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Analysis of a speech by Apollo Robbins

Manner of Speaking

This is a tremendously fun speech to watch. If you have not heard of Apollo Robbins, you will enjoy his 8-minute TED Talk. Robbins is a professional pickpocket and one of the best in the world. He has studied human behaviour, human attention, and how to misdirect that attention.

What is an Open Door Policy and Why Your Company May Need One


One of the main features that distinguish a good workplace from a mediocre one is effective communication at all levels — from interns up to the CEO. Ideas flow freely between different teams. Issues are identified at a nascent stage and resolved before they spiral into chaos.


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Making Your Linkedin Profile Pop with Jennifer Darling

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Listen to hear Jennifer Darling share her ideas about utilizing your Linkedin profile to find the leads that matter. The post Making Your Linkedin Profile Pop with Jennifer Darling appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

9 Tips to Create a Visually Appealing eLearning Course


The power of visuals can be established by the fact that 40% of people respond better to images and visuals than plain text, and visuals transmit 90% of the information to the brain.

Should you speak in public?

Manner of Speaking

Many people wonder whether they have what it takes to speak in public. Are they capable of giving a speech or presentation? I understand. Many people would like to try public speaking; perhaps they’ve even made a resolution to do it this year.

Feb 5 Win Anyway LIVE - The End of Friday At Last!

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Celebrate Coaching Friday Star Trek

Coach 52

5 Steps to Finding Prospects for Your Speaking Business and Turning them Into Buyers

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Each month at the Wealthy Speaker School we focus on a specific business topic to tackle. At the school, February is all about Finding the Buyer. Getting crystal clear on the audience you serve and then building a sales funnel that allows you to connect and convert is the key to success in speaking (and […]. The post 5 Steps to Finding Prospects for Your Speaking Business and Turning them Into Buyers appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Buyer 43

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