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I am not the brightest tack, but… 8 issues we should seriously be thinking about

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I am not the brightest tack in the bag of nails. I mean look at that, I just mixed the elements in my metaphor. It took me ten years to get my B.A., a three-year degree. I’ve never been a … Continue reading →

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The Dangers of Combining PowerPoint Presentation Slides

Duarte Blog

We call them “Frankenslides.” ” You know, the kinds of slide decks made up of bits and pieces of presentations. The kind where you borrow a slide from here, a chart from there, then throw everything into one big PowerPoint® file and present it to your staff. Those are Frankenslides.

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#SpeakerSuccesTip: Keep It Simple – Especially When It Comes to Virtual Presentations!

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With so many of us moving to virtual – with our presentations, communications, etc. – my success tip for this month is Keep It Simple. I’ve seen a lot of people invest in every bell and whistle technology wise for their virtual communications.

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The Introductory Guide to Psychographic Segmentation


How do you know that your marketing campaign will appeal to the target audience? In most cases, us, marketers, act on a hunch and assumptions, since we constantly operate with incomplete information.

How to Craft a Winning Go-to-Market Strategy to Unlock Product Launch Success?


Congratulations! Your new product is up for launch. So, how are you going to introduce it to the real world? If you have not planned the launch yet, you have committed the biggest blunder.

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If you’re struggling to connect, these 11 email tips will help you end the year strong!

SpeakerSue Says...

Having a great product should make it easy to rep. I mean who wouldn’t want to talk to a sales rep who gets to sell an amazing resort destination, with maybe a fam trip thrown in, or one selling an FDA approved drug that dramatically improves a patient’s life? Yet… the data is clear. Even pre-pandemic, only 44% of physicians were likely to agree to a 2 minute F2F with a sales rep (down from 80% in 2008). And travel to that resort isn’t likely until Q3 21 so the urgency isn’t there.

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Staying Positive in Tough Times with Christopher Wirth

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Listen to hear Christopher Wirth share some great ideas to help you keep a positive attitude and look beyond the negativity. The post Staying Positive in Tough Times with Christopher Wirth appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast Christopher Wirth Get Paid to Speak growing your speaking business Jane Atkinson mindset positive mindset professional speaker speaking strategies The Wealthy Speaker School wealthy speaker mindset

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Bad news about poppies

Max Atkinson

As usual, TV newscasters have started wearing poppies because we’re getting closer to 11 November. But however many times I’ve told the British Legion that they’d collect far more money by using cans with slits big enough to make it easier for us to donate notes, rather than coins, they have never taken any notice. But this year it may not matter so much, thanks to Covid 19.

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