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10 Tips on Moderating a Panel Discussion

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Have you noticed? Panel discussions are replacing keynotes and solo break-out sessions by experts at conferences. Rather than a rock-star presenter, who might disappoint, meeting planners are choosing to put a panel onstage and hear from multiple points of view. Thaler-Carter

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Tips for creative success from Pixar

Presentation Zen

Randy Nelson is Dean of Pixar University and gives a really nice 9-min talk below with important content for all professionals and students.

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Free PowerPoint tutorials

PowerPoint Tips

GCF Learn Free is a website that offers free tutorials, both in text and video format. People often ask me where they can learn PowerPoint from scratch, and this is a good place to start for the basics. Go to the Computer Training page , choose PowerPoint, and choose the version you want. They have tutorials from 2000 through 2007 (PC only).

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Great Moments in Presentation History: The Architect and the Egg

Duarte Blog

In the early 1400s, Florence, Italy was a hotbed of artistic competition. The day of the presentation arrived. Many ideas were presented. Moment™.

Learning Styles: What every presenter ought to know

Speaking about Presenting

Before Copernicus we believed that the the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun revolved around the earth. So far, so good.

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How Much Money Are You Losing Because of Poor Public Speaking Skills?

Successful Speeches Blog

How much money are you losing because of poor public speaking skills and lack of preparation? How much credibility are you losing because your speeches are boring? How badly is the reputation of your organization suffering because the executives are simply horrible when they give a speech? I ask those questions because I attended a [.].

Customers don't always enter through the front door

Speak Schmeak

And I don't necessarily mean adding upscale stores like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton to balance Sears and Claire's. This has all changed.

How do you convince your colleagues to present well?

PowerPoint Tips

So please tell me: If all this rich, plentiful, easy-to-understand material is out there, how do we get our clients to adopt the better way ? Thanks for the mention, Lisa!). I recently asked a similar question in my LinkedIn group, “ Great Communicators! There are many answers to this question, not just one. Don’t back down.

Speechwriters who blog tell exactly why they do it

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Vital Speeches of the Day has a great list of reasons why speechwriters blog, by Cynthia Starks.

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 42)

Manner of Speaking

Evan Esar (1899 - 1995) American Humorist. “Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a two-hour vocabulary.&# - Evan Esar.

How to go from boring to bravo

Speak Schmeak

As I seem to be slightly under the weather this week (perhaps I'm having a mental block due to being at 997 blog posts.), Thank you, Kristin! Not one.

Executive Speech Coaching in Fripp's Virtual Office

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Based on constant demand I have found myself delivering speech coaching on the phone. Check out a little of my virtual office.  Stay tuned.go

Another example where 100% of the communication is 'non-verbal'

Max Atkinson

A more elegant example where 100% of the communication is non-verbal is to be found in the way conductors interact with the orchestra during a concert.

More on Speech Contests

Manner of Speaking

Greetings from sunny Tunisia where I have been enjoying a much needed holiday with my family. The blue sky, warm sea, cold drinks and wonderful people have brought life to a pleasantly sloooooow pace. My regime has also included staying off the computer for days at a time, which accounts for the recent inactivity on this blog.

How to go from boring to bravo

Speak Schmeak

As I seem to be slightly under the weather this week (perhaps I'm having a mental block due to being at 997 blog posts.), Thank you, Kristin! Not one.

Speaking science: Speaker speed limits

The Eloquent Woman

Over on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook , Meg Mobley is wondering: “Does anyone else notice gender differences in speaking speed?”

600 Blogposts: thanks, reflections and requests

Max Atkinson

I’ve just noticed that the previous post was the 600th since I started the blog in September 2008. visa or entry into the U.S.

Public Speaking: How to Bring Your Characters to Life

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

Tonight’s World Champion’s Edge TeleSeminar is on. As a speaker we need audience to see our characters. am on a Tuesday in 1975.   2.   3.

Public Speaking: Diverse Groups

Great Public Speaking

If you are not familiar with your intended audience, you might ask in your pre-program research, or questionnaire How diverse is your group?

Getting would-be candidates to speak up, at #BlogHer

The Eloquent Woman

I went to this advance session because -- in my view -- public speaking's a major hurdle for any woman candidate. Think children's books.

Lawrence Lessig on remix (redux)

Presentation Zen

I've been a fan of Lawrence Lessig and his unique style of presenting for a very long time. His own method is not for everyone. I like this talk.

PowerPoint Slide Makeover #57: Revealing infographics one portion at a time

Dave Paradi's PowerPoint Blog

Infographics are a popular way to illustrate information, especially for print publications. To subscribe via the iTunes Store, click here.

Physical Preparation for Successful Public Speaking

Fripp THE Executive Speech Coach

  Physical Preparation for Successful Public Speaking. Physical Preparation: Warm up and relax your body and face. Now, switch legs and shake.

Who are the top plain-speaking government officials?

The Eloquent Woman

Speaker coach Claire Duffy asked for our help in finding videos of government officials discussing rules and laws clearly. currently.

The passionate scientist: Doing Q&A like Neil deGrasse Tyson

Presentation Zen

Stop thinking that every time you stand up to say something you are making a speech—because you're not," says Toogood in The Articulate Executive.

Tom Antion: Humor In Sales Presentations

Great Public Speaking

If anytime is critical to create excitement in a presentation, this is it. One of the best sales tools I know of to create excitement is humor.

Executive Speech Coach - Business Presentations: Body Language.

Executive Speech Coach

Body language can convey emotion, intensity, perpsective, humor, and action. George Torok · Presentation Skills Training

On the way to BlogHer, musing about women's speaking vs. writing voices

The Eloquent Woman

There's something about this Verizon ad, part of its "Rule the Air" campaign, that strikes me as only a part of the story. She's right. The ad's right.

Social Media And JOBS

Communication Steroids

Looking to land a new job? Want to put your best foot forward as you compete for that big promotion? If so, then chances are you're going to be

English - Not one of the college majors which ruin our lives

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Shock.   Majoring in English, which many of us writers did in college and might have went on to get advanced degrees in, did not ruin our lives, careers, and earning power.    On Gawker, Richard Lawson explains which majors supposedly do and English is not among them.    What are the killings majors?  

Alum success: Another publishing credit

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Phil Johnson, a freelance business writer and executive speechwriter based in Texas, had another article published. Here’s the link to his byline in Intelligent Utility : . [link

Looking for video of a good government communicator

The Eloquent Woman

Reader Claire Duffy , a presentation and speaking coach based in Sydney, is looking for a few good government communicators--on video. Can we help?

If you're a professional speaker, who is your customer?

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I often blog that the way to a successful speech is via the audience -- in other words, start with understanding your audience, and make the speech about its issues.    Solve the audience's problems and they'll reward you with fierce loyalty.    The irony of the mis-match was not lost on any of us.  

Sad Thing: Amy Fisher "Long Island Lolita" could have made it in journalism

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Thanks to her infamous brandname, Amy Fisher had a fast start in journalism when she was released from jail.    And she was in the slammer for shooting in the face her lover Joey's wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco.      Fisher could have gone far as a writer.    She nailed down a real job at a newspaper.