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10 reasons to walk the room before you speak

Manner of Speaking

In November 2018, I spoke at an event in Genoa, Italy for a big corporate client. I arrived the day before I was scheduled to speak. One of the reasons why I went early, was so I could “walk the room” beforehand.

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The Future of Speaking with Barry Banther

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Have you been wondering what the future of speaking looks like? NSA Chairman Barry Banther shares his thoughts on where it’s all heading. The post The Future of Speaking with Barry Banther appeared first on Jane Atkinson.


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10 Must-Have Slides for Your Corporate Profile Presentation


Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you must have a distinguished company profile to make an unforgettable impression in front of the intended stakeholders. However, creating a company profile presentation afresh is indeed a tough row to hoe.

How to Become Great in Public Speaking: Presenting Best Practices


As the popular lore tells: you can talk your way into success. Indeed, great public speakers often hold top corporate positions, lead the nations, and rally others to take joint action. But what if talking isn’t your forte, especially when it comes to doing so in front of large audiences?

April 28 - WinAnyway LIVE - Wisdom From the Ages

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Business Books Harvey Mackay Motivation Sales Wisdom

Sales 56

Why You Should Join Clubhouse to Boost Your Public Speaking Business

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For those of you social media savvy speakers out there, you’ve probably already heard about the new platform Clubhouse. And I know what you might say; “I don’t have enough time for another social media platform, Jane!” But hear me out and let me make my case for joining Clubhouse.

Update Your Out-of-Office Today!

SpeakerSue Says...

Thank you for your email, I’m currently out of the office. Should you need immediate assistance please call 555-555-5555. Is this supposed to help the recipient? Really? What is the point of this (or any) out-of-office? For how long are you out? Who am I calling at 555-555-5555? Are you enjoying PTO, just home for the evening, furloughed? And yes, of course, I want immediate assistance or I wouldn’t have emailed. But the worst mistake isn’t any of the above!

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TDODAR Decision Model for Making Difficult Decisions Under Pressure


Making important decisions under pressure is essential for people engaged in certain professions. For example, such decision-making is often required when a pilot has to make a quick decision during a flight, it might mean life or death for the passengers, crew, and the pilot.

April 26 - WinAnyway LIVE - The New Approach

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Business Facebook Pages Marketing Target Audience

Social Learning Theory at the Workplace


Some organizations seem to have good discipline, employees who follow the rules, remain productive, and create meaningful PowerPoint presentations adding value to organizational planning. In comparison, there are also organizations where the behavior of employees is quite the opposite.