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Making text stand out with text formatting techniques

PowerPoint Tips

A presentation style that’s sometimes called the Takahashi or Lessig method, involves putting just a word or two on a slide, usually with very large text. The text is used as a prompt, but also as a graphic.

Misleading COVID-19 map

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

This map is an Edward Tufte-level poster child of the poor visual display of quantitative information. MSNBC show it at least once a day. At first glance it appears to show that Wyoming, Vermont, and Maine are *much* safer places than COVID-19 hotspots like California and Texas.


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#SpeakerSuccessTip – Have a COVID Strategy!

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At this point in the pandemic, we are accustomed to pivoting and being creative when planning live events. Unfortunately, it seems as though every time we think we are ready to host live speaking events again, another wave starts to ramp up.


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Competition Gamification Toastmasters


12 Visually Engaging Roadmap Templates to Ace Your Business Presentations


Roadmapping helps you envision your business in an uncomplicated manner. It defines your present status and also displays the future aims and targets of your company.

The Lean Startup Approach for Creating Successful Startups


Most startups begin with an idea. Maybe a product or a service seeking to bridge a gap that exists in the market. And traditionally, the first steps involved in setting up a startup have been the same. Coming up with a business pitch, getting investors and then pushing a product to consumers.

Client Success Spotlight: From Olympic Glory to Speaking Success with Sami Jo Small

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Listen to hear 3-time Olympic Medalist Sami Jo Small share her journey from the Olympic podium to finding success on the speaking platform. The post Client Success Spotlight: From Olympic Glory to Speaking Success with Sami Jo Small appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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Chat or Email? Improve your business writing now

SpeakerSue Says...

Because I’m old enough to remember when we called all writing within an organization, business writing , it gives me extreme pleasure to blog about business writing today. Whether chat, Slack, Zingle, text or email, it’s BUSINESS writing. How and what you write matters. And it’s a judge-y world. We’re hardwired to use (faulty) shortcuts to determine another person’s intent (though often wrong, it saves us time and effort).

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Using Subtitles and Captioning in PowerPoint


Businesses around the world are looking at methods to transcend language and geographical barriers to expand their operations and reach out to a global niche of customers.

Yes Man!

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Opportunity Stage Time Toastmasters Yes Man

Stage 81

Did You Make Your Day Worth It?

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Jeanne Robertson


The Convention Has Started

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Convention Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking

Magic Bullets.

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Action Affirmation Confidence Magic Bullet Money Success Time


Open in Google Slides Button to Make your Presentations Faster


At SlideModel, we have incorporated a new functionality, which allows you to open the templates in Google Slides. Although PowerPoint has been on the podium as a presentation creation tool for a long time, Google Slides has gained much ground.