December, 2015

Avoiding Misquotations

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Nothing spices up a speech better than an apt quotation. Someone else’s words help to reinforce your ideas, boost your credibility and demonstrate your learning. However, delivering a misquotation quickly undermines your credibility and can make you appear foolish.

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Create an interactive menu in PowerPoint Office Mix

PowerPoint Tips

This post is by Heather Ackmann. She is a new/old PowerPoint MVP. Old, because she’s been an MVP in Microsoft Office for years. New, because Microsoft got rid of Office MVPs, so she’s come over to the light side and is now a PowerPoint MVP.

2015 174

Five Lessons from the 2015 Miss Universe Mix-up

Manner of Speaking

If you were looking for an awkward television moment to close out 2015, Steve Harvey has handed it to you on a silver plate. At the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant, it came down to the final three contestants: Miss Colombia, … Continue reading → Uncategorized Mark Critch Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach public speaking Steve Harvey

2015 160

How to get what you want this December

Kate's Voice

Yesterday, I called customer service to correct an order. The representative was not very helpful. In fact, she challenged my integrity, which, I admit, ticked me off! It’s easy to snap back with someone like that, and sometimes that is exactly what’s needed.

2015 155

Mindset mastery is an ongoing process

Speak Schmeak

Two years ago, I started working with a client who does a lot of speaking, but hates mingling with the audience before presentations. He stays in his car until the last minute, and then takes the stage at the appointed time.

2015 152

Dear Santa.

Professionally Speaking...

Dear Santa, I know you are terribly busy at this time of year building and packing all the toys, motivating the elves, polishing the sleigh and grooming the reindeer. But I could really use your help.

2015 141

Slow Train Coming

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Writing in the Weekend FT, Matthew Engel highlights the benefits of modern railway systems and notes that the UK and US both have their unique limitations. The British invented the railways and spread them across the world.

2015 141

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Acronyms can seriously suck

Manner of Speaking

The importance of simplicity in a presentation cannot be overstated. One way to simplify is to eliminate jargon. One way to eliminate jargon is making sure that the audience understands any acronyms in the presentation. These days, acronyms are everywhere. Here is one list of … Continue reading → Language Slide Presentation abbreviations acronyms Design Elon Musk presentations public speaking Robin Williams

2015 159

Finally, a 2015 trend you can really use

Kate's Voice

The year in review from the standpoint of Google searches tells a lot about what interests people. Although my own little year in review is based on searches too, I admit that it cannot compete with the search trends that lead to results such as the Kardashians’ lips or pumpkin seed recipes. No, people find […]. Musings mask resonance practicing vocal power Happy Holidays

2015 119

Late Night Comedy Writing Packet

Pro Humorist

Well, I finally finished putting together my generic Late Night Comedy Writing packet. I finished it back in November, and now have a potential sample that I can tweak if I decide to look for Late Night writing jobs. I can thoroughly recommend buying a copy of late night comedy writer, Joe Toplyn’s book. Which is reviewed here: Comedy Writing for Late Night.

2015 100

Let's take the "b h" out of "resting b h face:" About not smiling

The Eloquent Woman

Aside from slowing down, smiling is something I'm always trying to get speakers to do when I'm coaching them. The benefits of smiling are many for public speakers. Smiling signals your brain to release helpful chemicals that make you feel good and reduce your stress--why wouldn't we want that ?--and

2015 82

Speechwriting in Ancient Rome (II)

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

Re-reading the wonderful historical novel on the life of Cicero by author Robert Harris – Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome that I last enjoyed back in 2010 I was struck by this quote on the effort Cicero expended when he was preparing a speech (p. 83): No one can really claim to know politics […]. Culture Shock! Speechwriting Cicero

2015 116

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Presentation Zen

Where ever you may be in the world, I wish you very happy Christmas and wonderful, peaceful, inspiring year ahead. This two-minute advert for John Lewis is an evocative message and an important reminder. I love it. Perhaps you will too. .

2015 81

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 214) – Epictetus

Manner of Speaking

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” — EpictetusFiled under: Quotes for Public Speakers. Quotes for Public Speakers Epictetus public speaking public speaking quotes quotes

2015 143

Texas' Open Carry Law - I Don't Want To Dine Near Someone Packing Heat

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"Come Jan. 1, licensed firearms owners in Texas will be able to openly carry a handgun in most places. A law signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this year will make Texas the most populous state in the U.S. to allow the practice, known as 'open carry.'"

2015 67

How to Combine Multiple PowerPoint Presentations in PowerPoint 2013


Many presenters resort to looking for a single PowerPoint Template which can be sufficient enough to cover their entire presentation.

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Famous Speech Friday: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Opinion in the VMI Case

The Eloquent Woman

This post marks the 200th famous speech by a woman in The Eloquent Woman's Index of Famous Speeches , so it seemed appropriate to honor that milestone with a milestone of a speech and a speaker. In 1996, U.S.

2015 81

Duarte Film Bites: Star Wars Edition!

Duarte Blog

Once a month, a few of us at Duarte put on what we like to call “Duarte Film Bites” It’s a curated event where we view inspiring movie shorts, pulling from a bank of videos that various employees want to share.

2015 61

Confidence Building Exercises To Overcome A Fear of Public Speaking

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

“There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ” So said Hamlet in the play of the same name, written by William Shakespeare. Today, more than 400 years later, that simple assertion still holds true.

2015 59

Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 213) – Lady Bird Johnson

Manner of Speaking

“The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid.” — Lady Bird JohnsonFiled under: Quotes for Public Speakers. Quotes for Public Speakers Dealing with nerves Lady Bird Johnson public speaking public speaking quotes quotes

2015 139

David Harder - When Rate-My-Professor Gives Mediocare Grade To Your Former Therapist

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

David Harder, full professor at Tufts University , had been my psychotherapist for three years, at least twice a week, at the University of Michigan. That was the early 1970s. Later in life, I ponied up a hundred bucks a shot to have him listen and provide insight. That was then.

2015 63

This blog post is not about writing

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know all my posts are about writing or the business of freelance writing. Today, I am taking a break from that topic to write about something more personal. I have recurring-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). Right now, I am in a recurring phase. It feels like an unrelenting recurrence. Recurrences usually last a year or so, with minor flare ups between major recurrences. They all seem to manifest themselves differently.

2015 58

The Eloquent Woman Index hits 200 famous speeches by women!

The Eloquent Woman

It took four years, a lot of video-watching, and devoted searching for transcripts and texts, but I can now report that The Eloquent Woman Index of Famous Speeches by Women includes 200 speeches.

2015 81

How to deliver bad news

More than PowerPoint...

There’s no way around it. Sometimes, terrible things happen. And you have to be the bearer of bad news. To begin communicating your bad news, just say it. No hemming. No hawing. Get to the point.

2015 56

[Podcast] Best Practices in Delivering an Epic Keynote with Lou Heckler

Speaker Launcher

Welcome to the Wealthy Speaker University podcast series with Jane Atkinson. On today’s episode Jane talks with Lou Heckler about best practices in delivering an epic keynote. The post [Podcast] Best Practices in Delivering an Epic Keynote with Lou Heckler appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

When to reveal a prop in a presentation

Manner of Speaking

A few months ago, I began meditating on a daily basis. I had long heard about the different benefits that can come from practising mindfulness for just 20 minutes a day and decided to try it out. I am pleased with … Continue reading → Analysis of a Speech TED Andy Puddicombe Headspace meditation mindfulness props public speaking

2015 133

#AllTreesAreBeautiful - Reese's Goes Light, Short Form In Managing "Turd" Scandal (following model of Ronald Reagan's handling of age issue)

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Wit and geniality will usually (though not always) win out over gravitas and ruffled feelings. The iconic example of that has been Ronald Reagan's handling of the age issue. During the debate, Reagan quipped, that he would not hold his opponent's youth and inexperience against him.

2015 63

Self Confidence Building Exercise To Overcome A Fear of Public Speaking

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

"There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." So said Hamlet in the play of the same name, written by William Shakespeare. Today, more than 400 years later, that simple assertion still holds true.

2015 54

Interview: Editors of @techspeakdigest on women speakers in tech

The Eloquent Woman

(Editor's note: The Technically Speaking newsletter just celebrated its first anniversary.

2015 77

Freelance Writer’s resolutions for the New Year

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

If you want to boost your freelance writing business in 2016 here are some resolutions you can make to help you boost your business: Create a business vision that defines who you want to be, who you want to work for and what you want to do (can do). Determine the types of documents or articles you can write based on your experience. Determine the sectors (or types of publications) you can write for based on your knowledge — education, experience, volunteer work.

2015 49

Using Pauses the Right Way for Epic Presentations


You’ve probably heard others speak about the fact that pauses add drama to your presentation and make you look confident and secure. And while those points are valid, they’re not the main reason pauses are important.

2015 63

8 secrets for a presentation that makes an impact

Manner of Speaking

My friend and presentation design expert, Timo Sorri, has created this slide deck that is currently featured on the home page of SlideShare. Timo asked me and seven other speaking professionals from around the world for one tip to help … Continue reading → Slide Presentation presentations SlideShare Timo Sorri

2015 130

Letters - When They Brought Unique Comfort In Loss

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

  There was a time when we routinely wrote letters. Long, detailed ones. Therefore, when the husband of a young friend died in his mid 30s, I sat down and wrote a letter to their baby daughter. It was the couple's first child.

2015 60

7 Valuable Business Lessons I Learned This Year

Speaker Launcher

Wow, when I look back at 2015, I marvel at how much has happened. This was a terrific year in the speaking world with clients and colleagues booking 6 figure contracts and multi-gig deals. I’ve been so lucky to bring on a group of really talented “mover and shaker” private coaching clients. It has also […]. The post 7 Valuable Business Lessons I Learned This Year appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

2015 40

Is 2016 your public speaking "year of yes?" Advice from Shonda Rhimes

The Eloquent Woman

In this interview on NPR's Fresh Air, TV writer, producer, and show runner Shonda Rhimes explores two words and decisions that can trip up women public speakers: "yes" and "no." For many women speakers, it's a tough choice.

2015 70

How a business vision can help you sell

Six-Figure Freelancer Blog

If you are a freelance writer (or editor), your business vision is important. Dear Sir, May I write stuff for you? OK, what do you think of that sales letter? Or how about: Dear Sir. May I write stuff for you? I have experience. My tongue is not even stuck firmly in cheek here. Trying to drum up work, many freelancer writers write sales letters or website copy that says little more than the letters above say.

2015 44

Audiences Love Idiots – 7 Public Speaking Habits That Will Make You Look and Sound like One


It is a proven fact that people like to feel good about themselves. They usually do this by surrounding themselves with people who are obviously inferior to them. This is why you will always see an awkward, lesser attractive girl hanging out with a gaggle of pretty girls.

2015 59