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Interview on The Story Powers Podcast

Manner of Speaking

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Francisco Mahfuz on The Story Powers podcast. The show is about the power of stories, the people who tell them, and why you should be doing it too.

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The Manager’s Guide to Effective Teamwork


Let’s cut the chase: teamwork is challenging. Encouraging people to communicate better. Getting a team to consistent performance levels. Resolving conflicts. Everyone who tells you otherwise would be wrong.


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Adjusting Your Mindset for Selling and Delivering Virtual Presentations

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We just crossed the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and have been talking a lot lately about how people are feeling. Some people had the COVID blues early on and really struggled to regain their identity and pivot to virtual.

The Ancient Storytelling Secret That Every Leader Needs to Know

Duarte Blog

When Ray Anderson, former CEO of the carpet company Interface, realized that his company needed to lead the charge on sustainability, he didn’t just plan an initiative and put it into action. He told a story. Anderson explained to employees that they’d need to climb a mountain “taller than Everest.”

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Mar 16 - Win Anyway LIVE - Speaking Tip Tuesday

Speak and Deliver

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Poka-yoke: The Error Proofing Method You Should Know About!


Many products and the businesses that produced them would not last long if there were no auto-shutdown option to prevent accidents, errors, or product malfunction.

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Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme

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Have you been holding back on your risk-taking? Victoria Labalme shares her unique ideas of when it’s good to take a risk and when you might want to take a step back and wait. The post Risk Forward with Victoria Labalme appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Mar 19 - Win Anyway LIVE - It Can Happen to You

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Competition Luck March Madness Ohio State Oral Roberts Preparation

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Six benefits of humour in a speech

Manner of Speaking

Humour is powerful. When used well in a speech or presentation, it can have a profound impact on the audience. This, in turn, can help get your message across. The infographic below sets out six benefits of humour.

The #1 Reason You Lost the Sale – Updated Research

SpeakerSue Says...

When I started mystery shopping my clients a few years ago, I didn’t realize how much I’d learn about how to – and not to – sell. But this month’s results blew my mind. My associate sent 20+ requests for information. It took more than a day, on average, for a response. That was bad. But this is worse. Only one – just one! – company followed up three times. And they were one of two that followed up twice. Guess who would win the business? Showing up IS half the battle.

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Mar 18 - Win Anyway LIVE - Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

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Mar 17 - Win Anyway LIVE - Weight Loss Wednesday

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March 15 - WinAnyway LIVE - Get Out the Door!

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Mar 14 - Win Anyway LIVE - Snowmahgeddon Day 2

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Denver Motivation Snow Snow Day

Mar 13 - Win Anyway LIVE - Snow, Ice Cream, Gall Stones, oh MY!

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