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Do this calculation every time you speak in public

Manner of Speaking

Whenever you have a speech or presentation to deliver, there’s a calculation that you should always do beforehand. Multiply the time you have to speak by the number of people whom you anticipate will be in the audience. The result is the true amount of your speaking time.

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Tips for Everyday Videos with Matt Pierce

Speaker Launcher

Want great video that will help scale your speaking business? Matthew Pierce from TechSmith shares his best tips for speaking on camera. The post Tips for Everyday Videos with Matt Pierce appeared first on Jane Atkinson.


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Diversity and Inclusion: The Best HR Approach to Drive Innovative Outcomes


Malcolm Forbes has beautifully defined diversity – The art of thinking independently together. An environment of inclusiveness is the need of the hour for all organizations, irrespective of their size and domain, to foster workplace equality and achieve success.

How to Create and Present a Professional Development Plan


Keeping yourself updated with recent trends and new methods used in your line of work is essential to avoid becoming obsolete. Like machines, technology, and processes, people can be outmoded by more efficient individuals in their field of work.

These Screenwriting Principles Will Make Your Business Story More Engaging

Duarte Blog

Every human interprets situations, instances, and occurrences around us through the lens of story. Stories help us frame the world we experience, giving us a handle on reality. We are wired for stories. And we consume lots of them.

#SpeakerSuccessTip: The Difference Between Quantity and Quality When Prospecting in Your Public Speaking Business?

Speaker Launcher

When it comes to growing your speaking business, how you reach out to prospects and clients plays an important role in your level of success. We know that if you play the numbers game and put out a large amount of reach, you will get results. That’s quantity.

MS Warrior’s Singing Got Me Writing, Again

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Paul Digby is a fellow MS warrior. He was a composer and piano payer until MS took away his ability to play the piano. So what did he do? He was not a singer, but he started to sing. I … Continue reading →

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3 Leaders Who Effectively Use Storytelling to Transform

Duarte Blog

Great leaders rely on varied communication tools to inspire their teams and influence others to take action. But there’s one powerful persuasive tool execs are often reluctant to use: telling personal stories.

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May 26 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Speak with Intention

Speak and Deliver

What Your Emails Tell the World about Your Leadership Ability

SpeakerSue Says...

(Even if you aren’t yet leading a team, these ideas will keep you from becoming THAT person.). Do you spend more time crafting a message to a customer than when emailing your colleagues or team? Sure there are times when you just have to get or give information. True with customers, too. But what about the times when you need to sell your colleagues or team on an idea (which is pretty much always except when answering their questions)? Like returning to work? Attending a meeting?

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Active Listening and the Art of Engaging your Audience


As a presenter, one of the hardest things to master is to engage your audience in a manner that focuses on your message, absorbs the information, and responds thoughtfully. In the era of smartphones and short attention spans, engaging your audience can be harder than ever. But not impossible!

12 Step Guide to the Hero’s Journey


Every story has a hero! And every hero has a journey to achieve a goal, avert a crisis or beat incredible odds.

Stage 52

A Quick Guide on Business Ethics


Have you ever bought a product and felt that it did not live up to the standards advertised? Did you feel cheated?

May 25 - SpeakAnyway LIVE - Do You Have Confidence

Speak and Deliver

Go buy David's book here: [link]. Confidence Speaking Toastmasters

May 24 - WinAnyway LIVE - Define Your Own Victory

Speak and Deliver

Art of Doing Contact Failure Motivation SETI Victory