June, 2009

Why the stickiest idea in presenting is just plain wrong

Speaking about Presenting

Albert Mehrabian. The stickiest idea in presenting and public speaking is that the meaning of your message is communicated by: Your words 7%. Your body language 38%. Your tone of voice 55%. This is the Mehrabian formula first proposed by Albert Mehrabian in 1967.

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Empty calories vs. nutritional value

Speak Schmeak

To add to my list of unoriginal clichés and tired statistics , how about we stop with the use of pointless dictionary definitions?

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Healing the Mind & Body Split of Stage Fright and Fear of Speaking |

Speaking Freely

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Lost Art of Persuasion - new e-book

PowerPoint Tips

This e-book is about persuasive presentations, and how to succeed. If you need to sell or persuade others, this book will give you a blueprint for creating your presentations. Discover the 3 mistakes most presenters make in their persuasive presentations. If you're a sales rep, or a business manager recommending proposals, you'll find this e-book an invaluable tool. Find out more today

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What America Reads…

Matt Eventoff

I found this post from Brian Solis very interesting – a list of the top media outlets, by circulation, as well as the 25 most popular blogs in America, as compiled by BurrellesLuce. . Marshall McLuhan is famous for stating “the medium is the message&# and with the introduction of a newer medium (online, web) there is constant debate as to its effect on older mediums (print, broadcast).

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Presenting in a Crisis

Professionally Speaking...

When most of us think about making a presentation, we don't typically think of having to do that in the aftermath of a tragic event.

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New research questions the benefits of custom animation in PowerPoint

Speaking about Presenting

I thought that simple, non-distracting animations that brought in slide elements one at a time as I verbally introduced them was helpful. I thought that it helped members of my audience focus on the slide element that I was talking about. Seems I might be wrong.

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Sacred Cow #10: Web Site Addresses Are Helpful

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

PowerPoint’s been around longer than the World Wide Web easily by a country mile. When use of the Web became popular, URLs started invading slide decks.

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Create a better PowerPoint template

PowerPoint Tips

PowerPoint’s default blank template is annoying! It really needs work. And with more and more people using white backgrounds, you’re probably using the blank template more often. Here’s what to do to make a better template. Here are the steps: Open a new presentation file, which uses the default blank template. In 2007, it’s the default blank theme. Press Shift and click the Normal view icon to enter the slide master.

Churchill, Lincoln, Kennedy…and Bloggers?

Matt Eventoff

(This appeared earlier this week on the HubSpot marketing blog, a leader in all things new media). Winston Churchill. Abraham Lincoln. John F. Kennedy. What do all three great leaders have in common? All were exemplary public speakers, and not one of them blogged ! Ok, that’s really not fair as Al Gore had not yet even invented the internet while each was alive.

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Leave them wanting more…

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

Whammey Bar Gig. Before I started getting stage time giving presentations, I spent many years on the stage as a musician. In fact, you will still see me occasionally playing a few tunes in a restaurant or pub.

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Powerpoint custom animation experiment - check out the animation for yourself

Speaking about Presenting

Yesterday, I reported on the results of an experiment into the impact of Powerpoint custom animation on learning. I’ve now been given permission by the authors (Dr Stephen Mahar and colleagues) to publish samples of the screencasts used in the research. Summary of the experiment.

You're always selling something

Speak Schmeak

I read this comment, submitted by a teacher, on a public speaking article today: "I understand the importance of not being boring, but I am not selling anything, and most of the tips in this article on public speaking seem aimed at holding an audience captive so you can sell them something."

When Murphy Pays A Visit

Thoughts On Presenting And Design

If you’re like me, you probably watched Apple’s WWDC Keynote when the video was posted. I had already followed the major announcements earlier in the day, so I took the opportunity to watch Phil Schiller’s much improved performance and marvel at the visuals on the screen.

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In these tough economic times, how can your presentations stand above the rest?

PowerPoint Tips

In these tough economic times, we all need to be doing more to be valuable to our organization and to our customers. How can you stand above the rest? You have a toolbox of skills that you use. Perhaps you need to sharpen your tools. The National Association of Colleges and Employers did a survey of employers a few years ago, asking them what qualities employers want from college graduates. And guess what? Communication skills came in at #1, tying with honesty/integrity.

Talk With Your Eyes: Five Speech Rules

DeFinis Communications

It was William Shakespeare who once wrote, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” As speakers, we should express soul in every one of our speeches. It is what elevates a dull speech to a riveting one.

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Your Blackberry Or Your Career?

Matt Eventoff

The leadership chaos in New York, only rivaled this week by the leadership chaos in Iran, offers a valuable lesson in communications for everyone. As background, late last week there was a coup in the State Senate that has brought New York government to a grinding halt. . All because of a Blackberry… Not just any Blackberry, but one owned and operated by Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith.

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How to tweet during a presentation?

Speaking about Presenting

The latest academic research on Twitter and conferences addresses the issue of “snarky tweets&# during presentations. What should be the guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not? My own experience of tweeting during presentations at Presentation Camp LA highlighted for me the new challenges we face around Twitter etiquette at conferences. The research.

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Are you a greedy speaker?

Speak Schmeak

If you're an entrepreneur, do you go out and speak in your community because you want to build your business? Of course you do! It's one of the best (and least expensive) ways to get the word out about your product or service. But be careful.

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Give People a Reason to Listen

Dahle Communication

This is a simple mantra for your speeches. Your presentation or speech, regardless of how big of an audience you are giving it to, should be important enough that people will want to be there and get something out of it. If people are sitting there asking themselves "Why am I here?" " then you need to work on your speeches. The problem with a lot of speeches that I hear is that I am asking myself that question a lot of times.

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Error in tip Convert PowerPoint to video fixed

PowerPoint Tips

There was a coding error (my fault) in the tip, "Convert PowerPoint to video (SWF - Flash movie format)." " Thanks to those of you who brought it to my attention. It's now been fixed and the entire tip is now visible

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Great Leadership Begins with Leveling with People |

Speaking Freely

Blackberry Etiqutte, Pt II…

Matt Eventoff

The debate over “Blackberry etiquette&# in meetings has gotten quite a bit of ink since last week’s post … There were a number of very interesting takes in the blogosphere, some of which I’m going to share this week.

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The secondary misinterpretation of Mehrabian’s research

Speaking about Presenting

Bert Decker has written a comprehensive reply on his blog to my first post on the Mehrabian myth. However, I disagree with his interpretation of Mehrabian’s research and in a moment I’ll show you why. But before I do, I want to say that I greatly appreciate Bert and his contribution to the presentation and public speaking blogosphere. He is a great friend and mentor to me. He has encouraged me in my blogging and helped me to take my first steps on Twitter.

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Presentation revelations from PCamp

Speak Schmeak

Where do I begin to describe the fabulousness of PresentationCampLA ? The space: airy, open and inviting. The people: creative, talented, smart, funny. The presentations: intriguing, entertaining, eye-opening, memorable, brief!

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How to give a great ignite talk

Speaker Confessions

There’s this popular format for public speaking called Ignite - It’s an evening of short talks with some special rules.

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For a professional image: Good-bye filler words & hello eye contact

PowerPoint Tips

Do you strive to look, sound, and perform your best when you present? When you're at an event where several people speak, you'll notice that some people sprinkle their talk with filler words, especially "uh." By contrast, those who speak without filler words sound polished and eloquent. One problem some speakers have is lack of eye contact. They speak to the air over the audience's head. Here's my technique


Speaking Freely

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Interview: Women’s Radio and Audio Acrobat

Ian Griffin - Professionally Speaking

I spent the day at the Women In Technology International (WITI) 20th Anniversary conference in Santa Clara. One of the exhibitors was Pat Lynch, CEO and Editor in Chief of Women’s Radio, an online media and education network which carries podcasts on a wide variety of topics: business, relationships, lifestyle and politics. Women’s Radio uses a [.] I spent the day at the Women In Technology International (WITI) 20th Anniversary conference in Santa Clara.

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How to create a “new” presentation from pre-existing slides

Speaking about Presenting

In a perfect world, every new presentation would be prepared from scratch, tailored exactly to the specific audience. But in reality, you sometimes have to cobble together a “new presentation&# from pre-existing material. How can you create an effective presentation in the shortest possible time using pre-existing slides from different sources? There are two phases to this. First, organizing the content of the presentation and second, creating slides to go with it. Organize the content.

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Play big

Speak Schmeak

I met with two clients this week who are both dealing with the same problem: playing small. Both clients are used to "talking with their hands" in regular conversation, but when they give a presentation, their gestures become restrained and tight.

2009 141

Face to Face Communication is Worthless!

Matt Eventoff

Or is it? Due to a last second flight change, I was able to spend the afternoon at Media Bistro’s Circus , a conference exploring the convergence of media and technology. . There were leaders from both “old media&# and “new media&# presenting throughout the day, and I could not help but focus on communication (it’s what I do). When someone is presenting I automatically go into “training and analyzing&# mode. Today was no different.

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Put a YouTube video in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Tips

You can embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. For example, your company may have videos on YouTube that you would like to show. If you’re sure that you’ll have a live Internet connection when you present, you can use this method. Display the YouTube movie at YouTube.com. From the URL text box, copy the URL to the clipboard. Choose View> Toolbars> Control Toolbox. (In In PowerPoint 2007, go to Developer tab> Controls group.

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Improve with Improv

DeFinis Communications

You show up to your speaking engagement only to realize that your PowerPoint presentation isn’t opening, the A/V system is down, and there’s a car alarm blaring right outside the window. There’s a full room of people eagerly waiting for you to begin and there is no turning back now. So what are you going to do? Situations like this one happen all too often, and they require quick thinking and creative problem solving with little or no guidance.

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Friendship, Gay and Straight

The Communication Blog

Here's an interesting article on friendship between gay men and straight men, a little researched area of interpersonal relationships. The largely anecdotal article covers the difficulties in such relationships and the advantages of

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Finding Your Funny Workshop

Pro Humorist

I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker at the workshop “Express Yourself – Shamelessly! Finding Your Funny)&# , by fellow Toastmaster Ola Aralepo. It’s part of the “meetup&# website that’s all about getting people together that share a common interest. In this case how to make funny presentations.

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Charlton Heston and you

Speak Schmeak

I've written before about actors and personalities who are shy or uncomfortable speaking in public, and I've written about my own shyness in some social settings and my trick of playing a character (me) to overcome it.

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