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Year end Interview with writer and author, Paul Lima

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Trisha Harris interviews author Paul Lima. TH: To start, how long have you been writing?PL: PL: I’m 66 and wrote my first poem at the age of 14. But I’ve been a professional writer for 40 years, corporate writing and a … Continue reading →

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Team Management and How to Lead by Example


Leadership is often deemed as a divine gift by many. Some people are thought to be cut out for it while others are considered to be deprived of capabilities needed to lead a team. This isn’t entirely true!

2020 56

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9 Ways to Turn Text-Heavy Slides into Stunning Visual Presentation


Let’s assume a scenario where you are asked to prepare and deliver a presentation on a crucial topic related to your business. And, you go the extra mile to leave no stone unturned in preparing an information-rich PPT.

2020 60

Email trends & one sweet opportunity to sell more

SpeakerSue Says...

At the risk of sounding way too enthusiastic because of something the pandemic wrought, WHAT A SWEET OPPORTUNITY WE’VE BEEN GIVEN TO STAND OUT AND SELL MORE. Research proliferated telling us exactly what we can do now to sell more, get ideas noticed and enjoy better results! Grammarly’s overall 2020 communication trends are exciting and easy to apply. They found we are: •writing more to inform than to provide persuade. significantly (91%!)

2020 50

Video link to launch of “Chronic: A Sick Novel”…

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Video link to launch of Chronic: A Sick Novel… Listen to the author mumble his way through passages from his book: Paul and Deena are friends with MS and Parkinson’s Disease respectively. They’ve found a wonderful flat renovated for people … Continue reading →

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