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How to be an Outstanding Communicator

Manner of Speaking

Today’s post is from Martin Shovel. Martin is a writer, speechwriter, cartoonist and communications expert with a special interest in new media and social networking. He is a regular contributor to the Guardian’s Mind Your Language blog and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth. Through his company, CreativityWorks , Martin has worked with an impressive host of companies and organizations to help their people significantly improve their public speaking and presentation skills.

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Steve Jobs – Public Speaking, Preparation & Practice

Matt Eventoff

The speed at which information travels has rendered most news dated within hours; days if a story really has “legs.” ” To last through multiple news cycles is very rare. The passing of Steve Jobs has done just that, and for good reason.

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Bruce Gabrielle presents on “Storytelling Secrets for Boardroom Presentations”

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At the 3rd session of Outstanding Presentations Workshop , Bruce Gabrielle spoke on “Storytelling Secrets for Boardroom Presentations.” ” Bruce is the author of Speaking PowerPoint and he leads workshops for businesses, consulting firms, associations, and business schools.

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Get all the results without the any of the effort

Speak Schmeak

Just kidding. You know that's not how it works, right? I would like to lose ten pounds. In fact, I would like my body to look the way it did in my early 30s. But here's the problem: I'm not willing to do the work.

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 103)

Manner of Speaking

Homer Simpson - Cartoon Icon. “If I could just say a few words … I’d be a better public speaker.” ” — Homer J. Simpson. Quotes for Public Speakers Homer Simpson Humour Public Speaking Quotations quotations simplicity

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Public Speaking is a Risk

Manner of Speaking

Did you ever have a really bad public speaking experience? For example, Did you ever forget what you wanted to say? Did you ever get lost, or stuck in traffic en route, and arrive too late? Did you ever have trouble speaking because you were so nervous? Did the equipment ever stop working and leave you in the lurch? Did the audience ever ask questions you couldn’t answer? Did you ever lose a speech contest? Did you ever get negative feedback? Did you ever get laughed at?

Steve Jobs on marketing & identifying your core values

Presentation Zen

Steve Jobs had a talent for identifying what was important and what was not, and having the courage to toss what he felt was the nonessential.

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Book Review: Discover Your CEO Brand, by Suzanne Bates

PowerPoint Tips

I reviewed Suzanne Bates’ first book, Speak Like a CEO , because it was so related to presenting. I was impressed with the thoroughness with which she researched and covered a topic, so I’ve continued to review her books, even though they are less related to presenting.

Sophia Grace and Rosie do The Ellen Show

Speak Schmeak

Watching this interview just made my day. 8-year-old Sophia Grace and her 5-year-old cousin Rosie were spotted by The Ellen Show on YouTube doing a cover of Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass."

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Are You an Author? How to Survive the Book Business Today

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

The author and book business is changing rapidly, and the news is not good for a lot of the players. Fortunately, they can take a note from the music business and change their modus operandi to survive. So what’s going on?

Part 1 of a Three-part Series: Got Platform?

DeFinis Communications

Guest Blog Part 1 of a Three-part Series: Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses.

Famous Speech Friday: Anita Hill's Senate testimony about Clarence Thomas

The Eloquent Woman

Twenty years ago this month, Anita Hill, then a 35-year-old law professor, appeared before a Senate committee considering the confirmation of nominee Clarence Thomas as a U.S.

Black Death Versus PowerPoint

Executive Speech Coach

It's estimated that the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) killed 20 to 50 million people in Europe between 1347 and 1351. It's attack was swift and merciless. People didn't know how to deal with this threat. They didn't understand nor appreciate personal hygene nor sewage removol. They were vomitting in the streets - and dieing horibily. Almost half of the European population was eliminated in four years.

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Book marketing hints and tips to help you sell your published or self-published book

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post won't guarantee that your book will become a best seller or that you will sell boxes of books. However, not using the book marketing hints and tips in this blog post all but guarantees that you will not sell any, or will only sell a few, books. Marketing Your Services My Books Self-Publishing & Print On Demand POD promoting books self-publising

Rhetorical Devices: Paraprosdokian

Manner of Speaking

This post is part of a series on rhetoric and rhetorical devices. For other posts in the series, please click this link. Device : Paraprosdokian. Origin : From the Greek ???? para), meaning “beyond” and ????????? prosthokhia), meaning “expectation”; thus, “beyond expectation” In plain English: A sentence or phrase that has an unexpected ending. Effect: The unexpected ending is most often used for a humorous effect.

What are you looking for here about #publicspeaking?

The Eloquent Woman

From time to time, I like to ask readers to answer a couple of questions: "Who are you?" and "What are you looking for here about public speaking?"

How to Conduct a Successful Virtual Meeting - 5 Quick Tips

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

For my blog today I'm pointing to a recent article in Success magazine on virtual meetings.    In it, I offer 5 tips for a successful meeting.    Enjoy!    [link]. Audience Interaction

Relevant Resources: for Writers

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I help edit SPEAKER Magazine for the National Speakers Association (NSA). Each month I curate the Relevant Resources column – a list of time-saving tools and technologies. The October list focuses on resources for writers and writing. Montblanc Fountain Pen – Writing with a quality fountain pen is like making love to your words as they [.]. Business Communication National Speakers Association Relevant Resources SPEAKER Magazine


Writers Earning a Living: Alternate Revenue Sources – panel session (Nov. 15, Toronto)

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Writers Earning a Living: Alternate Revenue Sources: PWAC Toronto panel talk and discussion. 15, Toronto. Freelance Writing - General Marketing Your Services Workshops, Seminars & Online Courses earning a living as a freelancer freelance writing marketing

What Prohibition did for women and public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

If you watched the Ken Burns documentary Prohibition , based on Daniel Okrent's book Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, you might have noticed the active role women played in what was called the temperance movement--and the major role they played in public speaking on the issue.

4 Types of Audience Tension or A Review from an Evening with Ed Tate

Speak and Deliver

Last night, I attended a 90 minute training session by the 2000 Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking, and CSP, Ed Tate. He covered a myriad of topics very well, as was expected, and I enjoyed hearing him deliver in person what I have heard from him multiple times in audio format.

Can you fake authenticity? Body language quick take #10

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

For my final blog in this series on body language “quick takes,” I’m going to answer the question I get asked most often by interviewers, audiences, and fellow speaking coaches:  how do you show up with authenticity?    And what about the irony of practicing that authenticity?    Doesn’t that mean that any such ‘authenticity’ will be fake?    Thinking about authenticity in this way mistakes what it is and how it is projected. 

Professional Speaking Training Opportunities

Great Public Speaking

[link] Get training online from someone who has done what you want to do. Over 350 public and professional speaking videos

For Wednesday: Step Up Your Speaking newsletter

The Eloquent Woman

You don't need a fortune cookie to find the right words for your next presentation, speech or off-the-cuff remarks.

Raj Rajaratnam: What would he pay us for a kidney?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Raj Rajaratnam's kidney transplant will likely be billed to taxpayers, now that he's in prison.    Today, U.S. Judge Richard Holwell sentenced Rajaratnam to 11 years for insider trading and required that he go directly to jail. 

J.K. Rowling’s Commencement Address – Grabbing and keeping audience engagement

Pivotal Public Speaking

Just magic!! What an inspiring speech this was! Even if you watch only the beginning, you can learn from her technique. She had them laughing with her from the start. . public speaking videos commencement address graduation J.K. Rowling

Public Speaking Techniques - Localized/Personalized Comments

Great Public Speaking

If you plan on making any comments to specific people in the audience or about the location of the presentation, now is the time to do it. Anything you say at this point should be personalized and/or localized and broadly understood. One of the things I enthusiastically and sincerely say somewhere in the beginning of a talk is, I am so happy to be here. However, that can mean uh-oh, it's pillow time to the audience because everyone says that.

PowerPoint Tip: Adding crosshatching fills to graphs in PowerPoint 2007/10

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

When I was presenting a course for accountants in July, a number of the participants mentioned that starting in PowerPoint 2007, they had lost the ability to fill graph segments with crosshatch patterns. This is important when printing graphs in black and white since shades of grey are hard to distinguish. The participants asked if there was any way to get back this important feature that had been eliminated.

Podcast: Authenticity

Communication Steroids

Tim and Roger discuss authenticity in your life and how to translate that into your public speaking. Tim and Roger discuss authenticity in your life and how to translate that into your public speaking. Podcast authenticity

Why your last email may destroy your career

SpeakerSue Says...

Someone I know in my personal life is sweet and loving and totally capable. But when she emails, she is nothing short of rude. Her emails sound like she is barking out orders: Tell this person this and Do this and Remember this. There is never a please or a reason (though I admit to always knowing the reason the directive is being given).

Presentation Skills - Appropriate Targets For Humor

Great Public Speaking

You must constantly remember to base your humorous material on an important target shared with your intended audience. You get this information from your pre-program questionnaire and other pre-program research. People Use people they know in your jokes and stories. Talk about their CEO or supervisor (get permission from these people first). Joke about or insult the CEO of a major competitor, but be careful here. You may want to work for the competitor some day. Always pick BIG targets to tease.

Sophia Grace and Rosie do The Ellen Show

Speak Schmeak

Watching this interview just made my day. 8-year-old Sophia Grace and her 5-year-old cousin Rosie were spotted by The Ellen Show on YouTube doing a cover of Nicki Minaj's song "Super Bass."

Do you have an “exposure magnet” mindset?

Succeed Speaking

When I ask speakers what their #1 challenge is in getting their speaking business to the next level, the answer is often “I need more exposure,” or “I need more people to know that I exist.” ” No surprise there — that’s the challenge of every business.

Quick takeaways from Presentation Summit 2011–Day 2

PowerPoint Tips

After coming back from a conference, it’s so easy to get immersed in day-to-day work. I owe you more of my thoughts about the Presentation Summit 2011 and it has been hard to get to it. But I want you to get as much benefit as possible from my attendance. Here are my takeaways from Day 2.