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Does Tom Brady even eat bread?

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Have you seen the new Subway commercial featuring Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady? The dialogue goes like this: Brady: This new turkey Cali Fresh is incredible Stephen Curry: You even eat bread? Brady: Steph, it's a commercial.

How to Write a Project Proposal and Present it to Stakeholders


Every manager or executive has at some point of their career the need to create a project proposal (or initiative, we will use both terms instinctively in this post). In this opportunity we will briefly define the concept, how to write it and more importantly how to present it to an audience.


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Unconscious Bias and Living UNapologetically with Kelly Charles-Collins

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We’re talking about biases and the unintentional thoughts that creep in when we meet someone. Join me to hear Kelly Charles-Collins share her ideas on reducing those negative thoughts to create a more inclusive culture.

Friday Night was Family Night

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10 Tips to Help You Succeed in Pitching to Your Potential Investors


If you are an entrepreneur, you need to know the basics of how to pitch your ideas to potential investors. It doesn’t matter if you wish to raise funds or not; having a presentation ready and knowing the basics of how you would present it will help you in your future endeavors.

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Updating Your Email Sig Line Boosts Reputation and Results!

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“People. What happened to your email signature? I don’t know who you are. I don’t know how to contact you. I’m going to lose my mind.”. Yes and yes! Thank you for posting, @Jennifer Watson. This lack of courtesy – not providing needed info in your sig block – is not only frustrating; it creates friction for the customer meaning you are less likely to convert the lead. The etiquette of your signature line (or lack of it) can sabotage your win ratio.

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Why You Should Aim to Be a ‘Tall Poppy’ of Public Speaking

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Have you ever heard the term ‘tall poppy’? It’s an Australian term defined as: In Australia, the culture used to say that if you were too successful, too wealthy, too anything, you were a ‘tall poppy’ and needed to be cut back and put in your place. I hope that is changing.

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How to Make a Flowchart (Examples + Guide)


Designing and documentation is a process that entails mapping out the different steps from start to the very end.

Well, That Was Unexpected.

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Passing the Buck

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Tried Something New This Morning.

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Changes Monday Mornings Routines


Free Guy - Spoiler Free Conversation

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Covid Delta Free Guy Review Theaters

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Definitely a Family Day.

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Cracker Barrel Family Free Guy Titans

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