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Charisma: It’s what you do that counts

Manner of Speaking

Charisma is not who you are. Charisma is what you do. Many people bemoan the fact that they “are not charismatic” But this kind of thinking is not productive. Anyone can be more charismatic if they are willing to work at it. Because charisma is all about actions and behaviours.

Case Study: How to Write and Present It


Marketers, consultants, salespeople, and all other types of business managers often use case study analysis to highlight a success story, showing how an exciting problem can be or was addressed. But how do you create a compelling case study and then turn it into a memorable presentation?


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Client Success Spotlight: Confidence and Authenticity with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff

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Listen to hear Dr. Cindra Kamphoff share tips on how to find the confidence that will help you to create a more successful speaking business. . The post Client Success Spotlight: Confidence and Authenticity with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast

12 Excellent Content Writing Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations


If you’re in business or a job, the odds are great that you’ll be creating a PowerPoint slideshow at some point in time. Unfortunately, even if your spoken presentation is well rehearsed, a poor visual experience can ruin it for your audience.

3 Situations that Demand a Story

Duarte Blog

Critical communications require you to influence an audience. Whether you’re asking a customer for a sale, motivating your team to tackle a new challenge, or helping your boss see you in a new light—your goal is to persuade. Nothing persuades like stories. Stories are how humans interpret the world.

Story 52

How to Incorporate Decision Trees into Your Presentations


Decision Trees Are Powerful Assets for your Presentations. Even if you’ve never heard of a decision tree, you’ve probably seen them at some point in your life. You might have even made one without realizing it.

Why Every Public Speaker Should Be Taking Advantage of LinkedIn and LinkedIn Live

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If you are building and running a successful public speaking business, you need to invest in marketing – especially social media. But where do you focus your efforts on social media to get the biggest bang for the buck?

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How much Follow-up is Too Much?

SpeakerSue Says...

One of the most frequent questions I get is, “How many emails can I send before annoying my prospects?”. Except the question is wrong. It’s way less about quantity than quality. With an apology to Jeff Foxworthy, you know you’re being a pest when: You think you’re being a pest. (If If you think you are, you are.). You send a follow-up that asks if they received/read/reviewed your last email. (If If they didn’t respond with your best shot, what makes you think they will with your follow-up?).

Psychological Biases to Avoid When Decision-Making in Business


What are Psychological Biases? Psychological biases (AKA cognitive biases) are flaws in the way we process information and think about things.

How to Use the Brand Essence Wheel


For any brand to be successful, it needs to resonate with the target market. For example, some brands might offer a low-cost product, whereas others might be seen as a symbol of success and luxury.

Brand 52

WinAnyway LIVE - Still Living, So There's That

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WinAnyway LIVE - How Well Do People Really Know You

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WinAnyway LIVE- A New Four Letter Word

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Keto Momentum Self-Esteem Weight Loss


WinAnyway LIVE - Time Management is so 90s

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Covey Daytimers Efficiency Time Management

A Quick Guide to Presenting an Online Master’s Thesis


It’s often said that your Bachelor’s degree represents a broad field of study, while the Master’s degree is your opportunity to focus on a specific part of that field of study. It’s your chance to become an expert in something.