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Choosing a platform for your online course

PowerPoint Tips

When you’re ready to get your knowledge out to the world with an online course, you have many decisions to make! An important one is which platform you’ll use. The platform houses your course content.

Even Eddie Murphy needs the nerves

Speak Schmeak

I loved this conversation between Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Those of us who have the most experience speaking and entertaining on stage know this to be true: If you're not a little bit nervous, you just don't do as well.


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Time to Vote: Best Virtual Demo Video Contest

Speaker Launcher

A couple of weeks ago, we announced our Best Virtual Demo Video contest, and all I can say is WOW! Thank you to all of the speakers who submitted their videos. We’ve gone through and watched all of them… and now it’s time for you to check each one out and vote!

How Different Cognitive Bias Impact Your Presentation


The human brain is a weirdly wonderful organ. It processes gazillions of sensory data points in a matter of seconds. But such supersonic cognitive speed comes at a toll. Rather than bringing up a ton of information from memory, our brain often leans on mental shortcuts to accelerate thinking.

Visual Recruiting: How can it Help get the Best Talent Onboard?


Recruitment seems to be an easy undertaking to most of us. We hold a misconception that the labor market is just like a supermarket where the HR needs to walk in, scrutinize the candidates available on the shelves, and choose the best one. But the reality is far different than this.

To Celebrate Leafs vs Canadiens in NHL Playoffs for First Time in 41 years…

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Hockey Night on Ossington Avenue Johnny Bower was my hero. He led the Leafs to victory. In 1967, the year he turned forty-three, the craggy-faced goaltender backstopped the Toronto Maple Leafs to their third straight Stanley Cup triumph. Watching him … Continue reading →


Powerful, Persuasive Presentations In-person, Online, and Virtual with Patricia Fripp

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Listen to hear Patricia Fripp share what it takes to craft powerful presentations and epic stories that will result in long-term customers. The post Powerful, Persuasive Presentations In-person, Online, and Virtual with Patricia Fripp appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

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May 21 - WinAnyway LIVE - What's Next

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6 technical tips for your next online presentation

Manner of Speaking

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in countless ways. Among other things, the world has been pushed even more online. I am guessing that if you are reading this post, you have participated in at least one online presentation over the past year or so. Probably more than one.

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Power words that sell, influence and create great customer experiences

SpeakerSue Says...

Words matter. The difference between saying, “Unfortunately, we no longer offer …” and “Here are the great, new options …” is the difference between likeability and a sale, or not. SpeakerSue’s tip: To put your customers and prospects at ease, choose positive, pleasant words “brain-friendly” words. Words like: Unfortunately. Feedback. Inconvenience. I can’t. Make sense? are nether positive nor pleasant nor brain friendly. Words like: Thank you! You rock! You’re right. What a great idea!

Ways to Advance Your Career if You’re a Millennial


Different generations in western countries have been placed in demographic cohorts to describe the characteristics of that generation, including; habits, social and economic conditions, and developments that revolutionized that era.

May 20 - WinAnyway LIVE - How Do YOU Manage Time?

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Motivation Time Management

How to Overcome the Peter Principle


There are countless examples of competent individuals failing to deliver when promoted in their organization. You might read about how a company became an utter failure after a seemingly capable CEO took over or might have observed similar examples at your workplace.

Fireside Chat: How it can Effectively Replace a Conventional Presentation


When the word presentation pops up, many people think of lengthy PowerPoint slides with a forgettable discussion, causing Death by PowerPoint.

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May 19 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Are You Around or IN Your Story

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Active How Do I tell a Story Narrative Speaking Storytelling Toastmasters

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May 19 - WinAnyway LIVE - Sell Anyway

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I've averaged more than one job per year I've been alive - and almost all of them involved sales. Why so many? Well, let me tell you. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Conviction Enthusiasm Inspiration Motivation Newspapers Sales