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People with Public Speaking Fear can Learn from a Downs Syndrome Golfer

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Amazing Amy is a young golfer who has Downs Syndrome. Amy has no fear or anxiety. She has played confidently with golf pros and even inspired them to win trophies. People who have public speaking fear can learn to develop their confidence from Amy.

Mastering the Power of Positivity


A famous American author, Hellen Keller said; ‘Keep facing the sunshine, and you won’t see a shadow’ This is a reference to the power of positive thinking. You might have heard about the power of positivity or how having a positive outlook can transform your life.

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Your Top 6 Storytelling Questions (Answered by an Expert Storyteller)

Duarte Blog

In our recent webinar, “Persuading Your Audience Through Story” with Duarte content developers and speaker coaches Jeff Davenport and Doug Neff, we received great audience questions about the art of storytelling. Following, Jeff answers six of the most asked questions we weren’t able to answer live.

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The Path to 7-Figures with Ryan Estis

Speaker Launcher

Want some great advice from a 7-Figure speaker? Listen as Jane and Ryan Estis answer your questions about how to grow your speaking business! The post The Path to 7-Figures with Ryan Estis appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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5 Tips to Craft a Compelling Vision Statement for Your Company


Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps you hooked to a specific brand even if so many cheaper options are available out there? Why do you recommend a particular restaurant when someone outside of your town asks for suggestions? Well, there is a good reason behind it!

What is Risk Analysis and Risk Management?


What is inevitable for any entrepreneur is risk! Without risk, there can be no reward, and at a manageable level of t risk, businesses can achieve success. On the contrary, threats that don’t result in a positive outcome can ruin a business. However, this is not a zero-sum game.

The Oak Zone Sunday Morning Chat Series: Rich Hopkins - Professional Spe.

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The Queen's Speech: an exception that proves the ruler

Max Atkinson

This blog is from 22 years ago when the Queen opened parliament by reading a speech written for her by Gordon Brown's Labour government.

Countering Business Competitors using OODA Loop Decision Making Model


Countering business competitors amidst cutthroat competition is like going to war. No wonder various business concepts consist of so many military terms with words like war, menace, etc.

How Starbursting Brainstorming can Help Generate Creative Ideas


Many brainstorming sessions can get lost in translation due to the conflicting ideas and opinions of participants. You might want to create a better product than the competition, only to come up with a difference of opinion which seems irreconcilable.

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Making Effective Group Decisions with the Stepladder Technique


Making decisions in groups can be difficult; making good decisions can be even harder. However, such decision making might be a part of a contractual requirement, such as between consortium members, business partners, at Annual General Meetings, etc.