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How to Write and Present a Performance Review


The performance review, as a crucial part of performance management, is one of the dreaded exercises of both managers and team members. However, it doesn’t have to be an intimidating, negative situation.

6 Ways to make Your PowerPoint eLearning Slides More Interactive


The Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption in all industries and impacted people from all walks of life. The crisis forced the complete shutdown of several activities worldwide; education is one of them.


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Content to Grow Your Speaking Business with Sarah Schwab

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Are you creating the type of content that will attract your ideal customer? Join me to hear content expert Sarah Schwab share some great ideas to help you create your best content strategy. The post Content to Grow Your Speaking Business with Sarah Schwab appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

The Perfect Ending to a Pretty Perfect Day

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Guide to Presenting and Using Speaker Notes in PowerPoint


It can be hard to remember all the information you intend to discuss during a presentation. To avoid text-heavy slides and missing out on important information, some presenters use notes or flashcards. A more elegant method of presenting your slides is to use speaker notes in PowerPoint.

Is interrupting an interruption?


During COVID, we came to expect interruptions by children, gardeners, and package deliveries. Some of those interruptions were endearing, highlights of a difficult time, such as the famous BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly.

From Sport to Speaking: How Olympic Athletes and Coaches Can Get Paid to Speak

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So you’ve worked your entire life to become excellent at a sport, and you’re retiring. So now what? Can an Olympic athlete who won a medal get paid to speak? The answer, no surprise, is yes.

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The #1 Psychological Tip for Getting Results with Email, Chat & Phone

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People, People, People. If facts changed minds, we’d all enjoy one glass of red wine each night while walking our dog. Mayo clinic research shows that “antioxidants found in red wine may help prevent coronary artery disease” and “owning a dog may be beneficial for human cardiovascular health because dog owners are more likely to be physically active.”. Raise your hand if you actually drink wine for its antioxidant benefits.

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I Think I Want More Changes.

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Changes Covid 19 Ruts


Ever get thrown off?

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So How's the Reset Going, You Ask?

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How Do You Treat Your Customers?

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Reset Sunday

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