July, 2013

How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The Art of the First Interview

Matt Eventoff

First and foremost – Be Yourself! – In this day and age, when it seems every candidate has straight A’s, perfect test scores and has saved millions of lives in remote lands (all exaggerations!) the pressure to be someone you are not is great.

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Prezi in PowerPoint? It’s called pptPlex!

PowerPoint Tips

Did you know that Microsoft has a product that is similar to Prezi — sort of? It’s more structured, but still lets you give an overview of the entire presentation and then zoom into specific slides. ( I wrote about Prezi here.

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Analysis of Malala Yousafzai’s speech to the UN General Assembly

The Presenter's Blog

by Peter Watts. Shot in the head by the Taliban simply for going to school, Malala Yousafzai has not only recovered from appalling injuries, but has gone on to become a champion for the rights of children everywhere to be educated.

Speakers: dress the part

Speak Schmeak

I don''t typically subscribe to generic rules about how to dress as a speaker. It all depends on the audience, the venue, the topic, your personal style, your message and the image you want to convey.

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What Bugs Your Audience

Professionally Speaking...

Dear Presenter, You suck. Sincerely, Your Audience. Luckily most of our audiences are too polite or professional to write such a letter but that doesn''t mean they don''t want to.

Eric Schmidt and Improv Theater

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

One of the rules of improv theater that I learned when I took classes at the Pan Theater in Oakland is learning to say “Yes, and…” in response to any suggestion from another actor who is a partner in a scene. For a story to be built, the players have to agree to the basic [.].

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Malala Yousafzai and Public Speaking: 12 Lessons from the Best Speech of 2013

Matt Eventoff

Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations and delivered what can only be described as the best speech of 2013, as well as the most powerful address of this decade (so far.) Malala Yousafzai is a great global communicator.

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Presentation Ethos, Mr Burns, a Dental Nurse, and Me

The Presenter's Blog

by Peter Watts. Credibility in public speaking is associated with the level of ethos that you command with your audience, customer, or patient. Ethos is founded on reputation, it’s founded on the title before your name or the qualifications that trail after it.

2013 171

You can't harvest until you cultivate

Speak Schmeak

We recently bought two blueberry bushes, and I''m ecstatic! I suddenly "discovered" blueberries about two years ago. Never liked them before, but I had some really delicious local organic berries and was sold.

2013 211

Calming Stage Fright: Exercise helps Anxiety

Speaking Freely

Performing arts training, of necessity, includes methods to develop relaxation, concentration and presence. Years ago, in acting school, I learned to do a voice and body exercise warm-up before auditioning or performing.

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Celebrating Voices of Leadership with The Bright Side of Life

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Back on June 27 I spent a delightful and instructive day helping judge emerging speakers at Sahar Kordahi’s Bright Side of Life Voices of Leadership day.

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How To Prepare For A Job Interview: The Art of the First Interview

Matt Eventoff

First and foremost – Be Yourself! – In this day and age, when it seems every candidate has straight A’s, perfect test scores and has saved millions of lives in remote lands (all exaggerations!) the pressure to be someone you are not is great.

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Using picture treatments to portray diversity or hide identity

PowerPoint Tips

In my previous post, I explained 4 ways to get images of people. In this post, I explain some additional picture treatments that you can use when you need to portray diversity (in this case, change skin color) or hide identity.

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Syncrisis turns attack into advantage

The Presenter's Blog

by Peter Watts. One man’s meat”, as the old saying goes, “is another man’s poison” and by the same token, one brand’s insult can become another brand’s praise. It’s all down to how you frame the debate. Take “ObamaCare” for example! Please don’t hang-up!

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Turning Republicans and Democrats into Americans: a talk by Mickey Edwards

Speak Schmeak

I may be biased, because this speaker in this video is my uncle, former Republican Congressman from Oklahoma Mickey Edwards, but I really enjoyed this talk based on his book, The Parties Versus the People: How to Turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans.

2013 211

How to create a strong voice, Part 2, Envision

Kate's Voice

You can’t just increase the volume to create power in a voice. You must have a strong vocal physique and a voice that reverberates and this should be combined with intention and practice. This approach reaps rewards.

2013 214

Open Your Heart to Speak from your Heart at Weddings

Speaking Freely

Once in a while, I have the pleasure of working with someone who is giving a speech at a wedding. If any speech should come from the heart, it would be a wedding toast. Last week a delightful man, I’ll call him Daniel, came for help with giving the speech of his life at his [.].

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How To Prepare For An Interview + 15 Job Interview Tips

Matt Eventoff

First and foremost – Be Yourself! – In this day and age, when it seems every candidate has straight A’s, perfect test scores and has saved millions of lives in remote lands (all exaggerations!) the pressure to be someone you are not is great.

Presenter roles: What role do you play?

PowerPoint Tips

As presenters, we play various roles. It all depends on the situation. Who gave you the assignment to present. What the goal is. Who the audience is. I think that all too often, the “presentation police” ignore the variety of situations that presenters face when they present.

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Persuasion, Persuasion, Persuasion

The Communication Blog

The current issue of Harvard Business Review (July/August, 2013) is devoted to “Influence: How to get it, How to use it.” One of the best articles is an interview with persuasion expert, psychologist Robert Cialdini who offers six principles of persuasion (as he has in his other excellent works, Influence: Science and Practice and Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive , with Noah Goldstein and Steve Martin): 1. Liking. You’ll be more persuasive if people like you.

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Transitions: Making the connection between ideas

Speak Schmeak

You''ve probably never noticed this when you''re watching TV, but commercials have only a vague connection to the TV shows they interrupt.

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Doing Nothing is the New Doing Something

More than PowerPoint...

Recently, I noticed this absurd trend of gallantly and heroically doing nothing. About 19 months ago, I accidentally left my cell phone home and traveled out of town on business. When I arrived at the hotel, I needed to find the conference organizer.

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Speaking for Authentic Expression: Interview with Dr. Brene Brown

Speaking Freely

“Authenticity is a practice” says Dr. Brene Brown in a conversation with Oprah. You have to choose it every day. This applies not only in one’s personal life, but in business as well. In business, authenticity generates authority.

2013 141

How To Win the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking: A Book Review

Speak and Deliver

The first time I became aware of Jeremy Donovan''s new book, How to Win the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking (non-affiliate link) , it was via email, from a fellow veteran of the ''Big Stage'', as they asked me ''Have you seen this?'' and ''Do you know this guy?''

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12 ways to diversify conferences with @NoWomenSpeakers

The Eloquent Woman

2013 113

Visuals can tell a story

Presentation Zen

50 years later. Same place. Same ship. On the. left, my dad and me in 1962 on deck somewhere in the Strait of Juan de Fuca on. the way to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. On the right, my son and me last week on the. same deck.

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Do you fear making mistakes more than missing out on opportunities?

Speak Schmeak

Afraid of taking a risk, standing out or speaking up? Today is the LAST DAY to register for " SpeakUP! 8 Daily Challenges to Build Your Confidence Muscles at Work, at Home, and in Front of an Audience. " You have the message, but without confidence, you''re invisible.

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OK, so never start a sentence with these 10 words…

More than PowerPoint...

No offense, but I recently had to leave a lecture because the speaker began every other sentence with either “So…” or “Alright, so…” His information may have been spectacular, but after a half hour, I felt too distracted to listen anymore.

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Happy Birthday Mr. President! With Love from Texas for Nelson Mandela

Speaking Freely

Today Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela celebrates his 95th birthday. He is a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary who served as the first black President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999.

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Arrogance vs. Confidence - What Are You Showing From the Stage?

Speak and Deliver

Thinking you can have that many letters, for starters. There is often a fine line between arrogance and confidence, a line that can be easily crossed without intent, and even without knowledge. This is true in real life, and true, certainly, in speaking.

2013 84

It’s Back! Best Website Contest

Speaker Launcher

It’s that time again! The best website contest has become one of our most popular blog features. We’re looking for websites that have all of the key marketing components. Here’s our list: Clear promise: We can tell within 15 seconds how you are going to help your prospects.

Send in the writers: When and why to hire a freelance writer

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Sometimes it is worth hiring a freelance writer to write a critical document for you. Imagine that you’ve been writing all day and you are on your fifth draft of a one-page promotional flyer. You are not sure if the headline will hook your target market. You used affect and spell checker suggested effect, but when you used effect spell checker suggested affect. E-mail is piling up in your in-box. The call answer light on your phone is blinking furiously.

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Build your "confidence muscles" FREE teleclass (last day to sign up)

Speak Schmeak

Quick reminder, peeps! My free teleclass " 6 Tips for Growing and Showing Confidence Both On and Off the Stage (Even if You Have None!) " is tomorrow at 1:00 PDT/4:00 EDT. I will share some of my favorite -- and super easy! -- tips and tricks for building your confidence muscles on and off the stage.

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A remote control can set your presentations free!

Presentation Zen

You do not have to use multimedia in a live talk to be successful, but if you do choose to present with the amplifiying power of multimedia, then a small, remote control device is a necessity.

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If Rep Peter King Runs for GOP Presidential Nomination, So Should I (And so should you)

TJ Walker Interactive

In case you missed the big block buster news of the last week, Rep. Peter King is thinking of running for the GOP nomination for President. And that got me keeping, if King runs, then so should I (and so should you). Consider the following: 1.

2013 75

What Came First, the Story or the Point?

Speak and Deliver

"I have this great story - I just have to find a way to tell it!" There are many phrases that make me internally cringe when I hear them from a speaking client - and this is in my Top 5 - it''s right up there with ''I know you suggested I do this, but my MOM says."

2013 79

Digital Age, But Oil and Pastel Portraits Still in Demand: Painter Irene Nunn Explains

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

" The difference between a hand-painted and digital portrait is in the former's connection to the human touch and the imperfection that entails." " - Irene Nunn, global portrait painter. Digital photos and online videos are everywhere.

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