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There's no such thing as a dry topic, only a dry speaker

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The other day someone commented on a post I wrote, saying, "Public speaking is easy if you love what you're speaking about and know it thoroughly. Then you just can't wait to stand up and tell everyone about it." But sadly, not everyone feels passionate about their speaking topic.

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Kanban Boards, The Power of a Visual Tool


Overview. It is easy to schedule daily tasks, like making a bed or doing laundry. However, if more than one person is living under the same roof, and many more chores need to be arranged, managing everyone’s tasks can be more challenging.


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Success Exhaustion with Dr. Tangie

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Considering a big change, but let fear stop you? Dr. Tangie shares her Success Exhaustion theory to help you take that next step. The post Success Exhaustion with Dr. Tangie appeared first on Jane Atkinson. The Wealthy Speaker Podcast Dr. Tangie Success Exhaustion

April 23 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Everybody Wants to be a Cat

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Aristocats Disney References Speaking Storytelling

Three key words for any Slayer

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Were you a fan of the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" I missed it the first time around; having been out of high school for some time when it came out, I didn't find a show about high school kids killing vampires to be very appealing.

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Expectancy Theory of Motivation and Decision Making


Some employees reach early, work hard and stay late to do their job to the best of their abilities. Then some employees have punctuality issues, are lazy, and seem to lack motivation. Several questions arise: What distinguishes the two? Can you motivate everyone to be at the same level?

3 Steps to Mentally Preparing Yourself to Attract the Perfect Buyer

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Let’s be honest. When you lose a piece of business that you know you would be perfect for, it stings. And it can push us through a flurry of different emotions, many of which aren’t conducive to closing more business.

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Your Prospecting Sucks – And 6 Tips to do something about It!

SpeakerSue Says...

How do you like the title of my new book? I haven’t written it yet, but that is what I’m going to call it. Because it’s true. Take this email (please!): Hi Name, Reaching out to introduce X as a possible site for the 2021 Small Pups Event. For your convenience, I have attached some information for consideration. Please let me know how I may be of assistance, and if you are interested in having me check availability and prepare a proposal for consideration. Thank you.

Enhancing Workplace Performance using the Flow Model


Workplace performance can often suffer from mental roadblocks. You might feel stuck in completing a report or procrastinating an urgent task because you cannot find the right momentum that can enable you to ensure that everything is done right.

April 21 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Butter Battles

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Punishment Regret Shame Speaking Storytelling

April 20 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Spelling Bee Blues

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Competition Spelling Bee Storytelling


April 19 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Playing in the Sandbox

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Story Log Storytelling Toastmasters

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April 18 - Win Anyway LIVE - Day 77 of the non #77DayChallenge

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77DayChallenge Goals Speaking Toastmasters

April 17 - Win Anyway LIVE - Diversity is a Marvel

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Comics DC Diversity Marvel

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Venn Diagram Ideas For PowerPoint Presentations


Venn Diagrams are widely used for business presentations to show the relationship between a collection of sets.

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