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Personal SWOT Analysis: Quick Guide (with Examples)


Job interviewers want to know what your weaknesses are. Your boss wants to know what plans you have for continuous improvement. And you want to know what threats to look out for that could stunt your growth.

What if you lost your words?

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Remember how boring "vocab" was when we were in school? Learning the meanings of endless words that we probably would never use? I don't think of vocabulary very often, but since my dad had a stroke on Tuesday, it's been top of mind.


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#SpeakerSuccessTip: Have a Point of View – Even If It Means Some Might Not Love You!

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One thing that happens to many public speakers as they start to grow and become more in demand and popular is they find that not everyone agrees with their philosophies or point of view. And guess what…that’s okay! Not everyone has to love you!

How To Get (And Keep) Others Committed To Change

Duarte Blog

When Graham Weston came up with the idea to move Rackspace’s headquarters to the once-thriving but empty Windsor Park Mall in a struggling area of San Antonio, he was thrilled at the possibility of breathing life back into his hometown and attracting new talent.

Movie Night

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Fathers and Daughters Leadership Toastmasters Training

How to Create and Present Comprehensive Social Media Reports


Making and presenting social media reports is an important task in social media marketing. Following management best practices, monitoring and control is a crucial task. In order to monitor the social media efforts, plans are created and KPI´s defined based on the original objectives.

Client Success Spotlight: How to Find a Niche that Pays Dividends with Sheri Fitts

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Just how narrow is your lane? Have you chosen a specific market? Join me to hear Sheri Fitts share how finding the right niche helped to scale her speaking business. The post Client Success Spotlight: How to Find a Niche that Pays Dividends with Sheri Fitts appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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A Quick Way to Zap Performance Anxiety


Once I was on stage feeling just great, about to sing a well-rehearsed song. Then I put my hand to my heart and felt it pounding in my chest. I was amazed to find that I was nervous and panicked. I was experiencing performance anxiety.

The Future of Email and Why You Are Ahead of the Game

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My friend, Dan Burrus, is really smart. He is a “technology futurist and disruptive innovation expert.” It’s a mouthful but when it comes from his mouth, he makes it all make sense. So when Dan mentioned that the future of communication is a blend of science and art, he made that make sense too. The science part – the transactional, factual and informational – will soon be taken over by AI. Anybody can provide facts. The other part is art.

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Ok, I'll Try It.

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Accountability Fit Bit Steps Tracking


Camera One, Camera Two.

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Camera Equipment Perspective Tweaking


You Should Do What You Want to Do.

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Advertising Coaching Passion Sales Should Speaking Want

Sunday's Have Become Giant Nothing Burgers

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The Tweaks Continue.

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