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The 5 Physical Cues That Can Make You More Confident

Presentation Guru

Public speaking will always be relevant. This art is ever-evolving thanks to technology, and has now evolved again in the form of Zoom meetings or seminars and similar virtual gatherings.

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30 60 90 Day Plan: A Strategic Approach to Create New Sales Territories


There is an endless world of prospect customers for the sales organizations, which can be both a challenge and an opportunity. From this large pool, identifying and reaching out to the right customers and serving their needs is quite challenging.

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How To Write An Essay? – Where to start?


Writing is an essential skill every well-rounded human being needs to hone. However, it can be a challenging one to master, especially if you are more of a ‘talker’. That’s why so many students find essay writing to be quite a daunting chore during the first several years of college.

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Creating Your Rockstar Attitude with Mark Schulman

Speaker Launcher

Quote: “It’s my job to entertain, engage and inform at the highest level possible.” Mark Schulman Over the past several months we’ve been taking a close look at speakers who are making virtual presentations work to their advantage.

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2020 Toastmasters Zoom Challenge - Part I

Speak and Deliver

The Circumstances, the Idea, the Execution, and the Numbers March 12, 2020 – the day the quarantine started for ME, when my boss at the Boulder Daily Camera told the sales team to start working from home on Monday.

2020 64

Importance of Head Movements in Public Speaking


Consider it’s the first day at the office, and the boss suddenly asks you to deliver a presentation. Bummer! Unnerving, isn’t it? Well, public speaking can be a taxing experience but, if you know your basics right, you can steal the show.

2020 76

Write an email that improves CX and drives repeat business

SpeakerSue Says...

First, a moment of silence. I flew back to NY from Arizona arriving at 7:17am, nineteen years ago today. From the airplane window, the day was crystal clear – the most perfect early fall day. Until. Until we saw those towers fall and those people jump and those firefighters try. And for at least one silent moment today, we remember them. Fast forward to the middle (maybe), beginning (maybe), end (dear lord, please) of this pandemic.

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