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You will be judged

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I haven't been completely honest with you. I've been posting a lot lately about body positivity and age positivity because so many women hold themselves back from getting in front of an audience because of shame or embarrassment about their bodies and their appearance.

3 Steps to Booking High Fee Speaking Engagements

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If you are a public speaker who wants to take things up a notch or two so you can book more high fee speaking engagements; then this article is for you! Let me share three critical elements that all professional speakers booking high fee speaking gigs are doing.

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7 Reasons How Great Marketing Presentations Can Upscale Your Business


The sole purpose of marketing for any company is to advocate its products and services to raise brand awareness and generate sales. This task can never be accomplished with dull demonstrations.

Pump Down the Volume

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Aggressive Voice Energetic Enthusiasm Listening Loud Speaking Self-Control Volume Yelling

Golden Ratio: What is and How it can be used in Design


What makes something beautiful? Could there be a formula for beauty, and is it possible to calculate the possibility of designing a beautiful building, painting, or digital art? It turns out there is a way to calculate all these things using the Golden Ratio (1.618).

Systems for Generating Leads with Ravi Abuvala

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Listen to hear Ravi Abuvala talk about how he scaled 2, 7-figure businesses with less than $1,000 of his own capital in just over a year! The post Systems for Generating Leads with Ravi Abuvala appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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How to Use Your Next Email to Get Exactly the Result You Want

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Take a moment to think about an email you sent that got exactly the result you wanted. Based on your email, the client booked the event, accepted your pitch presentation, scheduled a call through your link (a topic for another post) or was available and happy to accept your call. So what did you do in that email – and all the emails that led to that result – to advance to your desired action?

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Creative Resume Ideas with Examples


We’ve got three crucial questions for you. When was the last time you updated your resume? Did you enjoy doing it? Do you think someone would enjoy reading it? You may be in need of a more creative resume.

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Who Said That?

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Abraham Lincoln Attribution Maya Angelou Morgan Freeman Quotes Zig Ziglar



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Attention Getting Hackneyed Hitler Lazy Offensive Speaking Toastmasters

Are You Stuck in A Quiet Place?

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A Quiet Place Don't Be Silenced End of the Human Race Express Yourself Speak Anyway

About Me Slides: How to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation


From conference talks to client demos, it’s always important to include an About Me slide in any type of presentation you are giving. Introducing yourself early into the presentation helps build a better rapport with the audience.