September, 2012

Announcing Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2012

PowerPoint Tips

I’m pleased to announce the 3rd annual Outstanding Presentations Worksho p! This year was have an almost-all-PowerPoint MVP* lineup, top experts who will give you the knowledge you need to transform your presentations.

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3 Best Ways To Start Your Speech - Guest post by Jeremey Donovan

Speak Schmeak

While I'm off in New Hampshire, learning the secrets to a successful online business from Alicia Forest , I've brought in some guest bloggers for you this week. I'll be back at my desk on Monday. Have a great week!

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When Things Go Wrong: Ten Presentation Lessons from Apollo 13

Manner of Speaking

The day of the big presentation has arrived. You’ve prepared, you know your material and you’ve arrived at the venue early to get set up. You check the room and everything looks fine. The stage is ready, the sound system works and the lighting is perfect.

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Held up? Time to resource a presentation web library

The Presenter's Blog

Technology used well can bring extra impact to your presentation. Take a look at TED and you’ll find people using laptops, tablets, and phones in new ways to help them tell their stories. The trick to using technology is to reach beyond PowerPoint.

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Book Review: 5 Steps To Conquer 'Death by PowerPoint'

Professionally Speaking...

Anyone who reads this blog knows my viewpoint on PowerPoint in presentations: it's generally used as a crutch by most business presenters to make sure they remember what to say, rather than as a mechanism to add additional clarification and depth to the presentation content for the audience.

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Prepare Your Speaker’s Toolbox

DeFinis Communications

By now, we all know that practicing your presentation and working on key public speaking skills will make you a better presenter. But practice and skill aside, there are other, more tangible, things that will help you excel at business presentations. I call these things your “toolbox essentials.”.

Pause when you display a new slide

PowerPoint Tips

When you display a new slide in your presentation, pause for a couple of seconds to let your audience take it in. Then, they’ll be able to turn their attention to you. If you speak immediately, their attention is divided and you’re competing with the slide.

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More Trending

Clint Eastwood and the Empty Chair

Manner of Speaking

“Who is sitting in that empty chair?” ” — Eugene Ormandy. By now you have probably heard about all the fuss over Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention.

2012 222

Changing minds, when minds are set

The Presenter's Blog

Don’t give battle in vain. When audiences hold entrenched views, full frontal assaults only deepen the entrenchment.

2012 167

How to Receive a Standing Ovation – Get Naked!

Speaking Freely

A standing ovation is a spontaneous emotional response from an audience that is moved deeply by a speaker or performer. The only way to earn a standing ovation is to get naked! I don’t mean take off all your clothes, I mean take off all protection and pretense, and be emotional. When a presenter [.]. Authenticity public speaking Standing Ovations storytelling Transparency Speaking from the Heart

2012 207

Do You Have A Good Story?

Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

Over the years, while listening to professional speakers, I noticed that the best story tellers deliver a speech with several stories that are accented by their points. They understand that it isn’t just providing content that impacts their audience, but their story.

2012 141

The blessed B key

PowerPoint Tips

Maybe calling it “blessed” is an exaggeration, but the B key is a great tool to use when you’re delivering a presentation. You simply press the B key on your keyboard. What does it do? It blacks out the screen. And the W key whites it out.

2012 194

Learning vs. doing

Speak Schmeak

I spent most of last week in New Hampshire at Alicia Forest's Online Business Building Workshop (OBBW). The content was amazing; I took so many notes and brought home so much good material, I don't even know what to do with it (okay, that's not true. I know what to do with it).

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 146)

Manner of Speaking

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900 – 1944) French Aviator and Author. “Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.” ” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Filed under: Quotes for Public Speakers.

Round. Nick Clegg’s Conference Speech Problem

The Presenter's Blog

Nick Clegg of the British Liberal Democratic Party, chose yesterday to forgo the stage for his leader’s speech at the Party Convention and to instead speak from a little round podium that had been placed in amongst the audience. He spoke quite literally in the round, with people all around him.

2012 146

Have Confidence that People can Smell

Speaking Freely

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Martin shared that his experience doing stand-up comedy at universities in the 1970s gave him a sense of confidence that people could smell. When Steve describes confidence this way, I think he means that he learned to create chemistry with his audiences. He learned to be so good [.]. Confidence Presence stage presence Authenticity being with audiences Self-confidence Transparency

2012 203

Clinton’s 48 Minutes of Magic Add to the Oratorical Feast at the Democratic National Convention

DeFinis Communications

It has been an oratorical feast at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week. Any aspiring or seasoned public speaker has a ringside seat to observe some of the best main stage political speakers in the world.

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Photo-editing features in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint 2010 added some new photo editing features that let you do a lot of your work right inside PowerPoint. In this video, I discuss 3 features on the Picture Tools Format tab: Corrections. Color. Artistic Effects. Watch this video to see how you can use these new features for your photos. Ellen Finkelstein can train you or your team to create high-impact, engaging, professional presentations for training, sales, business, or education.

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Avoidance doesn't eliminate anxiety

Speak Schmeak

Do you avoid public speaking because you have anxiety about it? Do you believe that, by avoiding speaking, you are therefore avoiding the anxiety? What if I were to tell you that avoiding public speaking only prolongs your anxiety and doesn't resolve it at all?

2012 175

What Bill Clinton Wrote and What Bill Clinton Said

Manner of Speaking

As the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions fade into memory, I was fortunate enough to come across an excellent piece of work in The Atlantic Wire by freelance writer Dashiell Bennett that I had to share.

2012 200

Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Keep ‘em awake!

Kate's Voice

This is your weekly tip sheet for having maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. A quick tip might just save your voice or get you through that important conversation. I welcome any comments or questions. They’re falling asleep out there! How do you hold interest when you have no [.]. communication vocal delivery vocal impact vocal variety

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Have Confidence that People can Smell

Speaking Freely

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Steve Martin shared that his experience doing stand-up comedy at universities in the 1970s gave him a sense of confidence that people could smell. When Steve describes confidence this way, I think he means that he learned to create chemistry with his audiences. He learned to be so good [.]. Confidence Presence stage presence Authenticity being with audiences Self-confidence Transparency

2012 203

the one skill to develop

The Presenter's Blog

Reblogged from fool with a plan: Want a leg up professionally? Need a career boost? Become a better public speaker. I can hear the collective response: Ohhh, ugh, groan. Not public speaking. That’s lame. Give me career advice I can use. Maybe more school or certifications. I hate public speaking.

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Which projector do you recommend?

PowerPoint Tips

A reader asked: A client needs a new business projector. Any advice or recommendations? They will be using it for small groups up to 150 participants and it needs to be portable. Which projector do you use and why? What do you like about it? Dislike?

Reminder: One day left to sign up for my free teleseminar

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There's one more day to sign up for my free teleseminar, " 3 Surefire Ways to Glue Your Audience to Their Seats Without Krazy Glue, Hot Glue or Mod Podge! " * Do you always feel like you're not prepared enough when you speak? *

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 144)

Manner of Speaking

Bruce Lee (1940 – 1973) Chinese-American Actor and Martial Arts Legend. “One does not accumulate, but eliminate. It is not daily increase, but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.” ” — Bruce Lee. Filed under: Quotes for Public Speakers.

Interview: Jag Randhawa – Technology Innovator

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things” – Theodore Levitt Jag Randhawa shares a deep passion for making a difference in the world, and enjoys sharing his life lessons through speaking. Creating a Culture of Innovation is one of Jag’s most requested talks, based on the Open Innovation program he developed [.] Creativity is thinking up new things.

Obama “On Fire” in Iowa

DeFinis Communications

If you’re looking for an example of someone who knows how to create a fire in the belly of an audience, look no further than President Obama’s speech last Friday in Urbandale, Iowa. There, Obama launched The Road to Charlotte Tour with a rousing rebuttal to the GOP convention platform last week.

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Sandra Schrift - Executive Speech Coach

A great public speaker knows that not everyone in the audience will agree with his/her point(s). Hey, if everyone in the room agreed with you, would you need to make a presentation? The reason you make a presentation is to make a “point,” to sell your ideas so that when people leave, they will begin to think/act differently. To do this, you need to provide your audience with great content and great delivery. Logic needs to be coupled with feelings.

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Natural Vocal Variety: The roles you say

Kate's Voice

I recently re-Read a post from earlier in the year by gavin on …saved in my Evernote notebook. Have I told you how much I love Evernote?!)The The post asks, “which speaker type are you?” and lists 6 types of speakers, with notes on the strengths and weaknesses of each. I agree that we all [.]. Practical application Speaking vocal delivery vocal power delivery role-playing vocal image vocal variety

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September 12for12 Challenge: Make your ideas sticky

Speak Schmeak

Have you joined my 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 program yet? Build your "confidence muscles" with monthly challenges designed to help you get out of your comfort zone and build confidence in a variety of settings that will prepare you for your upcoming speaking engagements!

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 142)

Manner of Speaking

Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) German-American Physicist. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.” ” — Albert Einstein.

HUMOR: With or Without U

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Thanks to Oriana at Gotham Ghostwriters for alerting me to this artfully produced parody of Irish rock band U2′s song “With or Without You”, recast as a promo for a recently published book on Scrabble: Is That a Word?: From AA to ZZZ, the Weird and Wonderful Language of SCRABBLE. If you are part of [.]. Culture Shock! book promotion scrabble U2

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Nonverbal Communication Project

The Communication Blog

Here is exercise that I'm working on for a nonverbal book I'm doing that I thought might be useful. It contains just a few general instructions for creating a video and lots of video examples. Although most clearly directed at the nonverbal course, I thought this might also be appropriate in interpersonal and hybrid courses as well. The videos noted here might also prove useful to interject periodically throughout a course in nonverbal/interpersonal/human communication.

Famous Speech Friday: Fannie Lou Hamer's 1964 convention committee testimony

The Eloquent Woman

Now that the current U.S. political conventions have nominated their candidates for the next presidential election, this week's famous speech takes us back 48 years to another Democratic National Convention: The 1964 convention that Fannie Lou Hamer set on its ear.

NEW! Vocal Impact Weekly Tip: Breathe!

Kate's Voice

This week I am starting a weekly post to give you tips for maximum impact with your voice and in all your communication. If you would like to receive these weekly tips in your inbox, please send me a note via my contact form to be added to my list. We will not share your [.]. Practical application Speaking vocal health breathing delivery public speaking tips voice problems

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Communication is NOT 93% nonverbal

Speak Schmeak

I totally get what he's saying Almost daily I hear the communication research of Albert Mehrabian misquoted or misrepresented: "Remember, nonverbal communication makes up 93% of all communication!"