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One Thing – Stick to That and Everything Else Don’t Mean S**t

Manner of Speaking

City Slickers is one of my favourite movies. It’s a 1991 Western comedy starring Billy Crystal , Daniel Stern , Bruno Kirby and Jack Palance. It received critical claim and won several awards. It is frequently hilarious but also contains some deep truths about life. Well worth watching.

Practice your speaking skills with PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Tips

I talk about presentations having 3 components: content, design, and delivery. I probably spend the least time talking about delivery, but it’s important! You can be engaging, lively, and informal. You can also appear wooden, dull, and formal.


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Can Forest Bathing Improve Your Presentation Skills?

DeFinis Communications

Even though many of us have been working remotely for the past year, few would say the time at home has felt like a vacation. Quite the contrary!

How to Use Theory of Change to Plan Successful Programs


Humans are resistant to change; especially one imposed externally. We may prefer the status quo, even if the proposed changes improve our lives. Program managers and policy-makers are well-aware of this tendency. Yet, they manage to drive successful outcomes even for the most challenging initiatives.

How to Land Clients from Speaking Events Without Being Slimy with Nikki Rausch

Speaker Launcher

Tune in to hear Sales Maven, Nikki Rausch share some great strategies on how to sell from the stage and feel great about it! The post How to Land Clients from Speaking Events Without Being Slimy with Nikki Rausch appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

4 Tips to Present Like a Pro Over Video Conference


With the outbreak of Covid-19, the global business has got considerably affected in the last few months. The ban on travel during global lockdown made virtual meetings more of a necessity than a convenience.

7 Tips for Public Speakers in a 2-minute video

Manner of Speaking

If you give me 2 minutes, I will give you 7 tips that will help you be a more effective, more impactful speaker. In my previous post , I shared a video from my YouTube Channel in which I drew on Japanese culture and talked about the benefit for public speakers of being out in nature.

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April 16 - Win Anyway LIVE - Friday Feelings

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Video promos 3 works of fiction

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Video Blog: MS Warrior Paul Lima has written 3 non-fiction books: Rebel in the Back Seat, 10 coming of age no matter the age collection of short stories Geri: Post-Pandemic LGBTQ+ Novel About Something, aka a humorous spoof of Seinfeld, … Continue reading →

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Email Forensics: Why Your Emails Kill Your Sales

SpeakerSue Says...

I was never big into crime shows because watching with my mother when I was a kid, she had an uncanny knack for guessing the end before the first commercial. It’s easy to see the clues when you already know the end. The same is true with the emails I review. I can easily guess the end result. From a long list of “criminal” email behavior, here are three (random, but important) clues to poor results: 1. Being too vague. Stop asking prospects/customers/leaders, “Your thoughts?” Direct them.

Email 40

Quick Overview of the GROW Model


Goal setting and problem-solving are essential parts of being a leader, coach, or mentor. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, project manager, or coach looking to get the best out of your team, its essential to explore the options available to reach desired goals.

April 15 - Win Anyway LIVE - What Do I Do, Anyway

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Coaching Sales Speaking Writing

Coach 56

What is TRIZ and How to Use it in Problem Solving?


There are a number of problem-solving techniques and methodologies, including brainstorming , root cause analysis , and 5 whys analysis. We covered these methods in a previous post, in which we provided you with 5 Problem Solving Strategies.

Quick Review of Project Management Methodologies


Project management plays a vital role in accomplishing goals, following schedules, and course correction during projects. However, getting your team organized and keeping the project on track can be a daunting task.

April 14 - Win Anyway LIVE - Weight Loss Wednesday Vol 10

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Accountability Atkins Dieting Weight Loss


April 13 - Win Anyway LIVE - Speaking Tip Tuesday

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Audience Celebrities Speaking Toastmasters

April 12 - Win Anyway LIVE - A Bit of a Stretch

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Advice Arthritis Goals Stretch


April 11 - Win Anyway LIVE - Take a Machete into Your Jungle

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Coaching Editing Goals Obstacles

Coach 56

How to Export Trello Board to Google Slides


Many project managers use complex tools to manage their projects and workflow, such as application suites like Zendesk, Zoho Projects, and Salesforce. However, for someone looking to make things simple, the emphasis is not on complexity but on making things easier.