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How to create a poster in PowerPoint 2007 & PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint Tips

Do you create posters for personal or business use? Let’s create a couple of posters in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. Set the page size. “).

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 134)

Manner of Speaking

Nick Morgan – American Communications Theorist, Speaking Coach and Author. … So let go, and give the moment to the audience. ”.

Conference Best Practices: The Tech Policy Summit

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The recent Tech Policy Summit at the Silverado Country Club in the Napa Valley was a well organized and engaging event. Too many conferences are painful to attend; lengthy keynote speeches in windowless hotel rooms, rubber chicken and endless PowerPoint conspire to dull the senses. This event was an exception. Here’s a list of the [.].

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4 for 3 special is back in time for summer!

Speak Schmeak

In December, I offered a limited-time holiday special that gave clients four sessions for the price of three, and it was so popular, I decided to offer it again as a windup to summer. Do any of these sound familiar? You're tired of giving mediocre presentations that just don't make an impact on your audiences. and you want to do something about it.

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Who Let The Frogs Out?: 3 Quick Remedies for Voice Malfunctions

Kate's Voice

Pulled from the archives, this post is still one of the most popular on this blog, along with its sequel, More Quick Remedies for Voice Malfunctions. We just added a new pic. You are just about to make your point, bringing your dynamic and well-prepared speech to its exciting climax, when you open your mouth [.].

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Perfecting the Intangibles of Public Speaking

DeFinis Communications

I regularly write about the tangible aspects of public speaking (the concrete presentation skills), such as gestures, movement, language, and visual aids. But often, being a great presenter has a lot to do with that “certain something” the person possesses. Some people call it charm, energy, self-assurance, or charisma. It’s a tough question.

6 secret advantages of the newbie public speaker

The Eloquent Woman

Are you "just a beginner" at public speaking? Good for you! I love to coach beginning speakers, because they all come to the task with these talents.

Rhetorical Devices: Diacope

Manner of Speaking

This post is part of a series on rhetoric and rhetorical devices. For other posts in the series, please click this link. Device : Diacope.

The Queen’s First Speech

The Presenter's Blog

You’re young, inexperienced, female, and taking over an empire when the only women in the boardroom are usually taking shorthand.

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Are you willing to have your beliefs challenged?

Speak Schmeak

This past weekend I attended the World Tea Expo to present a workshop on business networking. Also, to drink a ton of tea. But more than death?

Famous Speech Friday: Carol Bartz's commencement speech "Embrace failure"

The Eloquent Woman

Attention! The advice you are about to receive comes from a 63-year-old unemployed former CEO whose language is frequently described as salty."

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 133)

Manner of Speaking

Pythagoras (570 – 495 BC) Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. “Do Do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few. ”. Pythagoras.

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking - Presentation Tips video

Executive Speech Coach

How can you overcome the fear of public speaking? That includes many of the great speakers.

June 12for12 Challenge: Prepare Your Mind

Speak Schmeak

Have you joined my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program yet? But remember, this is all about getting out of your comfort zone. However.

McCain accuses Obama with witchcraft

The Presenter's Blog

President Obama’s actions to defeat terrorism have been making news, and in the process have allowed John McCain, the man he beat for the White House, to use some marvellously cool rhetoric to accuse the President of a marvellous cool PR plot. Should the accused drown beneath the waters during her ducking, she was innocent. How to respond?

Great Souvenir (and Excuse) from a Presidential Speech

Manner of Speaking

Here’s a great story. Eleven-year-old Tyler Sullivan from Minnesota skipped school last week to go with his father to see President Obama deliver a speech at a local plant. After the speech, Tyler met Obama. The President realized that Tyler was missing school in order to come listen to his speech.

Beware the Latest Scam in Public Speaking!

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I have regularly warned my blog readers about a long-running scam that preys on the hopes of public speakers, inviting them to speak (at a hefty fee) at a conference in the UK or somewhere else in the world.    Now, the scam has taken a new direction, aimed at women and parents, or at least speakers on these subjects.  Venue:?68

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4 for 3 special is back in time for summer!

Speak Schmeak

Do any of these sound familiar? You're tired of giving mediocre presentations that just don't make an impact on your audiences. Call me!

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Interactive Presentations

Great Public Speaking

[link] If you want your audiences to say WOW!, then get them involved. This video tells you how. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos

Lessons from the Podium

Manner of Speaking

Last year, Stephen D. Cohen, author of Lessons from the Podium , kindly sent me a copy of his book. Lessons from the Podium is a quick read. Rowlin g.

People I’m Grateful for #4: David Meerman Scott

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

This blog is the fourth in a series of blogs on people that have added something important to the world of communications.    Today, my gratitude is for David Meerman Scott.   The series is personal and partial, but I welcome nominations for those you think I’ve missed.  Which brings me to David.  Speaker Critiques

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Interview: Ann Rea – Artist, Speaker, Businesswoman

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

San Francisco-based artist Ann Rea creates an Experience of Art™ for select patrons that is an innovative blend of new and old world mediums. Patrons choose their favorite landscape and join this nationally acclaimed artist for a tour of that special place, one that holds their heart’s most meaningful memories. The artist returns to paint [.]


Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

I was reading Spider-Man to one of my grandchildren last week and some other stories from his bookshelves. I noticed that most of the good stories have a hero, a serious challenge and learning something as a result. Good public speakers tell a story that helps the audience identify with themselves, their problems, their needs, their solutions.

How Would You Make Speak & Deliver Bigger.Faster.Stronger?

Speak and Deliver

Speak & Deliver will be undergoing an upgrade over the next few days to ensure greater readability, and become more helpful to you in every way. If you could add or subtract to this blog, what would you do? I don't have six millions dollars, but I believe we can make S&D Bigger, Faster, Stronger! Thank you, Rich

Dr. and Mrs. Jay Shetlin Testimonial for the Great Internet Marketing Training Center

Great Public Speaking

[link] Watch this amazing video about their experience at Tom Antion's Retreat Center

The Second Elizabethan Age

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The first Elizabethan Age lasted 45 years from 1558 to 1603 and saw a flowering of English influence through international expansion and naval triumphs. It witnessed a renaissance in poetry, music and literature, most noticeably the works of William Shakespeare. Cultural Differences

Best Website Contest Winners (+ surprise)

Speaker Launcher

Well, many lessons (several for myself) have unfolded during this year's Best Speaker Website. Contest. link]. link]. Not all APPs are created equal).

Facebook @25.83: Return of decorum

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The ferocity with which not only investors but so many other constituencies turned on Facebook tells us a lot of things. 

3 ways a microphone can contribute to your success as a speaker

Pivotal Public Speaking

For all sorts of reasons, speakers will decide not to use a microphone. They are not confident that they know how to use it, they believe their audience will be able to hear them, they consider that they have projection skills, they have spoken in the venue before … and more. Here are three…. It is very easy to take our voices for granted.

Marketing For Public Speakers: Text Messaging

Great Public Speaking

One thing is for sure. People look at their text messages and they normally do it within minutes of receiving them and mostly immediately when they receive it. They might wait a week or more to check their email, they may never check it or they may check it sometime whenever they feel like it, but not text. They check it NOW.

The Only thing We Really Know About John Edwards Is that He Still Would Have Been Better than Bush

TJ Walker Interactive

by tjwalker. So the silliness of the John Edwards trial is over and what have we learned? That John Edwards did not corruptly sell his positions on issues to campaign contributors. That John Edwards did not corruptly sell jobs/positions/ambassadorships during his campaign. What else do we know about John Edwards as of 2004?

Are you willing to have your beliefs challenged?

Speak Schmeak

This past weekend I attended the World Tea Expo to present a workshop on business networking. Also, to drink a ton of tea. But more than death?


The Communication Blog

[link]. Here's a brief list of suggestions for the child who gets teased by other children for having gay parents, probably because they have homophobic parents or teachers. The suggestions are, however, useful for any type of teasing. link]. teasing homophobia gay parents

SuperBowl 2013: Will we miss GM & be eating hummus?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The SuperBowl is the ultimate bonding/branding annual ritual.    I take a look at that for the financial information company Motley Fool.