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Presenter View: Your secret presentation tool

PowerPoint Tips

Presenter View is a secret view that only you see! Here’s what Presenter View looks like. What can you do with Presenter View? But wait!

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Resonate Is Hot Off the iBook Presses!

Duarte Blog

Resonate has made the leap from book to iBook ! If not for the outstanding capabilities of the program (and the iPad!), –Nancy Duarte.

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Using Humour When Speaking to a Foreign Audience

Manner of Speaking

My last post about delivering a speech or presentation via an interpreter has generated a lot of discussion. He then invited me to speak. It was clean.

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Make the product unique, not the packaging

Speak Schmeak

Hubby : "Your bottle is too tall for the shelf." Vendor : "Why don't you put it on the top shelf?" Can you change the size of the bottle?"

Imagine There's No PowerPoint

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Imagine there's no PowerPoint It's easy if you try No screens before us No piles of printed slides Imagine all the people focusing on you. Imagine no bullets I wonder if you could No dissolves or fly-ins Just stories, from the heart, and good Imagine all the people focusing on you. with apologies to John Lennon). Visual Aids

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Do You Need an Elevator Pitch?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Here's the link - - at 99 cents, it's almost free! Enjoy. The Business of Public Speaking

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Famous Speech Friday: Golfer Sophie Gustafson: Stuttering is "part of who I am"

The Eloquent Woman

Watch any sport on television, and you'll see the athletes segue from their course or court right over to the mic for the postgame interview.

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Stop, Drop and Roll into Your Greatness

Speaker Launcher

Here’s my 3 step ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ approach: STOP! COMPARING. And start focusing on why you are different from them.

The Real Magic Behind Content Marketing | Social Media Today

Content Marketing Today

You’ve heard the term buzzing around the Internet. You may even consider it part of your online strategy. Via

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What do Kate Middleton and Kim Jong-un have in common?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

Since I reviewed Kate Middleton’s first public speech, it seems only fair to check out another world leader’s maiden attempt at public communication. 

New on Pinterest: Great quotes by eloquent women

The Eloquent Woman

If you're on Pinterest , you know how popular it is as a way to share inspiring or funny quotations. Inspire yourself or another woman speaker!

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Roger Ailes: Should he hire Don Draper from "Mad Men?"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Media genius Roger Ailes had a high profile week.    Incidentally, even the talent has to often monitor themselves for being too hot. 

Team Presentations - Are you on the same team?

Executive Speech Coach

Group Presentations Having more than one personpresenting together can be effective. They must serve aspecific role that is clear to the audience.

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Public Speaking success comes from knowing your audience

Pivotal Public Speaking

Your audience knows whether you are speaking to them, of just presenting information. They will either feel the connection or tune out very quickly. So you need to know what interests your audience, what they will respond to. This is what underlies the construction of most of your content. It is the reason to use language the audience understands.

#eventprofs, Get a musical recap for your conference sessions with @songadaymann

The Eloquent Woman

Jonathan-- known as the "Song a Day Guy" --has been writing and posting online a song a day since 2009. 8:30 in the morning.

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Post-Gasoline Angst: I used gallons and gallons for day trip to Rhode Island

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At $4.19 a gallon here in New Haven, Connecticut, gasoline has become a campaign issue.    I took the road less traveled. 

Choosing a speech topic

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Sometimes you are told given a speech topic and other times the choice is left entirely up to you. This latter option can leave people feeling completely stuck. The purpose of this short post is to give you some practical guidance on how to choose the best speech topic of a presentation. The [.].

Social Speech Podcast with Rob Cottingham

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I was recently interviewed by Vancouver-based social media and organizational strategy expert Rob Cottingham. Rob’s Social Signal blog is a rich source of information on social media and public speaking and speechwriting. Podcasts Social Media Speechwriting rob cottingham

Humor Spotlight: Learning from Brad Montgomery

Speak and Deliver

no - unless you're a truly slimy marketer). Scatter-Shot Speaking - Brad speaks a mile-a-minute, but was never too fast to be understood.

Prostitutes as Way of Life: From Summit of the Americas to senior citizen housing

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

At the Summit of the Americas there are likely some ticked off prostitutes.    Of course, there are also some ticked off U.S.

Presentation Tips Video: How to Rehearse Your Speech

Executive Speech Coach

What's the best way to prepare your presentation? How should you rehearse? Watch this video with George Torok to learn how.

Public Speaking - Taping Down Cables

Great Public Speaking

[link] Tom Antion shows you how to run your event better. Taping down cables will keep everything organized and not cause any injuries

Speaking With Humor: Costuming

Speak and Deliver

They say clothes make the man. The first thing to think about, in terms of any speech, is the audience. Is costuming appropriate at all? Bill Clinton.

Review: Motivate to Create: A Guide for Writers

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Review: Motivate to Create: A Guide for Writers, by Nate Hendley. Freelance Writing - General Guide for Writers motivate to create nate hendley

What the &*+#@*

Executive Speech Coach

Is it okay to use or imply curse words when you present? The person asking this question, suggested using slides withthese words: B#tch B@st&rd Sh*t His purpose was to generate a laugh. My answer to this question is “no, it’s not okay”. The cost of the laugh is too high. What would they remember and report?

Public Speaking - Why Use Props?

Great Public Speaking

Props help warm up the audience. They can be used as a substitute for notes. They help focus attention on the points you are trying to make along with illustrating them for you. They make better connections than your words with the visually oriented members of your audience. They create interest, add variety, and make your points more memorable.

Presentation Tip: Case study/Success story slides

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

In any presentation where you are selling ideas, products or services, your audience will want to know that you can actually solve their problem. Just stating that you can solve the problem is not enough, you have to provide proof. I call these case studies or success stories. It is not to brag about the work you have done.

Make the product unique, not the packaging

Speak Schmeak

Hubby : "Your bottle is too tall for the shelf." Vendor : "Why don't you put it on the top shelf?" Can you change the size of the bottle?"

Celebrate World Voice Day

Kate's Voice

Today is World Voice Day. It’s a day to remember that Your Voice Counts! For more resources, besides this blog, please visit the World Voice Day page on the American Academy of Otolaryngology Web Site. Here you will find articles, links to websites on health and care of the voice, and links to help you [.].

Test Humor for Introductions

Great Public Speaking

Test humor is humor that is placed in your written introduction. It is to be read by your introducer, not by you. Pick a couple of these lines and stick with them. The real value of test humor comes when you have heard the same line being delivered in your introduction over and over. NOTE: The "?" Let's welcome ? Let's welcome ? Let's welcome ?

What did you Commit to?

Speaking Freely

I had an experience yesterday that humbled me and made me let go of some old thoughts about my past. As a result, I can no longer kid myself about having not made it as a professional actress. Three of the most successful actors who went to school with me at the University of [.]. acting Authenticity Transparency acting classes

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A visual that fits in your pocket

Speak Schmeak

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have seen a post I wrote in 2008 about Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. He visited The Ellen Show to talk about Proposition 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act. We can be cruel or we can be kind. And I say we need to be kind."

Schumpeterian Media: For whom the bell tolls

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  Among those losing a job, which means also losing influence, is Xana Antunes at Crain's New York.    It's funny. 

The strange sound of North Korean music

Max Atkinson

above, which is also well worth watching for its commentary and finely coordinated non-verbal behaviour).