May, 2012

Fear of Public Speaking: A Definitive Guide to Managing and Moving Forward

Matt Eventoff

* Pt I of a 3 part series, as seen on A random internet search for cures for fear of public speaking produces over 2 million results. That is a shame. No matter how many books, courses, DVDs, websites or snake oil salesmen promise to “cure” you of your fear of public speaking; it is never that simple, or that easy. And that is ok. The reality is that every executive has a rush of adrenaline before presenting – the normal “fight or flight” response.

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Standing in the Rush: How to Transform Stage Fright and Fear of Public Speaking

Speaking Freely

This is the absolute bottom line of what to do to transform your public speaking tension and performance anxiety into radiant, authentic presence so that you shine in front of others. Coaching a corporate HR executive from a Fortune 100 company on his anxiety about public speaking, I said something new, something I’ve never [.].

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You only need one successful presentation

Speak Schmeak

Many of my clients come to me with doubts about their speaking abilities and lack of confidence in their possibilities for improvement.

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Presenting with an iPad

The Presenter's Blog

You no longer take your laptop to a picnic if you want to play music; you take your MP3 player instead. The same thing is happening to how we deliver presentations, with tablets and even phones becoming potential delivery devices for mobile presenters. Light and easy for carrying around.

The Mark of a Champion

Manner of Speaking

It has been just over two weeks since my last post, an unusually long (and unacceptable) time for me. However, I had a reason. The past several weeks found me very busy preparing for the Toastmasters District 59 International Speech Contest. The final was held in Pozna?,

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Do you have an uninterested face?

Speak Schmeak

I attended a networking event last week that introduced me to a couple of new "networking no-nos." Most people are courteous, friendly, and truly interested in what others have to say at a networking event.

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The Light-House Speaker

The Presenter's Blog

Presenters like applause. Whether rip-roaring or thoughtful, we need to know our audience liked us; that they are glad they came. Every time we speak we expose our softly fragile ego underbellies, and positive feedback from an audience is what holds us secure.

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Thought for Thursday – Choices for success

Pivotal Public Speaking

“So it is, life is actually made up of our choices. We are the sum total of them, and if we hold to an attitude of love and thanksgiving for all the good things within our grasp we may have what all ambitious people long for – success.” ” Delma Neeley.

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Fear of Public Speaking: Speak Anyway

Speak and Deliver

Over the last few weeks, I've been working with a client who is simply scared to death of speaking in front of other people.

Design a first slide that stands out and matches your brand

PowerPoint Tips

I really like slides with a solid background, usually white or black. They’re neat and clean. They don’t distract from the message. Obviously, they’re easy to create. They work better with images. For example, you can remove the background of images and get a result like this.

Characteristics of Inspirational Leaders – Blog by Frenetta Tate

Speaking Freely

I just read an excellent blog post by Frenetta Tate MBA called The Seven Success Characteristics of Inspirational Leadership. Tate identified a powerful set of qualities that leaders who inspire others possess. They are: 1. The Crusader 2. The Connector 3. The Innovator 4. The Encourager 5. The Coach 6. The Builder 7. The [.]. Leadership leadership Leadership presence

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The one thing an entrepreneur can't hand off to someone else

Speak Schmeak

If you're an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. You are responsible for all the aspects of your business, whether you like it or not. You started your business because you saw a need or felt a passion for something, and you wanted to serve others with your product or services.

Hear the sound of your self-esteem. Coach accordingly

The Presenter's Blog

I became aware of a damp patch. Inevitable with a Victorian cottage. Moisture slowly creeping up an outside wall. Tell-tale watermarks on plaster in the hall. Months of contractor confusion led to my hiring an independent surveyor to take charge.

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5 Quick Tips to Handle Q and A Successfully –

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

In my first blog on Q and A I talked about structural issues – when to take questions, and what to do about your agenda.    In this blog, let’s get into some tips for handling the questions themselves successfully.   Always, always repeat the question.    People often start talking before the mike gets to them, or from a corner of the room where not everyone can hear them.    Repeating the question back to the questioner ensures that you’ve got it right. 

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5 Questions to ask before you start to write your non-fiction book

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

A friend of mine told me he was starting to write a non-fiction book. I congratulated him and asked, “Have you answered your who, what, where, when and why yet?”. I suggested that he take a look at the W5, from the perspective of thinking about and planning his book, before he started to write. And here, in a nutshell, is what I told him.

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Famous Speech Friday: Minister Teresa MacBain "I am an Atheist"

The Eloquent Woman

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Characteristics of Inspirational Leaders ? Blog by Frenetta Tate |

Speaking Freely

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Transform your fear

Speak Schmeak

Listening to Marcia Meiers ' keynote at UCSB's Professional Woman's Association conference last week, this slide show quote struck me: "We cannot escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us on all our exciting adventures.

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Political Attack Ads. From Romans to Romney via Building Bishops

The Presenter's Blog

Are negative “attack ads” examples of valid public speaking, or just political porn? 2000 years ago, the Roman speakers Cicero and Quintilian both described techniques similar to attack ads. They detailed multiple methods for mobilising audiences through playing on negative themes.

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How to Handle Q and A

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

How do you handle Q and A?    The traditional way is to take the first 45 minutes of an hour to talk, and then stop, saying, "I'd be happy to answer your questions now."  "  What happens?    You handle a few good questions, and then the session starts to run out of gas.    Finally, there's one dumb or irrelevant last question, and the hour is mercifully over. 

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Use W5 to help you communicate effectively

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

Whether you are writing or talking, communicating effectively is important. To demonstrate the point, I often tell the story of the golf course groundskeeper who hired a young trainee. The day the trainee showed up, the groundskeeper said, “See those bundles of sod on the truck? I want you to re-sod the areas that I’ve staked out around the 18 flags on the golf course. I’ll be back at the end of the day to check on your progress.”. If you want to know what happened, please read the blog post!

Speakers: To persuade, get concrete. To inspire, be abstract.

The Eloquent Woman

Should you try to inspire your audience--or persuade them? Are you speaking about why your audience should do something--or how to pull it off? New research suggests that decision depends on the timing of your message and what the audience has to do next, whether that deadline is in the future or next week.

How to memorise a speech

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

As a leading presentation skills coach and trainer many people ask me how to memorise a speech. Some people say why bother, why not read from a script but the reality is that reading scripts tends to result in a flat and lifeless monologue that is likely to put your audience to sleep. In [.]. Presentation Skills Public Speaking memorise a speech

Getting out of MY comfort zone

Speak Schmeak

My program, 12 Speaking Challenges for 2012 , is all about challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone so that you build confidence muscles for those times when you're actually in front of an audience. The challenges can be done any time and most don't require an audience.

Why you will fail to have a great career

The Presenter's Blog

Universities can scrap the scheduled speakers for this year’s graduation ceremonies. They can whack up a screen and speakers, and play their students this TedX jewel instead.

Interview: Rachna Srivastava – Geek Woman Speaker

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Rachna Srivastava is a passionate speaker. Her goal is to inspire and empower girls, women and other underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering and math. Her vision is of a global program that nurtures and encourages technical and mathematical skills in women and other minority groups. Rachna is a software developer with 15 years experience [.] Rachna Srivastava is a passionate speaker.

Bullet Points Equal Um, Ah, and Er

More than PowerPoint...

The next time you watch someone deliver a presentation that’s bullet point heavy – make a mental note. The speaker will often verbalize the bullet point with a filler word like “um, uh, ah, so, or like” They’ll actually say “um” where the bullet point is!

Not the usual suspects: 8 books that make me think differently about public speaking

The Eloquent Woman

You'll find plenty of books on public speaking, but this group features unusual takes on the topic. Challenges large and small, focused looks at important tactics, and big underlying ideas about speaking all find a place on this list--as do some books that focus on women and speaking.

One Writer’s Tale of Self-Publishing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

In 2009, 76% of all books released were self-published, according to Publishers Weekly. Since then, the industry has all but stopped keeping stats. The number of self-published print and e-books continue to grow exponentially while the number of books issued by traditional publishers declines. This trend is being fostered by both independent authors and the new wave of print on demand (POD) publishers who publish books for would-be authors lacking the technical skills to otherwise self-publish.

Are you stealing your audience's time?

Speak Schmeak

We are all familiar with the concept of wasting time. We consider our time wasted when time has passed and we haven't made progress or achieved what we hoped because something distracted us or caused a delay that was out of our control.

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French students are revolting

The Presenter's Blog

Sarkozy supporting students are on the street, leafleting anybody within 20 paces. Every fifteen minutes another bus load leap to the pavement, eager for instructions and a hand-full of leaflets. They rush off as excited as if heading for a rock concert.

How to Create a Short Speech

Public Speaking Advice and Commentary

I tweeted recently that every speaker needs a 3-minute and a 20-minute version of her speech.    To that I would add that every speaker needs to know how to give a minute-long response, in answer to a question, for example, or for responding to the media.    So how do you all of these well?    What are the pitfalls to avoid? 

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Outline for PowerPoint & presentation training workshops

PowerPoint Tips

I thought I would share with you a brief outline of the workshop/seminar I did in Trinidad. As you can see from the cover slide on the right, it was called “From Death to Life by PowerPoint: How to Create Winning Presentations.” ” Consider this an outline version of the workshop!

Famous Speech Friday: Severn Suzuki's 1992 UN Earth Summit speech

The Eloquent Woman

It's been 20 years since Vancouver native Severn Suzuki, then 12 years old, took the microphone at the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

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