June, 2017

How to, like, stop using “like” kind of all the time

Kate's Voice

People use speech patterns of popular culture because they are, like, popular. Part of the fun of life is to copy what we hear said in films and TV because it is a way to share common experience. Common experience is a great way to engage others. However, as my mom used to say, “Everything […].

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How to open your talk with a question

Speaking about Presenting

Do you sometime struggle to decide how to open your presentations?

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Four Lessons from the Mountain for Public Speakers

Manner of Speaking

I am one of the co-founders of Presentation Guru, a digital magazine for public speaking professionals. This post is part of a series designed to share the great content on Presentation Guru with the Manner of Speaking community. ——— A few weeks ago, my friend Timo … Continue reading → Presentation Guru Presentation public speaking Stories Timo Sorri

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5 principles for easier and faster slide creation

PowerPoint Tips

I recently made over some webinar slides for a client and I can honestly say that the slides were the most messed up of any I’d ever seen. It wasn’t the content; it was the way the slides were created. Now, my client was a PowerPoint newbie, so it wasn’t really her fault.

2017 160

Are you comparing your 3D self to a cardboard cutout?

Speak Schmeak

Presentation Guru has published one of my articles this week on why it's harmful to compare ourselves to others, and how to stop. Will you ever be a great presenter if you don’t believe in your own ability and worth?

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Quotes for Public Speakers (No. 256) – Jim Rohn

Manner of Speaking

“Time alone is really essential, to get away and contemplate, think, and wonder.” — Jim Rohn Photo courtesy of Ramine5677. Motivation Quotes for Public Speakers Jim Rohn public speaking public speaking quotes quotes

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Clean Up Your Presentation – There’s an App for That!

DeFinis Communications

Use your smartphone to improve your public speaking skills. Most business professionals have some brand of smartphone by now. And every day we can learn new ways to use them to increase productivity. But did you know your smartphone can also help you improve your public speaking skills? It’s true!

2017 130

Why Public Speaking is Important for Leadership


When we think about leadership, we usually picture political leaders who stand at podiums rallying crowds to support their causes; or athletes who spur their team to push their limits and try harder; or executives who develop strategies to help their colleagues edge out the competition.

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The 2017 Best Speaker Website Contest Winner is Announced!

Speaker Launcher

This year’s Best Speaker Website contest was one of the closest contests in our history. Thank you to everyone who voted! We run this contest for two main reasons.

2017 83

What do you need to do?

Craig Strachan - Keep Talking!

What do you need to do today? What do you need to do this month? What do you need to do this year? What do you need to do next year or further in the future? Productivity time management

2017 109

Why Comparisons are Bad But Can Be Made Good

Presentation Guru

Will you ever be a great presenter if you don’t believe in your own ability and worth? A great deal of the advice around Presentation Skills is focused on actual Presentation Techniques.

2017 93

Public speaking: Working with a professional speaker

Joan Detz Speaker Services

Many organizations go to a great deal of work/expense to hire a professional speaker for their conference – but then let the ball drop by overlooking the final travel logistics. You want your speaker to arrive fresh/rested at the podium. Leave nothing to chance.

Boost Your Public Speaking Skills by “Sounding” Confident!

DeFinis Communications

If you’re feeling nervous about giving an upcoming presentation, use your voice to your advantage. In other words, as you speak, make your voice sound like you are enjoying yourself even if you’re under stress. Easier said than done? Perhaps.

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How (and Why) to Tell Killer Sales Stories

Duarte Blog

There’s a scene in the British comedy Cemetery Junction that I love because I think it’s a perfect representation of the power of sales stories and storytelling in sales.

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Paradise Found - Entrepreneurs Looking to Lower Cost of Doing Business, Beware

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

"It's a dry heat." " That's what residents of southwestern Arizona informed me. I was saddled with way too much for rent, car insurance and uninsured dental expenses in the New York Metro area. No fool, I was researching the internet about where I could relocate.

2017 63

How to Manage Your Time Effectively During Your Next Presentation


You may not have realized it, but when you agree to speak at a conference or other industry event, you have essentially signed a contract with your audience.

2017 61

Should You Use Storytelling in Scientific Presentations?

Presentation Guru

“Stories are anecdotes and we expect medical technologies to be based on a bit more solid evidence than that.”

2017 84

Public Speaking Confidence and The Inverse Tardis Effect

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

I’ve wanted to write a new post about public speaking confidence for a while now, but I was struggling to find the right angle to take. Then, I happened to be talking to a friend about the TV series Dr Who when the idea for this post hit me.

2017 57

June is Effective Communications Month!

DeFinis Communications

The month of June is dedicated to highlighting the importance of using successful communication skills to enhance your personal, team and workplace development. For public speakers, communicating in a clear, powerful and engaging manner is essential to effectively connecting with an audience and achieving your intended result.

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Movie Magic: How to Sync With Your Audience

Duarte Blog

Studies from Princeton professor Uri Hasson show that certain movies can actually synchronize the brains of the audience. The article reports that viewers “tend to blink at the same time ,” and that, “Even their brain activity is, to a remarkable degree, synchronized.”.

2017 69

Hillary Clinton - Seems Not Planning Hero's Farewell

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

Drudge Report had developed a popular niche deriding Hillary Clinton. A major piece of that were the unflattering Hillary photos. Those ranged from wicked witch Hillary to manic Hillary. A good time was had by all, even progressives who personally disliked her.

2017 60

Taking a blog and social media hiatus for June 2017

The Eloquent Woman

I'm waist-deep when it comes to the river of blogging and social media, with three blogs, the two oldest blogs turning 12 and 10 years old this year. That's a lot of blogging, and that's not all.

2017 56

How to Find the Right Speaking Coach For You

Presentation Guru

How on earth do you find the presentation coach you really need; the presentation coach who is going to really understand you and will help you be the presenter you always wanted to be?

2017 71

[Podcast] Winning the Million Dollar Training Contract with Greg Schinkel

Speaker Launcher

As a professional speaker, you are constantly vying to win the contract that gets you on the stage and speaking. And many of you also have additional products, including training, that you are constantly pitching to potential customers with the hope of winning some additional business. On this week’s podcast, Jane is joined by Greg Schinkel, […]. The post [Podcast] Winning the Million Dollar Training Contract with Greg Schinkel appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Freelance speechwriters: Time to update your website?

Joan Detz Speaker Services

If it’s time to update your website, make sure you cite comments/clients/recommendations from a wide geographical range. Freelance speechwriting is a global business – if you market it globally.

[Quick Public Speaking tip] WAIT! Don’t start talking until you are ready

Pivotal Public Speaking

You probably know that the first seconds of your presentation are vital. In those seconds you have an opportunity to make an impression that will stay with your audience long after the speech is finished and you have all left the room. Yes … that important! So the next piece of advice from most writers […]. public speaking public speaking confidence speeches confidence movement on stage speech opening

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Drudge Report - Is It Being Straight or Is It Smirking about Trump's Being Labeled "Crazy"

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

The headline on the  Drudge Report is: Summer of Crazy. Click on the link and the Grabein News covers the speculations that the president of the United States - Donald Trump - is, yes, crazy. And becoming more so. There is even the phrase "criminally insane."

2017 56

Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Having published by first book The Presenters Edge, back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple. My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!”

2017 47

How to Practice Effectively…For Just About Anything

Presentation Guru

What does practice actually do to make us better at things? Within our careers there are so many skills we need to learn, and mastering any skill takes practice, so it is fair to say that learning to practise effectively is an essential life skill.… … Bitesize Build Your Skills Practice

Hot Meeting Industry Trends Speakers Need to Know About

Speaker Launcher

Many years ago, someone predicted that video conferencing would take over the world and speakers would no longer be invited to speak at live events. As we all know, that did not happen. And do you want to know why? Because part of the success of live events is the ability for people to interact […]. The post Hot Meeting Industry Trends Speakers Need to Know About appeared first on Jane Atkinson.

Listening tips for speechwriters

Joan Detz Speaker Services

When interviewing your client for a major speech, talk less and listen more. You’ll get better information – and the executive will get a better speech. Sit quietly. Watch body language. Listen to tone. Don’t interrupt. Really: Don’t interrupt.

Observational Humor — Case Study #157

Humor Power

Visit Bala’s Indian Humor Blog for a new Observational Humor post. He is very talented and frequently posts monologues. The one he posted today is excellent. Humor In Speaking

Humor 40

Leveraging Pop Culture in Communications - Who's the Audience, Who Are You

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter

In his concurrence on "U.S. Perez-Silvan," 9th Circuit Judge John Owens leverages a reference to pop culture. Specifically it was to locating the Well of the Souls in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." " Here are details from lawyer-journalist Kathryn Rubino at Abovethelaw.com.

2017 56

Book Marketing Made Simple – A Review

Inter-Activ Presenting and Influencing

Having published by first book The Presenters Edge, back in December 2016 and, having made loads of book marketing mistakes along the way, I was keen to read Karen Williams Book Marketing Made Simple. My first reaction after reading this useful publication was – “I wish I had read this before I published my first book!”

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