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The Super-Hero Struggle with Jamie Clarke

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Have you struggled with your identity during Covid? Listen to hear Jamie Clarke speak openly about the battle to embrace speaking virtually. The post The Super-Hero Struggle with Jamie Clarke appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

A Quick Guide To Write a Project Charter


Initiation is one of the most crucial stages of every project. If you fail to gain sufficient support for a planned endeavor, it will never see the light of day.


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Communicating Change in Turbulent Times [Illuminate Q&A with Patti Sanchez]

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We are experiencing unprecedented levels of change as professionals and as humans—more so now than ever. This disruptive change is dramatically affecting the way we work, communicate, and lead. It’s time for leaders of all kinds to step up their communication. To help them navigate through a constantly changing landscape, people crave communication from their [.] continue reading. The post Communicating Change in Turbulent Times [Illuminate Q&A with Patti Sanchez] appeared first on Duarte.

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Is Your Impulsive Behavior Sabotaging Your Public Speaking Skills?


“Words transform. Speak only with a good purpose. Say only things that serve you and others.

Recognizing and Addressing the COVID Blues So You Can Move Forward in Your Speaking Business

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Last March many of you had your entire calendars wiped clean. Being in isolation and quarantine, unable to see our extended families and loved ones is one thing, but we have a layer on top of that in that our identities have been challenged. Many of you have never been home this many days […].

Mar 5 - Win Anyway LIVE - Are You Hoarding Your Future

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Audios Books Hoarding Inspiration Motivation Napoleon Hill Programs

One Easy Step to Take Your Virtual Presentation Skills to the Next Level

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By now, everyone knows making a sales presentation or facilitating via Zoom/Teams is not the same as being there in person. But, given no choice, customers and prospects, accept the reality. We may not like it but they are willing to deal with it. If you’re going to be at your best, a great light helps you look better. But what really matters is how you structure your presentation. Begin by asking yourself: What questions do I want to ask them? Stay with me, please!

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