June, 2019

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 314) – J. K. Rowling

Manner of Speaking

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.” ” — J. Rowling Photo courtesy of S.macken6. The post Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 314) – J. Rowling appeared first on Manner of Speaking. Quotes for Public Speakers J.K.

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Bottom Bracket Is In

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Well, after a mishap of ordering the wrong bottom bracket, I finally got it installed. When I measured the width of the space for the bottom bracket and converted it from imperial to metric, I got 70mm. What wasn’t clear to me was that 70mm = Italian and that my measurement was off by 2 mm.

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Don't wait for someone else to speak up

Speak Schmeak

Once upon a time, I was getting on the freeway at an onramp near my home, and for the nth time, was nearly sideswiped by a car entering in the lane next to me. This onramp has two left turn lanes to enter the freeway, but once you begin the turn, the lane markings disappear.

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Circle an object

PowerPoint Tips

A great way to emphasize and draw attention to an object on a slide is to circle it. Of course, the easy way is to insert a circle, and use the Appear or Fade entrance animation. Be sure to format the circle with no fill. I like to use a red outline and give it a weight of at least 2 pt.

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Hay Festival : 15 Speeches That Changed the World

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

The second Festival Foundation Gala event at the 2019 Hay Festival celebrated the power of persuasion and words. From calls to arms to demands for peace, this performance captured the voices of prophets and politicians, rebels and tyrants, soldiers and statesman.

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How to Turn Your Website Bio Into a Selling Tool

Speaker Launcher

How do we write a killer website bio that makes our clients pick up the phone or email us to ask us if their date is free on our calendars? Do you think someone who charges $1,000 per biography might know something about it?

Bio 101

Powerful presentations, event with PowerPoint

Manner of Speaking

This is a guest post by David Lindelöf. David obtained his PhD in Physics at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. From 2010 to 2018, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Neurobat.

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Free Online Resources to Make Your Presentations More Visual

Presentation Guru

No matter what the ultimate goal of your presentation is, you can’t achieve that goal if your presentation doesn’t effectively transfer information. It may feel counterintuitive, but visuals are the best way to transfer information in a presentation. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say.

Use Contrast in the Middle of a Presentation to Transform

Duarte Blog

Doing a quick internet search for “Tips for the beginning of a presentation” and “Tips for presentation endings,” will serve up thousands of relevant results. But just try looking for tips on how to write the bulk of your presentation—the middle, and you won’t find much.

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Hay, Hey, Hay!

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

It’s over dozen years since I first profiled The King of Hay-on-Wye and then listed the Top 197 Tweets from the 2008 Hay Festival. I’ve finally made the pilgrimage to the little Welsh-border village where books are celebrated.

2019 151

How to Attract Your Perfect Audience

Speaker Launcher

Singer Arianna Grande broke off her engagement to actor Pete Davidson, and instead of saying, “Goodbye, you goofball,” she said, “Thank you. Next!” Now, what could a 25-year-old pop diva teach us about booking more speaking gigs? Everything!

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A lesson from the Toronto Raptors

Manner of Speaking

Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors! They are the 2019 NBA Champions. I am delighted for Toronto — where I lived for over 15 years — and for all of Canada.

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Well I’ll Be A Monkey’s Father’s Brother

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

In my previous post , I shared the tip from GCN to remove rust from a bicycle. I was a bit skeptical. Before. After. Even gave the chrome some vinegary love. Cleaned up the bits of rust the best I could and put some clear coat on them. I then decided to clean up the seat post.

2019 151

5 Amazing Apps to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Presentation Guru

When writing speeches or pitches, you can easily make mistakes but, fortunately, there are many tools that can help you nowadays. The good news is that there is an app for everyone, and you can pick the one that works best for you.…

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Celebrities – They’re One of Us! How the Year’s Best Commencement Speakers Made Themselves Relatable to Graduates

Duarte Blog

It’s that time of the year again: commencement season. Across the globe, crowds of students and their loved ones gather to watch the distribution of diplomas and listen to congratulatory words delivered by administrators, faculty members, and celebrity commencement speakers alike.

F**k Me!

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

As I’ve noted before, the UK’s Financial Times has none of the reticence of other publications such as the WSJ in employing good Anglo Saxon terms where appropriate. Unlike American publications, they will print the work ‘f**k’ in articles. I see this is a word that’s also freely employed by The Guardian. In her May […]. Culture Shock! newspapers reporting

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Four Steps to Add Coaching to Your Speaking Business

Speaker Launcher

So, you want to be a coach? Let’s look at four steps you can follow to add coaching to your speaking business. Many of my clients are adding coaching to their mix of offerings. Personally, I think it’s a great idea.

Coach 97

Message from the Berlin Wall

Manner of Speaking

I regularly travel to Berlin, Germany to work with a client there. My client’s offices are located close to the largest remaining section of the Berlin Wall, so I know that part of the city well.

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Project Cost Estimated ??

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Yeah, kind of funny doing the math NOW. Anyway, the cost of this is going to be comparable to a new low-end bike, but more than the crap you can get at Walmart. While it’s true that this will not have 105 or Tiagra components, much less Ultegra.

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5 Presentation Tasks You Really Should Outsource to the Experts

Presentation Guru

Done right, a presentation can make or break a deal, your career or even your entire business. Creating something incredible in PowerPoint takes a lot of time and skill – time you might not have, and skill your team might lack.…

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Now the World Wonders: Had Paul Fox Not Been Adam Lanza's Psychiatrist, Could Sandy Hook Have Been Prevented?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Now there can be wild speculation: Could there have been no Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, had Adam Lanza received the right kind of psychiatric care? The New York Post reports that Lanza's psychiatrist back then - Paul Fox - has taken a plea. It is for one count of second degree sexual assault.

2019 83

Book Review: Speechwriting In Theory and Practice

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Speechwriting In Theory and Practice, by Jens E. Kjeldsen, Amos Kiewe, Marie Lund and Jette Barnholdt Hansen Reviewed by Neil Hrab, Rhetoric Editor, Vital Speeches of the Day A Book We’ve Long Awaited Speechwriters have hoped for a long time to see a book like this appear in print. Speechwriting in Theory and Practice’s 13 […]. Speechwriting Book Review

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Behind the Scenes: Building Your Course or Community with Jane Atkinson

Speaker Launcher

The last several months have been crazy busy with the launch of my new website and creating entirely new course offerings!

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 312) – Trevor Noah

Manner of Speaking

“I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done in life, any choice that I’ve made. But I’m consumed with regret for the things I didn’t do, the choices I didn’t make, the things I didn’t say. “We spend so much time … Continue reading → The post Quotes for Public Speakers (No.

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Tackling the fork

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

Before I could even start buying any parts, I needed to see if the fork was in serviceable condition. Good news. Rust wasn’t too bad and the only real issue was old, dirty grease. After cleaning it up and degreasing the bearings, I put it back together again. I just then noticed a gap!

2019 130

Saving Presentations in the Cloud – You Know it Makes Sense!

Presentation Guru

Readers of this website know how important presentations are, and here on Presentation Guru we have already covered how presentations are constantly evolving.

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The #1 Public Speaking Rule that has to Change

Speaking Freely

It is time we update one public speaking rule to align with the collective wish for more authenticity in communicating. Public Speaking coaches everywhere advise their clients, “Don’t ever tell them you are nervous. They won’t know.” This old-style public speaking rule causes us to sacrifice being real for looking perfect. Public speaking will always […]. The post The #1 Public Speaking Rule that has to Change appeared first on Read The Self-Expression Blog to Improve Speaking Skills.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Growth Mindset in Your Team


The most successful teams and workplaces are known to be oriented on growth. But what exactly the much buzzed growth mindset popularized by the likes of Microsoft and LinkedIn entails?

2019 69

Your Missed Branding Opportunity

Speaker Launcher

Every day I get about a hundred business emails. Some days, it’s even more. One thing I’ve noticed is that a large majority of these emails have @gmail.com at the end of them. You saw that I mentioned these are business emails, right?

2019 83

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 313) – Voltaire

Manner of Speaking

“The secret of being boring is to say everything.” ” — Voltaire. The post Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 313) – Voltaire appeared first on Manner of Speaking. Quotes for Public Speakers public speaking public speaking quotes quotes Voltaire

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Building a bike almost as old as me

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

I bought this Fuji frame off a Facebook posting. Originally, I did not want a frame older than 1996, about when STI (indexed) shifters were introduced. However, I was willing to consider an older frame if it looked “interesting.” ” This looked interesting.

2019 130

Birthday Parties - Comeback Strategy for Matt Lauer?

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

A driven, ambitious guy like Matt Lauer is bound to try for a comeback. Sometimes that works, as with disgraced Wall Street player Henry Blodget. He found salvation in launching digital native BusinessInsider. Sometimes it doesn't, as with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.

2019 65

The (he)Art of Persuasion


According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) national report, more than 100 million startups are launched every year. This is about three startups per second with a success rate of 1/3 Worldwide Business Start-Ups. It’s exciting, and the world is full of possibility. Yet, with all of those new ideas out there, getting someone to […]. The post The (he)Art of Persuasion appeared first on Vocal Impact, Inc. Content Cialdini influence Principles of Persuasion

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Why Public Speaking is the #1 Way to Network and Build Relationships


In an increasingly-crowded marketplace, business owners must find competitive advantages that can help them gain an edge.

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Indie-Publish Like a Pro with Erin Casey

Speaker Launcher

Self-publishing (aka indie-publishing) has shed the stigma of “those who can’t get published, self-publish.”

Powerful presentations, even with PowerPoint

Manner of Speaking

This is a guest post by David Lindelöf. David obtained his PhD in Physics at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. From 2010 to 2018, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Neurobat.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: as ‘Christian’ as Fundamentalists

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

As a kid growing up in a Pentecostal (religious fundamentalist) home, I was told that the Jehovah’s Witness were false prophets and a cult (talk about your pot calling the kettle black) for their belief that only 144,000 people would … Continue reading →

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