Dance With Your PowerPoint

Executive Speech Coach

Dance with Your PowerPoint Imagine that your PowerPoint is your ballroom dance partner. You each have differing roles to play. You support each other. It's always clear to the audience who the lead is, even when that changes during the dance. The dance would look silly without both of you there. Now, think about your next presentation.

Guest post: Simple ways to avoid cyber attacks on your computer or mobile phone

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Despite a growing sophistication among hackers and scammers in their ability to steal and exploit personal and corporate information, there is a low sense of urgency among small and medium businesses to take proactive protective measures. Freelance Writing - General

Guest post: 5 Tips for Conquering Q&A

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

“What Questions do you have for my answers?” – Henry Kissinger. When roles are reversed, and audience members are handed the microphone, many public speakers turn a brighter shade of purple. But this article will outline 5 practical steps for beating Question & Answer Sessions, and help you leave the stage as victor. 2) Anticipate Questions.

How long-winded is Arabic and how much do its native speakers gesticulate?

Max Atkinson

I don't read a word of Arabic, nor do I know what an 'IDF Room' is.

How to deliver superior presentations - public seminar notice

Executive Speech Coach

Discover how you can deliver a superior presentation – every time Next Public Seminar in Toronto - March 28, 2012. More Details here. When you speak: You are competing with all the other thoughts, questions, and concerns in the minds of your audience. Your intended message is competing with all the unintended messages that you might be sending.

Why Humor in a Presentation Works

Great Public Speaking

YOU WILL BE ASKED BACK. If you succeed in your original purpose for making your presentation, you may be asked back. If you also make the audience feel really good by entertaining them at the same time, your chances of being asked back will be much higher. YOU WILL GET HIGHER EVALUATIONS OR MORE SALES. YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY. I'll never forget it.

How to remember your presentation without using the PowerPoint slides as notes

Pivotal Public Speaking

How will you remember your presentation? How will you remember what to say? How will you remember what comes next? Use the slides.” No way! There are too many reasons why this is not a great idea. . What you stand to lose by using slides as notes: . You will lose the power to connect with your audience. You will lose the power of your message.

Never can say goodbye

Speak Schmeak

Do you ever go to a party or family gathering and find it hard to leave? So now you're getting caught up, and the clock keeps ticking. The "What the.?"


Kuhnke Communication

My team know how to persuade me to complete tasks when I’m prevaricating, postponing, and procrastinating. Get to know what matters to people.

Public Speaking: Room Blackouts

Great Public Speaking

If you want to make a spectacular impression on a low budget, room blackouts are a great technique. I use them in two ways. If I want the audience to concentrate on a recorded audio tape and 2. when I want an awesome closing. Or maybe the "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King would be appropriate. This is one heck of a closing!

Dating Cautions

The Communication Blog

[link]. Here's a clever little piece on cautions to observe when a potential dating partner seems too perfect to be real.

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What's the relationship between confidence and nervousness?

Speak Schmeak

Last week, I gave a 10-minute presentation based on some of the challenges in my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program. What do you think I said?

STOP! Move Away from the Overload Blues

Speaking Out

I have a kitsch cookie jar called Gus. He has a bright cheery kitsch face, and is dressed in a shiny blue patrollman’s uniform. He is short and squat, an American style cop. The lid of the jar is his head and policeman’s cap, which is hinged to his body. If you raise his head [.]. All Articles

Great Presentations - Movement and Appearance

Great Public Speaking

Edward T. Hall, the noted social anthropologist, claims 60 percent of all communication is nonverbal. Communication analyst Albert Mehrabian says we are perceived in three ways: 7 percent verbally, 38 percent vocally, and a full 55 percent visually, including gestures, posture, stride, facial expressions, movement, dress, and eye contact.

The Communication Blog - Untitled Article

The Communication Blog

Politeness for Kids. Here's a brief list of reasons for children to say "thank you" and is a useful primer on teaching politeness behavior to children.

The Voice

Speaking Freely

I must confess I am a bit addicted to performance competition shows like The Voice and American Idol. I love to see emerging talent shine. I think my attraction is wishing that I had pursued my singing more fully. The truth was it was way too scarey to sing in front of groups when I

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People Make A Difference: Danny Brassell interview

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I was interviewed earlier today on the “People Make a Difference” show hosted by Danny Brassell from California State University, Dominguez Hills that showcases the positive contributions of people in various communities. Business Communication Speechwriting CSU Dominguez Hills danny brassell PMAD

Sin: Not always sweet spot with investors

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Sin, some investors assume, is the closet thing to a sure bet on a stock.    Not so fast. Like

Falling out of Love

The Communication Blog

Here's an interesting article on relationship dissolution which should spark lots of class discussion especially on Valentine's Day. link] [link

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The Voice |

Speaking Freely

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How to Tell a Story with Numbers

Pivotal Public Speaking

Lizzie O’Leary, Bloomberg TV’s Washington correspondent, gives her tips on how to effectively tell a story using data.